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Natural Administration Frameworks AND Versatile Administration IN TRANSPORTATION Lessons from State Interstate 130 in Focal Texas. Exhibited by: Jason Buntz Natural Consistence Program Supervisor Hicks and Organization SH 130 Ecological Consistence Director Solitary Star Foundation.

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Natural MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AND ADAPTIVE MANAGEMENT IN TRANSPORTATION Lessons from State Highway 130 in Central Texas Presented by: Jason Buntz Environmental Compliance Program Manager Hicks & Company SH 130 Environmental Compliance Manager Lone Star Infrastructure

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State Highway 130 at Interstatate 35 North of Austin – August 2005

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State Highway 130 Crossing the Colorado River – August 2006

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Introduction Nationwide endeavors being made to enhance transportation conveyance and ecological quality CEQ proposals for enhancing NEPA FHWA/AASHTO endeavors to consolidate EMS at State DOT level EPA Green Highways Partnership AGC and EPA joining in Sector Strategies Program State Highway 130 in Central Texas for instance of advancement TxDOT Exclusive Development Agreement First of its kind EMS Integration of Adaptive Management

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Introduction Opportunities for future transportation ventures Lessons learned EMS and Adaptive Management to streamline and stimulate NEPA Green Highways as a road to do things "better than anyone might have expected" Sector Strategies and AGC assembling vast and little temporary workers

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Nationwide Efforts CEQ White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) survey of NEPA 1997 NEPA Effectiveness consider Recommends utilizing an Adaptive Management way to deal with NEPA to streamline and oversee instability Describes NEPA as a one-time occasion (old worldview foresee relieve actualize ) Introduces new worldview: anticipate alleviate actualize screen adjust

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Nationwide Efforts CEQ 2002 NEPA Task Force 2003 Modernizing NEPA report Adds idea of EMS; Addresses worries about making open-finished NEPA 2006 Guide on adjusting NEPA, EMS and Adaptive Management 2006 Handbook on relationship of NEPA, EMS and Adaptive Management – SH 130 as a Case Study

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Nationwide Efforts FHWA/AASHTO FHWA/AASHTO push to fuse EMS at State DOT level 2000 Executive Order 13148 requires all Federal Agencies to actualize EMS by 12/31/05 2003 FHWA/AASHTO workshop and EMS Implementation Guide Includes TxDOT EMS as contextual analysis Recommends Plan-Do-Check-Act show (ISO 14001) "Prepare Roadmap" and formats

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Nationwide Efforts FHWA/AASHTO 2006 AASHTO EMS Implementation Update Many states see guile between ISO 14001 and ISO 9000 Total Quality Management Some observe costs exceeding advantages

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Nationwide Efforts Green Highways Partnership Green Highways Partnership Grew from FHWA's Environmental Streamlining and Stewardship activity "Indispensable Few" objectives from FHWA 2003 Performance Plan Spurred by 2002 Executive Order 13274 advancing NEPA streamlining and ecological stewardship Improve transportation basic leadership through early coordination Reduce EIS endorsement times from 54 mos. to 36 mos. Increment biological system protection through Exemplary Projects (e.g., Environmental GIS databases )

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Nationwide Efforts Green Highways Partnership EPA Region III Mid-Atlantic expands on FHWA force toward "greening" US roadways June 2005 Executive Planning Charrette in Philadelphia characterizes the vision November 2005 first Green Highways Forum Green Hwys Partnership sets up three fundamental subjects Watershed driven tempest water administration; creative BMPs Reuse and reusing; slag concrete, reused black-top Conservation and environment administration; GIS mapping and best in class techniques

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Nationwide Efforts Green Highways Partnership What makes a Green Highway ? Worked with materials giving upgraded watershed based tempest water administration Built with reused materials Built with State of the craftsmanship techniques to ensure basic territory and biological systems

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Nationwide Efforts Sector Strategies Program EPA and AGC accomplice in the Sector Strategies Program for Construction May 2003 EPA declared new program in the Office of Policy, Economics and Innovation to enhance ecological execution part wide Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) as agent for Construction

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Nationwide Efforts Sector Strategies Program concentrates on three primary destinations Addressing administrative hindrances to enhanced natural execution Helping to grow the utilization of EMS Measuring ecological execution AGC and EPA team create EMS control for development industry – in view of the EPA's National Environmental Performance Track

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Texas Highway 130 – Improving Environmental Performance with On-time Delivery 90 mile tolled reliever for IH 35 in Central Texas Design/Build Exclusive Development Agreement Fast-track advancement—1 st 49 miles because of open <6 years from NTP-1 Includes exchanged harms for missing conveyance dates

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Texas Highway 130 Design-Build Model Design-Build versus Design-Bid-Build Fluctuating improvement handle Cross-treatment

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Texas Highway 130 Environmental Requirements EDA Exhibit B, Section 4 Environmental Requirements Independent Environmental Compliance Manager committed full time Team of scholars, archeologists, unsafe materials experts, water quality authorities Independent Environmental Compliance Inspectors "Zero Environmental Violations" arrangement Comprehensive Environmental Protection Program Monitoring and announcing Training for all Developer representatives Permit deliverables and relief

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Texas Highway 130 EMS versus EDA

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Texas Highway 130 EMS Options Available EMS Models ISO 14001 EPA Performance Track TCEQ EMS Program American Chemistry Council LSI Certified under TCEQ Program Regulatory Incentives Performance based versus conformance based

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Texas Highway 130 EMS Basics E = Environment Underlying mission: secure the earth M = Management Parallel mission: keep up consistence (Human measurement – achievement relies on upon execution of individuals) S = Systems approach Data administration, versatile input, nonstop change Goal: Change the way of life of the association

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Texas Highway 130 The Basic EMS Model

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Texas Highway 130 EMS Elements Policy Planning Implementation and Operations Training Document Control Operations Emergency Preparedness & Response Monitoring and Correction Action Continual Improvement

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Texas Highway 130 EMS Elements Policy Stated Generally in EDA: "zero infringement" Expanded as LSI Official EMS Policy Added Element of Pollution Prevention Management Commitment Continual Improvement

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Texas Highway 130 EMS Elements Planning Required by EDA Construction Monitoring Plan Hazardous Materials Management Plan Project Mitigation Plan Environmental QC of Design-work as unending movement machine EPIC 1

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Texas Highway 130 EMS Elements Training Level 1—Everyone Level 2—Foremen, Supervisors, Inspectors Toolbox—Response to Current Issues Spill reaction Work in Creeks Erosion Controls Habitat Protection Awards Incentive Program

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Texas Highway 130 EMS Elements Monitoring and Corrective Action ECI Functions—More than Inspectors: Consultants and Auditors Monitoring Reports Daily Logs Incident Reports (MISR) Weekly Reporting—Unresolved Issues Relationship with Area Construction Inspectors (ACIs)

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Texas Highway 130 EMS Elements Implementation and Operations Emergency Preparedness and Response HMMP Includes Contact Tree Reporting Guide

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Texas Highway 130 EMS Elements Continual Improvement—A Philosophy and Operating Protocol—Don't Always Expect to Get it Right the First Time Management Support Encourage Train Follow-up Annual Audits Internal TCEQ by means of EMS Certification Community Outreach

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LSI and Clean Texas EMS Voluntary Incentives to go past consistence and enhance execution Platinum Level – connection to EPA National Environmental Performance Track LSI enters at the Partner level in 2004 Paper-reusing program Community outreach Land/untamed life territory preservation

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LSI and Clean Texas EMS Audit Initial EMS review June 2005 Moderate non-conformance in 2 key territories Performance estimation Objectives and targets Considerable opportunity to get better

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LSI and Clean Texas Performance Measurement LSI Environmental Performance Measurement Program Uses long-standing wellbeing activity of self-appraisal Tailored to development disciplines Foremen perform self-evaluations week after week Scores organized and exhibited to Sr. Mngt. To show inclines by teach and by geographic zone Individual evaluations tended to straightforwardly with development supervisor

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LSI and Clean Texas Meaningful Objectives Updated Aspects & Impacts examination New critical viewpoints decided New Objectives and Targets Increase reused content half by 2006 Lower diesel emanations 5% by 2006 Reduce reportable spills half by 2006 Increase arrive/natural life living space saved half by 2006 Reduce era of vegetative flotsam and jetsam half by 2006 Follow up review Oct 2006 to affirm enhancements Noted conformance in all regions Recommended endorsement for LSI at the Gold Level Approval conceded Feb 07

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Other EMS Elements Standard Operating Processes Implementation and Operations Operational Control Independent Role of ECM Standard Operating Process (SOPs)— Formal Protocol for Required Method of Operation Examples: Dewatering Migratory Bird Protection SWP3 Issue Escalation Demolition Activities MISRs—Monitoring Incident Status Reports Importance of Buy-in

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Other EMS Elements Environmental GIS Database Environmental GIS Spatial database Inventory of delicate territories Track new/changed consistence issues Adaptive administration program documentation Audit instrument—EMS prerequisite

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Environmental Permits, Issues & Commitments The NEPA Document EPIC Drivers NEPA Regulatory projects (e.g., 404/401 Permit) Exclusive Development Agreement Developer