Early Pre-Code Dramas

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´╗┐Early Pre-Code Dramas The Gangster Cycle and the Fallen Woman Cycle

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1930-1933 Three normal sorts of movies: Gangster Cycle Fallen Woman Cycle Prison Cycle (we won't watch these) Response to social states of the early years of the Depression. Dangers to normal social codes and financial soundness prompted to movies that addressed both.

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Gangster Films American dream in its negative shape Ambitious saint strives after achievement however is frustrated by financial conditions He begins at the base and works his way up. Customary wellsprings of equity (police, courts) are degenerate or incompetent. Criminal's defeat comes about because of opponents or individual defect, not the operations of the law.

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Gangster Films, proceeded with Frequently exemplify the foreigner's story toward achievement in America Hard work and thrift versus a showy, over the top lifestyle Old world parent (regularly a mother) with customary values in strife with American (current) values Respect for power is clashed Purity of ladies and the holiness of the house is debilitated Often an arrangement of combined characters: companions, kin Traditional estimations of training and proficiency are addressed

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Gangster Films, proceeded with Robert Warshow, "The Gangster as Tragic Hero": "The criminal is bound since he is under the commitment to succeed. . . . Each endeavor to succeed is a demonstration of hostility. . . . The impact of the hoodlum film is to exemplify this quandary in the individual of the criminal and resolve it by his demise.

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The Fallen Woman Film Heroine "falls" from the purest of thought processes, regularly to spare a relative or for genuine romance. She frequently bears a tyke and battles to legitimize it or give a home, in spite of colossal penances. Monetary emergency may constrain her to whore herself. In the "special lady" movies, the lady gives up her own satisfaction so as not to separate her significant other's marriage. Dissimilar to the hoodlum movies, the fallen ladies movies have the lady enduring all through (as opposed to an attached on "wrongdoing does not pay" finishing).

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Fallen Woman Films, proceeded with Threat to the social request postured by ladies alone manages that ordinary ethical quality must be maintained. The ladies are as often as possible hopeless notwithstanding when living in extravagance. Regularly the passing of a youngster, a relative, or the man whom she really adores rebuffs her at last. Courageous woman conquers neediness with a wrongdoing (prostitution) yet then rejects the transgression and asks absolution.

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Examples and Exceptions Blonde Venus The Easiest Way (1931) The "working young lady" variety: She Had to Say Yes Exceptions: the "golddigger" film