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Geant4 North American Medical Users Organization - G4NAMU SLAC - Redwood Room 6 March 2006 http://geant4.slac.stanford.edu/g4namu/G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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Introductory Information Emergency Information Networking Agenda Introduction to G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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Exits and Emergency Assembly Point We are Here G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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Welcome to Earthquake Country Be mindful of ways out in your building Speaker will demonstrate areas for this meeting Fire or other crisis departure Follow building inhabitants out of working to the gathering range Earthquake Remain in building: Duck, cover, and hold position until shaking stops Evacuate working to get together zone outside (tail others) Stay far from windows, brought down electrical cables in case of a crisis Dial 9-911 from a SLAC telephone; or Dial 911 from your wireless Provide SLAC address (2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA; cross road Saga Lane) and you're building/room number. G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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Networking Security Anyone close to the remote get to focuses could sniff the system and anybody with a portable PC arranged for remote can interface with the guest organize. To secure any data you send over the system (particularly passwords) you ought to utilize fitting encryption innovation, for example, SSH, SSL, or one-time secret key confirmation. Suggested Settings and Information Wireless connector card: 802.11b or 802.11g Network design: DHCP SSID: Set to guest or to permit any esteem Network Type: Set to foundation Open get to: No WEP, no information encryption, no enrollment or validation Some Problem Areas To Avoid Bridging must be killed or impaired for WXP see Network Connections, right tap on the remote connector. Check for connecting. Try not to set the Network Type to Ad hoc for WXP see Network Connections, right tap on remote adapter>Properties>Wireless Networks tab>Advanced. Select Access point (framework) arranges just Mac portable workstations - Turn off AirPort setting System Preferences>Network> Show: AirPort. Guarantee that Allow this PC to make systems is not checked G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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Agenda (morning) G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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Agenda (evening) G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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Coffee Breaks and Lunches Because we have charged no enrollment expense, we can't give espresso or snacks, however breaks have been made sufficiently long to permit you to take a short stroll to get it yourself. SLAC Cafeteria over the principle garden Starbucks, Erik's Deli, Castillo's Mexican and different eateries a 5 minute stroll down Sand Hill Road to the Sharon Heights strip mall Coffee Breaks are 30 minutes Lunch Breaks are 90 minutes G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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Geant4 Experts in Attendance Today The accompanying Geant4 specialists are in participation today, and mostof them will be accessible consistently. They would be exceptionally glad to talk about any individual inquiries that you may have. Makoto Asai - Run , Event, Detector Response, Geometry Tsukasa Aso - Detector Response, Scoring, Biasing Sebastien Incerti - Low Energy EM Tatsumi Koi - Hadronics Wilko Kroeger - Installation Michel Maire - Standard EM Joseph Perl - Visualization Takashi Sasaki - Tracking Jane Tinslay - Visualization, Biasing Dennis Wright - Hadronics, Documentation G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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Introduction to G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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Geant4 North American Medical Users Organization - G4NAMU Launched in May of 2005 to give a meeting spot to the quickly developing Geant4 restorative client group of North America Bring this group together to share issues and counsel, to create local coordinated effort and to impart as a gathering to the Geant4 designers. Current participation incorporates 70 individuals from 32 foundations all through Canada and the United States http://geant4.slac.stanford.edu/g4namu/G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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Membership G4NAMU's present enrollment incorporates 70 individuals from 32 foundations all through Canada and the United States. Current supporters of the mailing list (page 1 of 3): SLAC : Joseph Perl, Makoto Asai, Jeremy McCormick, Dennis Wright, Abner Soffer Harvard & Mass General : Harald Paganetti, Xing-Qi Lu , Christina Jarlskog, Joao Seco UCSF : Bruce Faddegon, Inder Daftari, Philippe Després ULaval : Jean-François Carrier, Luc Beaulieu, Louis Archambault, Vincent Hubert Tremblay CHUQ : Luc Gingras UPenn : Steven Avery , Dickson Goulart, Jim McDonough Stanford : Todd Pawlicki, Gary Luxton, Lei Xing Louisiana State University : Blair Smith Fox Chase : Charlie Ma, Jiajin Fan, Jinsheng Li (proceeded next slide… ) G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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Membership (proceeded with) Current supporters of the mailing list (proceeded with): McGill : Emily Poon, Frank Verhaegen, Jan Seuntjens Triumf : Peter Gumplinger, Frederick Jones Memorial Sloan-Kettering : C. Ross Schmidtlein, Assen Kirov, Sadek Nehmeh, Christopher Danford Johns Hopkins : Ben Tsui, Jingyan Xu, Eric Frey, Mikhail Shilov, Yong Du University of Arkansas : Hongyu Jiang, Xuejun Weng, Yulong Yan Jefferson Lab : Paul Gueye, Stan Majewski, Mark Smith, David Hamlette, Michael Epps, Marion MacCormic Advanced Laser Light Source : Jean-Claude Kieffer, Jean-Philippe Moreau University of Wisconsin – Madison : Hazim A Jaradat INRS : Francois Vidal, Sylvain Fourmaux, Ludovic Lecherbourg, Rémy Toth Université de Sherbrooke : Daniel Houde (proceeded next slide… ) G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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Membership (proceeded with) Current supporters of the mailing list (proceeded with): University of Alberta : Robert Fedosejev, Craig Unick Walter Reed Army Medical Center : Dan Fry Texas A&M : Yong Chen University of Washington : Ruth Schmitz Hopital Maisonneuve-Rosemont : Brigitte Reniers University of Minnesota : Lihong Qin Xoft Inc. : Steve Axelrod Rensselaer Polytechnic : Bryan Bednarz Giorgia Tech : Ioannis Sechopoulos University of Arizona : Don Wilson EXELAR Medical Corp & Rush Univ : Gocha Khelashvili University of Florida : Yuxin Feng G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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G4NAMU inside the World Geant4 Collaboration obviously all Geant4 clients are a piece of an overall group. Therapeutic Applications gathering and other client gatherings are accessible for examination and trade, and additionally other Geant4 workshops and gatherings. Be that as it may, territorial endeavors likewise have a part. In Europe, numerous endeavors have been composed, especially through Maria Grazia Pia of INFN In Japan, numerous endeavors has been sorted out through Takashi Sasaki of KEK (counting carbon pillars, parallel registering) In North America, there has been no comparable exertion at local association G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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G4NAMU as Regional Voice G4NAMU can serve as voice of the North American Geant4 Medical User people group Organize territorial workshops or instructional exercises Foster close-by joint efforts Speak with an aggregate voice to local financing organizations Meet provincial affirmation needs Last year the American Nuclear Society (ANS) perceived the development of a Computational Medical Physics Working Group (CMPWG). CMPWG will be facilitated by three divisions of ANS - Mathematics and Computations (M&C), Biology and Medicine (BMD), Radiation Protection and Shielding (RPSD). CMPWG has gotten to be included in benchmarking codes for Medical Physics applications. G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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How Does G4NAMU Work We've consented to utilize a mailing list. geant4-namu@slac.stanford.edu The rundown is daintily directed just to keep up center and anticipate spam. To join the rundown, send letters to perl@slac.stanford.edu. We will have occasional gatherings and will attempt, as we have today, to exploit existing gatherings. We can go past this: Provide workshops or instructional exercises Develop extra Geant4 cases Certify certain parts of the code for use in our groups Collect prerequisites for Geant4 designers G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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First In-Person Meeting Side meeting at the yearly meeting of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) at Seattle in July 2005. Solid enthusiasm (more than 40 participants) Organized by Steven Avery - University of Pennsylvania Paul Gueye - Hampton University/JLAB Harald Paganetti - Harvard/Massachusetts General Joseph Perl - SLAC Many next stride recommended at the meeting (see taking after page). Notes at: http://geant4.slac.stanford.edu/g4namu/aapm2005 Strong enthusiasm for medicinal instructional exercises in US: Geant4 Tutorial with Medical, Space and High Energy cases to be held at SLAC March 7-11 2006 G4NAMU side meeting to be either March 6 or March 12. Another instructional exercise to be held at JLab, Virginia, late April or May 2006 G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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Some Next Steps Improve correspondence between Geant4 designers and the therapeutic material science group. Gather prerequisites for Geant4 engineers. Approval: Clarify what ponders have been done, what comes about have been observed, what concentrates still should be finished. Play out extra pillar tests as required. Contrast cross areas utilized by Geant4 and those utilized by other MC codes as a part of Medicine. Computation speed: Understand issues. Recommend and approve fluctuation decrease techniques. Make extra medicinal cases. Proceed with discourse on the mailing list. Welcome extra associates to the rundown. Keep up Relationships with Relevant North American Professional Organizations: ANS Computational Medical Physics Working Group (CMPWG). They have requested that Harald Paganetti speak to Geant4. AAPM Task Group No. 105: "Guidance cover clinical execution of the Monte Carlo strategy in outside pillar radiation treatment arranging." Work on approaches to enhance subsidizing for Geant4 restorative work in North America. G4NAMU Meeting J. Perl

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Some Next Steps Develop the G4NAMU site: Should answer address: Wh