Each individual has two countries, his own and Syria Andre parrot Former chief of Louvers Museum

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. Each individual has two countries, his own particular and Syria Andre parrot Former chief of Louvers Museum . AL-Baath Univserity. History . Al-Baath University was built up in 1979 . It began with previous universities and foundations, for example, the Faculty of veterinarian in Hama city and the High Institute of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and the Faculty of science in Homs city . Al-baath

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Every individual has two countries, his own particular and Syria Andre parrot Former executive of Louvers Museum

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AL-Baath Univserity

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History Al-Baath University was built up in 1979 . It began with prior universities and establishments, for example, the Faculty of veterinarian in Hama city and the High Institute of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and the Faculty of science in Homs city . Al-baath University , gets understudies from all over Syria and other Arab and cordial nations.

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Overview of the University Al-Baath University has 15 Faculties , Five middle of the road foundations , 26000 understudies 554 Faculty individuals dealing with their scholarly investigates and Academic obligations at their resources and labs . The University goes into social understandings and contracts of genuine relations with Arab and abroad nations . The University is additionally exceptionally enthused about setting up new postgraduate certificate courses , Masters and PhD degrees .

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Faculties in Homs city Faculty of Chemical and petroleum building Faculty of Arts and humanities Faculty of Architecture Faculty of Mechanical and electrical designing Faculty of Pharmacy Faculty of Education Faculty of Civil designing Faculty of Agricultural building Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Information innovation Faculty of Science

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Institutes in Homs city Intermediate foundation of designing Intermediate establishment of Computer designing . Establishment of Languages Center of Training and Development Center of open Education Center of Biotechnology

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Faculties & Institutes in Hama city Faculty of Veterinarian Faculty of Dentistry Intermediate organization of veterinarian Intermediate dental foundation (prosthesis )

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New Faculties Faculty of Music Faculty of Economy

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Academic Research is key focus of the college. It is directed as per plan chose by different offices and affirmed by the consecutive scholastic boards of the college. The point of such research is to add to improvement in Syria. It is isolated into: Research in fundamental science Research in connected science

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Computer Center and Internet At Al-baath University In Order to Join the Development and logical Advancement in Syria particularly in the of data, AL-Baath college set up Computer Center which gives a connection among different resources on the web. it is by goodness of the college staff , all resources are associated with the college organization by an intranet that connections different workplaces to every resources , all resources with each other and Al-Baath college to other Syria colleges and to the service of Higher Education . In addition , AL-Baath college offers an outlet for virtual college , which is a type of inaccessible instruction . it offers understudies administrations, for example, enlistment , educational cost , following up , supervision and guidance .

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Postgraduate Studies Postgraduate certificate : one year Master's degree : two years Ph. D. degree : three years

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Development of Administration Operation of PC intranet at Al - baath which interfaces the Ministry of Higher Education with different colleges and gives an entrance to web and email administrations . Opening a few workplaces at the University, for example, : Office of preparing and capability Office of general and worldwide relations Office of understudy exercises Office of advancement and quality control . Office of data frameworks . Acquiring the necessities of authoritative work, for example, PCs , with the point of actualizing computerization Currently , different projects are being outlined at the workplace of data framework without the requirement for outside skill . Supporting the college with authorities in programming and in different Fields .

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Homs City (my city) Homs is the heart of Syria through which blood and life run . It is situated amidst the nation and possesses the biggest zone in it . Homs is 160 km a long way from Damascus and 180 km from Lattakia , and around 120 km toward the east , is Palmyra - Zenobia , the lady of the hour of history . Homs is acclaimed for copper , material , wood and other neighborhood handcrafts , and also present day industry, for example, oil - refinery , sugar - refinery , phosphate and compost processing plants .

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Homs is described by its mild atmosphere . There are numerous lovely stops close and around the city . It likewise has numerous Historical Sites, for example, split des chevaliers , Khaled Ibn Al-Walid mosque and place of worship , Omar Ibn Abd Aziz tomb and mosque , Um Al Zunnar church , MAR Elian Church and numerous old entryways , which are an observer to its antiquated history . Homs was referred to in Roman circumstances as Emesa. Individuals adored it that Eshbilia in Andalusia was called Homs Al Andalusia . The Orontes River ( Naher Al - Assi ) goes through it framing the corridor of life .

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Faculty of Sciences The personnel of sciences was set up in 1977

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The Faculty Departments Department of Mathematics : which incorporates the accompanying division : Algebra Division , Analytical Mathematics Division , Mechanic Division and Astronomy Division. Bureau of Physics : which incorporates the accompanying division : the Condensed Matter Physics Division , Nuclear Physics Division , laser Physics Division and Plasma Physics Division . Bureau of Chemistry : which incorporates the accompanying division : General Chemistry Division , Applying Chemistry Division and Biochemistry Division .

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Higher Education Degrees Department of Mathematics Department of Mathematics M . Sc . /Diploma in Analytical Mathematics . M . Sc . /Diploma in Algebra . Recognition in Informatics Department of Physics Diploma in Power Physics and Structure. Recognition in Radiation Physics . Bureau of Chemistry M . Sc . /Diploma in Organic Chemistry . Certificate in Analytical Chemistry . Certificate in Physical Chemistry .

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Workshop gather Dr. Adnan ghata Dr. Yusra Mbarkeh Rana Hola Faez Al-Khatib Faisal Al-Abd Al-Raheem Lana Alhraky Waed Slamah AHMAD TALEB SUAD AL-HASAN FAYEZ JANSIS Magi Jabarian

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C. V. of workshop gathering individuals

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Dr. Adnan Ghata Date of birth : 1948 Gender : male. Title :Prof. Dr. Eng. In Chemical Engineering Position : Director of Department of Training & Development Scientific Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering

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Dr. Yusra Mbarkeh Date of birth : 1959 Gender : Female Title : Prof. Dr. In Economy Position : Lecturer in Al-Baath University Scientific Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Economy

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Rana Hola Date of birth : 1980 Gender : Female Position : Employees issues Scientific Degree: Computer organization

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Faez Al-Khatib Date of birth : 1970 Gender : male Position : division of records precision and Budget area Scientific Degree: Bachelor of Economy

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Faisal Al-Abd Al-Raheem Date of birth : 1969 Gender : male Position : Director of monetary Scientific Degree: Bachelor of Economy

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Lana Alhraky Date of birth : 1975 Gender : Female Position : International relations Scientific Degree: Bachelor of Economy

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Waed Slamah Date of birth : 1981 Gender : Female Position : Department of the Finance Scientific Degree: Bachelor of Law

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AHMAD TALEB Date of birth : 1968 Gender : male Position : Head of Administrate office Scientific Degree: Bachelor of Economy

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SUAD AL-HASAN Date of birth : 1979 Gender : Female Position : general relations Scientific Degree: Industries Institute

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FAYEZ JANSIS Date of birth : 1960 Gender : male Position : Administrating Office Faculty of Architecture Scientific Degree: Bachelor of Law

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Magi Jabarian Date of birth : 1971 Gender : Female Position : Head of Credits Section in the Accounting Department Scientific Degree: Bachelor of Economy

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Non-Government Society in Homs

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Charity and Social Services Association The point of this affiliation is to battle neediness and bolster the poor Families , dowagers , and divorced people . Likewise , it expects to supply poor people and destitute. This affiliation built up the philanthropy and social administrations healing center Which is accessible for all patients , mulling over the money related status of the patients . The benefits of this doctor's facility go to the Association ,subsidize . It has branches in every one of the ranges , towns , and so forth . For instance , philanthropy and social administrations relationship at Qaryatien - Homs. Additionally the affiliation set up building loft , Sewing workshops and show software engineering with low costs for the poor . Every one of its benefits go to the affiliation, finance .

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AL-ADIAT ASSOCIATION HOMS BRANCH Al-adiat affiliation is a common affiliation , which built up in one of the most seasoned , and most veteran urban communities in Syria , and that occurred over the history .It has an incredible support in stressing the result of this city , in the social and Cultural life, alongside its progress part in Syria, and in the encompassing land district.

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One of the most critical objectives of Al-adiat affiliation, is to deal with the old city, and its extraordinary archaeologies, trying to guarantee its perspective of excellence, that let the city to an exceptional one, likewise it