E-waste Management in the Arab Region: Status and Opportunities

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E-squander Management in the Arab Region: Status and Opportunities Hossam Allam, Ph.D. Territorial Program Manager Strategic Concerns Program Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe

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Current Consumption Rates Patterns Two planets are required by 2050 2002 2100 1900 2050

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ICT Industry in the Arab Region Mobile telephone endorsers (MPS) in the Arab nations - ITU Statistics 2009 Internet clients in the Arab nations - ITU Statistics 2009

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Challenges Volumes Increasing offers of EEE, diminishing lifetimes ~40M tons e-squander created overall EU in 2007: ~2.5M tones reused, 8.3 - 9.1M tons produced (EMPA) Material Content Valuable and vitality escalated valuable metals Toxic materials

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Environmental & word related security issues Ramifications: Toxic outflows from blazing Soil & water tainting from substance transfer Inefficient recuperation of valuable metals StEP – SOLVING THE E-WASTE PROBLEM

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Some Facts One ton of reused PDAs can create up to 230 grams of gold More than 70% of a cell phone can be reused. Current mass of telephones being reused is just around 0.001-0.003% of the aggregate weight of waste electronic hardware every year.

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Electronic Waste Life Cycle

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E-squander Management Activities Survey in the Arab States National Authorities Private Sector Enterprises NGOs Non-Arab Enterprises

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E-squander Management Activities in the Arab Countries

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E-squander Management Activities Algeria Assessment of E-Waste and E-Waste Recycling Facilities 2006 – 07, BCRC Egypt: MCIT and MoE: propelling "Green ICT" Initiative Egyptian Electronic Recycling Co. (EERC) is the primary electronic gear reusing office in Egypt Spear Ink is a pioneer in inkjet and toner ecological neighborly refilling and remanufacturing

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E-squander Management Activities Jordan UNEP/Basel-PACE: Recycling of utilized PCs Assessment of E-Waste and E-Waste Recycling Facilities, 2006 – 2007, BCRC Project of re-utilizing PCs, Jordan Environment Society (JES) Morocco Managem and CMPP: E-squander treatment plant Managem , CMPP, and Al-Jisr : "GREEN CHIP" Project for accumulation of utilized computerized hardware and E-squander reusing Assessment of the ebb and flow circumstance in Morocco CMMP, DSF, EMPA, 2007

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E-squander Management Activities Syria Temporary E-squander transfer office (2007) Tunisia Recycling office is working, Anged Collection and exchange of E-waste with a limit of 1000 tons/year Yemen Proposed extend for ordering an E-squander/Inventory(2011)

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Potential Areas of Cooperation Enhance Awareness E-squander Status: Quantity and Type Establishing Legal Framework Pilot Projects Sustainable Business Solutions and Infrastructure

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Potential Partners: National Authorities Bahrain: Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife Egypt: Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs, Ministry of ICT Iraq: Ministry of Communication Jordan: Ministry of Environment Kuwait: Environment Public Authority Syria: Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs Yemen: Ministry of Water and Environment, Environment Protection Authority National Cleaner Production Centers: Egypt and Lebanon

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Potential Partners: Private Sector Egyptian Electronic Recycling Co. (EERC) - Egypt Spear Ink – Egypt CID Consulting - Egypt Mobinil - Egypt Managem - Morocco IBM - Germany Nokia - International QTEL - Qatar Umicore - Belgium AER Worldwide Masdar - UAE

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Potential Partners: Arab NGOs The Royal Marine Conservation Society (JREDS) – Jordan Environment Society (JES), Jordan Al-Urdun Al-Jadid Research Center - Jordan Environment Society of Oman Al-Jisr Association – Morocco CMPP - Morocco RECYCLE IT – Bahrain Spirit of Youth – Egypt Egyptian Association for Scientific and Technical Experts Jawwal

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Potential Partners: Non-Arab Organizations EMPA GTZ Austrian Society for Systems Engineering and Automation World Bank UNEP

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E-squander Management Program Work Package 1: Rapid Assessment of E-waste in the Arab Region Work Package 2: Establish Multi-partner Partnership for E-squander Management Work Package 3: Implement Awareness Campaign about E-squander Threats and Opportunities Work Package 4: Develop and Enhance capacities with regards to Environmental Friendly E-squander administration System Work Package 5: Establish E-squander Recycle Trading System

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CEDARE's E-Waste Activities Knowledge Sharing and exchange StEP Initiative: Regional Focal Point for Middle East and North Africa E-squander Management Forum E-squander 2009: 9-10 February 2009, Cairo, Egypt E-squander 2010: 23-24 November 2010, Marrakech, Morocco E-squander 2011: 22-23 May 2011, Alexandria, Egypt (TBC) E-squander Assessment E-squander Management Practices in the Arab Region (CEDARE and UNEP) 2008 – 2010 CEDARE and EMPA Team for E-squander Assessment

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CEDARE's E-Waste Activities Capacity Building E-Learning Course: Introduction on E-squander Management (elearningserver.cedare.int) E-Learning Course: How to make accumulation and disassembling focus (2011) Technical Assistance Provide ability to legislative associations and ICT private division endeavors.

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