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E-Safety Training Spring 2009

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E-security What is it? Why is it critical? E–safety assets/direction

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What is e-security? Try not to freeze! As minding guardians you are now furnished with the vast majority of the aptitudes/learning expected to manage e-security issues There is a lot of direction out there to help & bolster you Knowledge is vital If you know what is occurring, you can know what's in store, you can make a move and avert episodes

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What is e-wellbeing? E-wellbeing is about guaranteeing kids & youngsters utilize new advancements in a way which will protect them, without restricting their chances for creation and development It is a tyke security issue not an ICT issue

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"I get so stressed over what they may see that I feel more joyful on the off chance that they simply don't utilize it." "If my tyke has an issue and I don't know how to help, then I'd rather not know !"

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Activity In sets examine: What do you think the advantages and key dangers around kids utilizing the web are?

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Benefits of the web Educational diversions and projects Research data The chance to speak with individuals from all around the globe The chance to impart assets and thoughts to individuals that have similar interests Shopping the world over without leaving your PC

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Some of the innovations… Mobile telephones Instant informing BLOGS Social systems administration What next ??? Email Gaming destinations Podcasting Music Download locales Chat Rooms Video broadcasting P2P document sharing Text/SMS Wikis

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Mobile telephones Anytime  Anywhere Text messages Camera telephones Internet get to email MP3 player Chat and IM Downloads Mobile TV

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Video sharing sites are the place clients can transfer, view and share video cuts Videos can be appraised and the quantity of times saw recorded Video recorded with cell phones can be effectively transferred YouTube is one of the ten most mainstream sites Video broadcasting

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Chat Rooms Instant informing Chat Rooms are sites or a portion of sites that give a range to groups with basic interests to visit continuously. Many Many Instant Messaging IM is a method for speaking with another person progressively over the web utilizing content based not voice correspondence. One  One 79% of youngsters utilize IM 29% of guardians don't recognize what IM is Get I.T. safe NCH 2006 11 – 16 year olds

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Social systems administration Based on systems administration with companions and companions of companions In March 2006 MySpace (Rupert Murdoch possessed) overwhelmed the BBC site in guest numbers and now has 5.2 million UK clients In its first year Bebo pulled in 21.4 million enrolled clients overall US banned long range interpersonal communication locales inside every open establishment Survey of 13-18 yrs: normal number of "companions" = 75; of IM mates = 52, portable contacts = 38 (2006 USA study of 1487 8-18 yrs)

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Social systems administration Many youngsters and more youthful kids are agreeing to person to person communication destinations says telecoms controller Ofcom in a report. In an examination practice covering 3,000 youngsters it found that about a fourth of those matured somewhere around eight and 11 have a profile page on locales, for example, MySpace, Facebook and Bebo. This is notwithstanding the way that these destinations have a purposeful least age cutoff of 13 or 14.

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A test… . Will you work out these tenets for safe surfing concocted by understudies? Uv d ryt 2 feel safe ll d tym, includN wen UzN ICT or yr swarm ph Kip yr pRsNL dtails pvt. Don't shO pix ov yrslf. F? on the other hand family w/o chekin 1 st W a XXX Use: www.transl8it.com/Text

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Some more POS F2t Hak 9 99 ASL(P) = parent over shoulder = allowed to talk = much love = guardians are watching = guardians no longer watching = age, sex, area, (picture). This is frequently the main content or question on a long range interpersonal communication website

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How we utilize the advances Adults Digital Immigrants Young individuals Digital locals email Shopping Banking & Saving Utilities & Insurance Booking occasions Research News Music Games Chat Instant Messaging (IM) Blogs Social Networking

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It begins with Primary… Primary students as likely as Secondary to get to unseemly material Year 9 young ladies most vulnerable to "preparing" Year 6, 10 and 11 well on the way to counterfeit (young men more generally than young ladies)

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Challenges  Young People  Maturity Like to post pictures and uncover individual data Want loads of "companions" Talk about their associates – can be threatening Use wrong monikers, regularly sexual Express weaknesses and dreams Trick others to make senseless, humiliating, hazardous acts with video or webcam Push limits - pretty much as we pushed the limits as youngsters

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Risks of utilizing the web Pedophiles utilize the web to meet youngsters People deceiving others web based Bullying utilizing the web (Cyberbulling) Seeing improper pictures and material Viruses and pop ups

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Unfortunately, it's anything but difficult to lie on the web

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Think you know .... who you're conversing with?

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Tom's Story video

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What are the risks for every one of us? Ofcom (Media Literacy Audit of Children, 2006, UK) 16% 8-15 yr olds have run over something 'dreadful, stressing or alarming' 67% 12-15s trust the vast majority of what they find on the web

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Why is instruction so vital around there? • 55% get to the web ordinary • 47% for 60 minutes or more • 21% preferred IM/Chat rooms the most • 15% utilized gaming locales • 11% utilized Social Networking destinations • 33% had admittance in their rooms CEOP Questionnaire Analysis 2007

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Supervised Monitored Filtered Curriculum School Outside of school ?

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What are the perils for our youngsters? Greatest risk is the not knowing – 26% of guardians don't know how to check site history 65% of youngsters can clear web history 1% of guardians thought their tyke blogged 33% of kids utilized web journals 67% of guardians didn't know what a blog was 33% of kids have met a "companion" online 8% have had an eye to eye meeting with an online companion 89% told somebody they were doing as such UK Children Go Online, 2005, 9-19 year olds - 40% young men/57% young ladies requested that strip on webcam; 1 in 3 young men/1 in 10 young ladies did Remco Pijpers Foundation (2006, N=10,900 teens<18 yrs, Holland) Usage and encounters are not answered to guardians/instructors as they dread the withdrawal of get to

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Video – Where's Klaus?

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Are our youngsters and youngsters mindful of the dangers?

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eSafety – Summing up the dangers Content - sexual, supremacist, fierce inconsistent/extremist i.e. wellbeing of youngsters' psyches Commerce - tricks, phishing and pharming, downloads which take data from clients ! Contact - by means of intelligent advances – IM, visit, multiplayer diversions Culture – harassing, camera telephones, blogging, informal communication … .. 33% of youngsters who go online in any event once every week report having gotten undesirable sexual (31%) or frightful remarks (33%) by means of email, visit, text or instant message. Just 7% of guardians think their youngster has gotten such remarks. UK Children Go Online, 2005, 9-19 year olds

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Things to look out for Here are some normal signs that a kid might have issues with the web/new advancements e.g. cyberbullying, on line gaming, being prepared: • Excessive utilization of the PC • Aggressive conduct with respect to web use • Secretive conduct • Change being used of sexual dialect

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What you ought to do Help kids to comprehend that they ought to never give out individual subtle elements to online companions - individual data incorporates: – their errand person id – email address – portable number/any photos of themselves, - If a tyke gets spam/garbage email & writings, remind them never to trust them, answer to them or utilize them.

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Help your youngster to comprehend that a few people lie on the web and that along these lines it's ideal to keep online mates on the web. They ought to never get together with any outsiders without a grown-up they trust . Continuously keep correspondence open for a youngster to realize that it's never past the point where it is possible to tell somebody if something makes them feel uncomfortable . Show youngsters how to piece somebody on the web and report them in the event that they feel uncomfortable. There are individuals who can offer assistance. Report online kid manhandle , or for more exhortation and support . Security Ideas

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Safety Ideas Know what your kids are doing on the web and their identity conversing with. Request that they show you to utilize any applications you have never utilized . Help your kids to comprehend that they ought to never give out individual points of interest to online companions — individual data incorporates their delivery person id, email address, versatile number and any photos of themselves, their family or companions—if your tyke distributes a photo or video on the web—anybody can transform it or share it. On the off chance that your youngster gets spam/garbage email & writings, remind them never to trust them, answer to them or utilize them . It's not a smart thought for your tyke to open documents that are from individuals they don't know . They won't recognize what they contain—it could be an infection, or more awful - an improper picture or film.

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Images on the web

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CEOP works over the UK and augments universal connections to handle youngster sex manhandle wherever and at whatever point it happens. gives web security exhortation to guardians and carers gives data on web wellbeing and safe surfing for youngsters matured 11 to 16 years report office empowering anybody to report any wrong or possibly unlawful action with or towards a tyke on the web

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'Report Abuse' in real life Microsoft have made a genuine responsibility Approx £30,000