e-learning Patterns and Opportunities

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eGuru: Online educational costs. Gurukulonline: Web-based projects. Tutorvisa: Online educational costs ... Give online references. send learners day by day, week after week, or month to month ...

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e-learning Trends & Opportunities Shweta Shroff LIS Officer, CEE 5 th address under ADINET Monthly Lecture Series 24 April 2008

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Scope of this address Definitions Techniques History Advantages Categories Formal e-learning - ODL in India for LIS people group Informal and work-based e-learning Major e-assets for learning Trends in e-learning E-learning in LIS Curriculum

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e-learning is The successful learning process made by joining digitally conveyed content with (learning) support and administrations. - The Open and Distance Learning Quality Council, UK The powerful educating and learning process made by joining e-advanced substance with nearby group and guide bolster alongside worldwide group engagement. - The Network for Capacity Building and Knowledge Exchange (NetTel@Africa)

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e-Learning is The utilization of system innovation to outline, convey, select, regulate, and augment LEARNING. – Elliott Masie, The Masie Center Electronic learning or e-Learning is a general term used to allude to a type of learning in which the teacher and understudy are isolated by space or time where the crevice between the two is crossed over using on the web advances. - Wikipedia

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all in all Instructional substance (instruction and preparing) or learning encounters upheld, conveyed or empowered by electronic innovation Any discovering that uses electronic innovation and system (LAN, WAN or web) for conveyance, association or assistance

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E-learning methods Web-based learning Computer-based learning Virtual classrooms Digital joint efforts Content conveyance by means of E-systems Audio or video tape Satellite TV Video conferencing CD-ROM E-mail Wireless & versatile innovation and so on

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E-learning focal points Easy to Use - any area and at whatever time Operates continuously singular, Self guided, self-managed and advantageous Comprehensive Dynamic, intuitive speedy, moves speedier Cross stage Can prompt to expanded maintenance & a more grounded handle on the subject , enabling Proven and Certified Age no bar

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E-learning focal points (cont… ) less costly to create Pre and post aptitude evaluations measure the advance updation is simple & fast effortlessly reasonable for huge gatherings of understudies

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Categories Formal learning Informal learning Blended learning Communities Knowledge Management Networked learning Work-based learning

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Biggest favorable position for LIS people group Where would we like to be tomorrow? Execution Gap What are we today?

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LISc Courses in India MLISc (17) BLISc (26) Certificate (6) Diploma (3) PG Diploma (2) Source: http://www.webindia123.com/profession/correspondence/libra.htm

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E-learning openings Some valuable web joins http://www.librarysupportstaff.com http://library20.ning.com/profiles/blog/show?id=515108%3ABlogPost%3A30994 http://home.earthlink.net http://www.oclc.org/americalatina/pt/bolster/preparing/firstsearch/instructional exercise/default.htm http://www.ala.org/ala/accreditation/lisdirb/lisdirectory.cfm http://www.webjunction.org/do/Navigation?category=442 www.cilip.org.uk http://lu.com/odlis/about.cfm

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Some helpful web joins (cont… ) http://library.boisestate.edu/Reference/BBRIN/jargon.htm http://www.ipl.org/http://www.loc.gov/rr/askalib/virtualref.htm http://www.e-learningcenter.com http://esl.about.com/cs/onlinecourses/an/a_ecourses.htm http://www.english-online.org.uk/http://www.languageshome.com/http://www.better-english.com/exerciselist.html http://www.unt.edu/slis/apppacket/ITKS/ITKSassess.htm http://www.docnmail.com/resources.htm

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Some valuable web joins (cont… ) Free instructional exercises http://www.homeandlearn.co.uk/http://www.educationonlineforcomputers.com/http://www.teacherclick.com/http://www.businessbookmall.com/Software%20Tutorials%20Internet%20Library.htm http://www.3dtree.com/ev/e/sb.htm http://www.mytutorials.com/instructional exercises/http://www.video-tutes.com/

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Online apparatuses Encyclopedia, Wikis Directories, Dictionaries, glossaries Thesaurus Audio, Video cuts Journals, Articles, Reports and so on. Sites, Games, instructional exercises Virtual Learning Centers (VLC) Virtual Communities, Discussion sheets, Social systems Listservs/infoservs – India-LIS, NPDG-L, Univers, SLA Organizations' sites CAS locales – informedlibrarian, infolibrarian Portals

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Popular e-coaches in India IGNOU NIIT: e-school Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning Annamalai Univ.: Online Ph.D. BITS Virtual Campus: BITS programs eGuru: Online educational costs Gurukulonline: Web-based projects Tutorvisa : Online educational costs MBD Alchemie : Online educational costs IITs, IISc: E-learning storehouses Gurus are hard to find the workd over. Innovation can make the considerable educators accessible to a large number of understudies. - Uday Singh, Exe. V.P. & Head, NIIT Ref: Click, enter grounds: Cover story of the Week. Oct. 2007.

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Recent patterns in e-learning E-learning as a business system A key answer For new representative For administrator For IT proficient Application-particular e-learning arrangements Blended learning Collaborative learning

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Trends (cont… ) Use of assortment of e-assets E-course books, entries, open sources, wikis Game-based learning Instant Messaging (IM) & talk Live e-learning, e-addresses Mobile & remote e-learning Peer-to-companion (p2p) e-learning

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Some difficulties Maintaining the volume yet expanding the nature of the e-learning Adding recreations and other high-loyalty exercises and activities to learning programs. Lessening the cost and multifaceted nature of LMS usage while expanding use Creating learning situations in which learners can discover exactly what they require – including preparing, reference data, and execution bolster Helping learners gain from each other through groups of practice, web journals, wikis, and different types of independently published substance Standardization

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E-learning in LIS Curriculum Recommend e-courses Develop e-courses Supplement courses … i.e.Blended learning

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Tips for online course assessment Learner bolster & assets Course data Online bolster Content bolster Channels for input on assets & bolster Online data & plan Completeness Clear syllabus Esthetic outline Consistent & useful Accessibilities Channels for criticism

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Tips (cont… ) Instructional plan & conveyance Opportunities for connection Alignment obviously targets to learning results Clearly characterized learning results Variety of learning undertakings Critical deduction assignments Channels for criticism on instructional plan Assessment & assessment of understudy learning Opportunities for self-appraisal Alignment between destinations, exercises & appraisals Comprehensive evaluation system Opportunities for understudies to get criticism Channels for learners' criticism on appraisal technique

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In short Course ought to have SMILE S – Simple M – Motivating I – Interactive LE – Learner-driven environment

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Nine fast wins in e-realizing Use what is accessible Make beyond any doubt there's something for everybody Obtain senior administration inclusion Solve genuine issues Use the full scope of e-learning strategies Provide a passage to learning Look for a responsive gathering of people Don't relinquish the long haul Value quality than amount

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Supplementing courses Strategies set of objectives or goals Conduct a necessities appraisal Review learners preparation Resources appraisal Obtain administration heading Top-down Bottom-up Content advancement Evaluation component Consistent and intensive documentation

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Assess your assets Technology Content Administration and support  Communication Financial expenses for innovation, writing devices, course improvement, support, and organization Free or estimated figurings for to what extent it will take for you to earn back the original investment and the arrival on speculation

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Some tips to begin with… Provide e-vocation data Reuse content the pragmatic way Provide online references send learners day by day, week by week, or month to month tips by means of email Prepare a committed Website About the point/courses brief how-to articles that disclose how to play out an errand Content could be in PDF, RTF (if word record), CSV (if spreadsheets) and so forth

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Conclusion The question is no more if the Internet can be utilized to change learning in new and effective ways. The studies have demonstrated that it can. Nor is the issue should we contribute the time, the vitality, and the cash important to satisfy its guarantee in characterizing and molding new learning opportunity. We ought to. It is time we altogether move the force of the Internet for gaining from guarantee to rehearse.

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Quote "headed straight toward e-Learning, ensure that Learning is in the driving seat, and Technology is in the traveler situate with the guide. Learning chooses the goal, Technology helps you arrive." Ian Fyfe Learndirect Scotland

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