E-Government in Lebanon: an outline and the activity arrangement

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Master Group Meeting on ICT Indicators Adoption and Data Collection Cairo 13-15 February 2007 e-Government in Lebanon: a review and the activity arrange Presented by Tania Zaroubi ICT Project Manager Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) Lebanon

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Presentation Outline e-Government system What has been accomplished towards an e-Government status in Lebanon? The street ahead Evolution of Lebanese e-Government extends The Lebanese e-Government activity arrange

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Lebanese e-Government as a part of the National e-Strategy The NeS Implementation Plan: 8 Tracks Track 1: Infrastructure Track 2: National Policies Track 3: ICT Production Sector Track 4: ICT for Human Capacity Development Track 5: ICT for Social Development Track 6: Business & Economic Development Track 7: e-Government Track 8: Media

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The Lebanese e - Government Framework

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The Lebanese e-Government Strategy Legalizing Electronic Information and Services Protection of Electronic Information Security of Electronic Services P rivacy A uthenticity I ntegrity of Information N on-Repudiation Module 2: e-Government Framework: Legal Framework No PAIN No E-Gain

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The Lebanese e-Government Strategy ENABLING APPLICATIONS: Government Email and Directory Services Workflow, Document Management and Archiving Information and Decision Support INFORMATION PORTALS: Government Forms and Supporting Documents Sector Specific entrances – Tourism and Business SERVICES PORTALS: Government to Citizen (G2C and C2G) Government to Business (G2B and B2G) Government to Employee (G2E and E2G) Government to Government (G2G) Module 2: e-Government Framework: Services Framework

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The Lebanese e-Government Strategy BUILDING NATIONAL CAPACITY: Promoting Internet use by C and B Developing and offering high caliber and moderate Internet administrations Supporting national ICT industry and advancing ventures Enhancing ICT educational programs at all instruction levels Setting up ICT preparing focuses or foundations Module 2: e-Government Framework: Capacity Building/Promotion/Operations Framework INTERNAL GOVERNMENT TRAINING AND CAPACITY BUILDING: Promoting ICT learning for government workers Setting up ICT preparing focuses in government organizations e-GOVERNMENT O & M STRUCTURE: vast focal O & M unit Ministry and office particular O & M units Establishing ICT unit and compensation scale in government

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What has been accomplished … Technical Framework . . . Telecommunications Modern cabling foundation all through nation Voice and ISDN benefits set up Phase I of national MAN framework being tested; Phase II and III as of now checked 2 Cellular administrators offering GSM and GPRS administrations Government affirmed gets ready for privatizing MPT to create Liban Telecom Computer Networks Most services and organizations have a Local Area Network set up utilizing most recent benchmarks and conventions Hundreds of servers (750+ crosswise over government) and Thousands of PCs and peripherals have been conveyed (11000+ PCs crosswise over government).

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What has been accomplished … Technical/Services Framework . . . Framework Applications various vertical applications have been conveyed (MOF impose framework , traditions framework. Cadastre arrive registration framework, Port of Beirut DMS, National Archives ordering and optical stockpiling framework, Legal Decisions DMS, .. and so on.) Customs framework development to cover all ports of section (5 areas); Port tracker framework application to address freight show for port of Beirut. Other vertical applications as of late finished include Work Permits, health advantages and pay system for Government Employees (COOP) , Commercial Registration framework Some even applications have been produced (Information workplaces, Informs gateway, government entry, Budget System, ..and so forth.). Others in the works incorporate HR database for the common administration, personnel and budgetary framework for offices, ..and so forth. Large number of General Security applications created

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Also drafted by ICT Parliamentary Committee What has been accomplished … MoET EU-supported venture New Draft Laws (French System): Electronic Communications Data Privacy                             Electronic signature  Amendments to existing Lebanese Laws: Electronic contracts E-trade and secure e-installments Cyber-crime                             Consumer Protection               Intellectual property Rights                   Domain Names        Legal Framework . . . Strategies and Procedures Institutionalizing needed Removal of obsolete specialized controls and redesigning changes commercial code framework Work on disentanglement of all administration methods Modernization of national assessment framework Work on new hierarchical structure of services and self-ruling offices New open part offering law drafted alongside implementation orders ICT laws and directions IPR and web based saving money laws go in 1999 Digital Signature and other e-related enactment arranged by MoET under EU-financed extend under audit by special parliament board and close authorization.

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What has been accomplished … Legal Framework . . . Arrangements and Procedures ICT Policy and Standards Policy and technique report arranged in 1999 Ministerial ICT board of trustees designated by Prime Minister in mid 2001 to handle national ICT matters with private-open segment organizations Standards rules for ICT extends in general society sector arranged E-government system archive finished and presented to Council of Ministers for endorsement . Limit Building/Promotion/Operations Framework . . . Human resources Good number of government workers prepared on ICT items (OMSAR has prepared in access of 6500) A sizeable number of government workers have been prepared on organization of ICT arrangements (somewhere in the range of 450+ through OMSAR ventures)

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What has been accomplished … Capacity Building/Promotion/Operations Framework . . . Human resources Assessments of ICT staff prerequisites for various ministries and offices have been made. Draft of new ICT unit and compensation scale for government at expansive as of now under audit . Limit building arranges With the support of the nearby business ceaseless or in- service preparing arrangements are being accomplished. The new Institute for Public Administration to assume a key part in-administration limit building. An E-Society ICT mindfulness crusades by the legislature are being prepared and in addition Multi-reason group telecenters . Private part ICT mindfulness through PCA PiPOP initiative and media and sorting out fruitful conference and shows, for example, Termium.

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The street ahead … A "circumstance" outline all e-government related accomplishments in the legislature is being detailed (The National Government Map) All taxpayer supported organizations shapes and their methodology including services and offices (4550) have been merged and reported – the establishments of the 'computerized sensory system' for the Lebanese E-government. A 'One-stop-shop' purpose of data entry for these structures and methods has been produced – informs.gov.lb. With 1 & 2, an E-government Strategy and usage arrange has been detailed and exhibited to senior authorities. System and plan cover nearby, national and worldwide e-government prerequisites. Sent to Council of Ministers for underwriting.

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The street ahead … Initial usage center will be on income creating/cost diminishing applications, for example, charge accumulations, tourism administrations and e-acquisition applications. Rate of expanded incomes asked for to be reserved for an e-government finance. Participation with and innovation exchange from worldwide ICT combinations and counseling firms will be key all through the usage procedure. Work is to proceed on step by step constructing the ideal ICT unit in the legislature to have the capacity to handle ICT utilization and organization prerequisites. The overall population, the scholarly world and business group will be included in the e-government execution arrange in order to achieve an E-society status in an opportune way. Ability from Lebanese exiles will likewise be requested. Offering information and skill to local nations will likewise be key .

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Front Office Citizen-Oriented Projects 2002+ Back Office Beneficiary-Oriented Projects 1998-04 Donor-Guided Projects 1994-00 Base Evolution of Lebanese e-Government Projects

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The Lebanese e-Government activity arrange 1/2 Module 3: Implementation Planning High Level Plan for e-Government Roll-Out

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The Lebanese e-Government activity arrange 2/2 Module 3: Implementation Planning High Level Plan for e-Government Roll-Out

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The Lebanese e-Government activity arrange PRIORITY PROJECTS (1 to 2 years): Legal Framework: Drafting and institution of ICT-related enactment and control alongside usage orders. Specialized Framework: Interconnecting through a protected system data foundation focal government bodies , various key services and a few global workplaces. Administrations Framework: Utilities membership and bil