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Individual Background. Begun student at GWU at 15BS

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Web based business Software an industry point of view… … Sunil Bhargava Contract CTO

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Personal Background Started student at GWU at 15 BS – Computer Engineering, 1987 MS – Software and Systems, 1989 D.Sc. – Computer Science, relinquished in 1992 CTO for some web-innovation organizations Spent a year ago at OneSoft, neighborhood internet business programming and application administrations supplier Contact: Sunil@bhargava.com

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What is online business web based business has gotten to be e Business robotization Web-based by definition Application by nature Involving the entire business chain makes and clients providers and purchasers

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The more customary definitions? Retail (B2C) - Sell-side Market crested a year ago and as yet dropping Bill introduction and installment on the ascent Procurement (B2B) - Buy-side or Sell-side Market plateau'd a year ago yet stable Different from when business go about as buyers Collaborative Commerce (B2B2C) - Sell-side Exploiting and help the current channels Market places - Buy-side and offer side Emulate all advantages of true, single-item commercial centers

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Retail (B2C) Value Proposition Disinter-intervene the retail channel Better shopping background Personalized up offers Comparison shipping Evaporating myth Wider net (at whatever time; anyplace); bring down cost; viral deals Technical Challenges International trade Multi-lingual substance administration Cost successful circulation and satisfaction

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Procurement (B2B) Value Proposition Disinter-intercede agents and brokers Buy side Implementers are vast clients Saves cash by decreasing stock and buy costs Sell side Implementers are focusing on their medium clients Reduces cost of offer and expands income per client Technical Challenges International trade Automation of custom, non-uniform procedures

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Collaborative Commerce (B2B2C) Value Proposition Exploit and augment existing channels Direct market the brand yet offer through conventional channels Enable B2C answers for establishments and merchants Complex offering Value included items and administrations mixes Technical Challenges Managing struggle with e-activities of the channel Supporting assortment of business procedures, rationale, and principles

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Market Places (Bs2Bs) Value Proposition Private trades Bring Shopping to the generally Buying center Public trades Exponential development in the commercial center Technical Challenges Custom index administration Custom and element value administration Complex installment preparing support

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What is web based business Software? Front-end For Visitors and Customers Web-based by definition Backend For big business directors Merchandisers, Account Mangers, Customer Support, and so on. Middleware To interface with existing frameworks Customer, Inventory, Credit, Payment and Order Processing frameworks

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internet business Front-end Web Application Server Functionality Personalization and Profiling Complex, Dynamic Content Presentation Process Support Shopping Process Buying Process

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web based business Backend Content Management Merchandizing Catalog administration Price and on-line security administration Process Support Customer Support Anomaly administration Payment or Order handling hiccups

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online business Middleware Payment Processing Customer particular credit, buy orders, and so on. Electronic installment including EDI and charge cards Order Processing Interface to restrictive, custom venture frameworks e-empowered frameworks of huge stockrooms e-Services that give Order Distribution Inventory Management Soft and hard save usefulness Direct access to particular stock

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The basic achievement components Backend System Management Functionality Support for work process and process administration Appropriate utilization of innovation for process bolster Access control in substance administration Business leads in abnormality administration On-line insurance Management Images, Audio, or Video; for virtual examination Structured; for correlation shopping

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What's missing? Group Polls, Message Boards, Chats, and so on. Administrations Fee email, Consumer news and data, and so on. Advertising Campaign Management Referrals, Affiliates, Banner promotions, Emails, and so on. Hot components of the day 'Amazon developments' Mobile business Shopping robots

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What about administrations? Shopping Portals Process Re-designing e-Services Branding On-line security advancement and administration Search motor situation enhancement Efficiency changes in web conveyance

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The web based business pioneers Almost everybody does nearly anything Retail BroadVision, ATG, Blue Martini, MS Commerce Server Procurement (purchase side) CommerceOne, Clarus Procurement (offer side) I2, Manugistics Collaborative (offer side) Click Commerce Market places Ariba, VerticalNet

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Other critical programming players Net Perceptions Business insight for Commerce eShare Community and Customer Communication TaxWare Almost widespread Tax Computations CyberSource, CyberCash Credit card approval with esteem included administrations webMethods With ActiveWorks an impressive middleware merchant

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Other vital administration players OrderTrust Payment and Order steering Double-click Banner promotion supplier VeriSign SSL encryption certificaties

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Core Solution Requirements Database Oracle Microsoft SQL Server Application Servers With incorporated or separate web server General purposes AppServers BEA's WebLogic, IBM's WebSphere, Microsoft's ASP Specific AppServers BroadVision, ART Technology Group, Oracle

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The seller we want to detest Front-end: IIS Web Server Application Server (ASP) Choice of dialects yet scripted .Net bolster Easier arrangement of administrations; agreed code Middleware: BizTalk Standards (XML) based between application correspondence representative

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Microsoft Continued Backend: Commerce Server Catalog Management Customer (profile Management) Targeting Content to Customers BizDesk Campaign administration Catalog, Customers, Content administration Order Processing including shipping, assess, returns handling, and so forth. Movement, Product view, and item buy examination

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Important Technologies Everything from the two 400 lbs gorillas Oracle Microsoft DHTML Microsoft won the program wars in e-business XML Microsoft's and IBM's support for SOAP is promising webMethods is demonstrating the incentive in between application interchanges Java Server side – J2EE, JavaBeans, JSP

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Questions Responses

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Parting contemplations Understand the business behind e-business It is business application improvement for clients outside the implementer's organization The line between programming or administration is obscuring