DVD Production Process Key Factors for Quality Disks

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Income $18 billion (March 2004)33,500 workers (1,500 in USA)Performance Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals. 100% Subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Co.Total Revenue $650 millionOptical Disk, Magnetic Media, Flash Memory. 100% Subsidiary of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media CO.,LTD.. . Verbatim/Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Group.

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´╗┐DVD Production Process & Key Factors for Quality Disks Verbatim, Product Marketing Mar., 2005 Ronan Ryan/Satoshi Wakabayashi

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Revenue $18 billion (March 2004) 33,500 representatives (1,500 in USA) Performance Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals 100% Subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Co. Add up to Revenue $650 million Optical Disk, Magnetic Media, Flash Memory 100% Subsidiary of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media CO.,LTD.

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Verbatim/Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Group Vision & Mission Verbatim/MKM is a universal deals, promoting and optical innovation advancement association known as the imaginative market pioneer in removable stockpiling media and related adornments giving solid, one of a kind advances and items that are very looked for after and extensively circulated around the world. Our central goal is to create and showcase fantastic items that clients need for putting away, moving and utilizing computerized content. January 2004 MKM Executive Committee

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Global Supply Chain Sunnyvale, CA MFD/Tape Coating Frankfurt, Germany Verbatim European DC Tokyo , Japan Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. Egham, UK Verbatim EUMEA HQ Odawara , Japan VAP DC Toronto Canada DC India DVDR, DVDRW CD-R Mizushima, Japan MO, UDO, Stampers Charlotte NC Verbatim USA HQ USA DC Taipei, Taiwan Floppy, CD-R/RW DVDR, DVDRW Shenzhen, China VAP DC Hong Kong VAP DC Tijuana, Mexico Floppy/CD-R Singapore DVDR, DVDR DL DVDRW Uruguay Verbatim South America DC Headquarters Distribution Manufacturing Melbourne, Australia VAP DC

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MKM Core Competencies Fast Dry Printable

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Products are outlined and made for the most astounding similarity and dependability Technology is co-created with equipment OEMs (composed into equipment) Unique assembling associations Specify & qualify fabricating lines Tighter than industry details on location Quality Assurance and Engineering bolster Unique ID codes that guarantees the largest amount of similarity in the business Continually growing our item offering Latest in center optical innovation items Speeds (16X DVDR, 8X DVDRW) Layers (DVD+R and DVD-R DL) Surfaces (Ink-stream and warm printable, Hardcoat) Blue laser (UDO, Blu-Ray, HD DVD) Continue to widen our non-optical lines (imaging, USB, adornments) Always separated from the opposition Technology and quality (AZO, SERL, Crystal, and so on..) Product advertising (Digital Vinyl, Gold and Platinum, DigitalMovie, VideoGard, and so forth.) Verbatim Product Direction

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Well settled brand (35 years) Clearly perceived as a quality brand Extremely understood & conveyed mark all through the world #1 extensive piece of the overall industry for DVD +/ - R #1 vast piece of the pie for CD-R #2 all inclusive piece of the pie for DVD +/ - RW #2 broad piece of the pie for CD-RW Verbatim Brand Source: Santa Clara Consulting Q4 2004

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Major Cause of Problem Recording layer (Dye) has issue Good color, great media shape and advanced compose methodology Effect of terrible media shape

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Mastering Stamper Plastic Substrate with depressions Injection Cooling Substrate with color recording layer Dye Coating Reflective layer is included Dry up Sputtering Injection Cooling Bonding Dummy substrate Glue appended both side Production Process of R-DVD ( Recording Side) ( Dummy Side) Inspection

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Key process - to accomplish level media shape - maintain a strategic distance from small scale split - frame formally dressed furrow shape to avert recording/perusing issue Injection Machine Injection Mold Injection Process Key elements - quality stamper - quality form - high level polycarbonate - enhancement of infusion condition (weight, timing, temperature)

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Mastering Process & Design of Mold Mastering is the key procedure - for making quality stamper Key element - refined operation of the cutting machine - profound information/experience of polycarbonate and infusion handle Mold is the key material - for infusion prepare - for accomplishing higher generation process duration Key component - profound learning/background of polycarbonate and infusion machines

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Dye covering Baking Oven Dye Coating & Drying Process Key process - to accomplish great recording execution - to accomplish predominant documented execution Key element - quality color material (capacity to create quality color) - streamlining of turn coater condition (revolution speed, speed control, temperature, mugginess) - improvement of the heating condition

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Spec =8% We ought to build up the color which can - retain laser of 650 to 660 nm wavelength - yet, reflect enough for playback - have great edge against the variety of wavelength Dye is Important! Despite the fact that you streamline the procedure condition, you have no way to deliver quality circles utilizing incorrectly color.

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Sputtering Machine Sputtering Process Key process - to accomplish stable recoding/perusing execution - to accomplish prevalent chronicled execution Key variable - profound learning of framing slight metal film - streamlining of the sputtering condition - material

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Bonding Machine Bonding Process Key process - to achieve level media shape - to accomplish unrivaled documented execution Key element - quality holding paste as far as both media shape and strength - improved process condition Aging Test Result for Selection of the Glue

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Inline 100% Defect Inspection Machine Off line Compatibility Test Inspection Process Key process - to accomplish predictable quality among creation parcels - to affirm expected similarity among significant essayists Key component - Appropriate setting of deformity criteria - tight correspondence with real author makes

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Recording with advanced WS Recording with default WS Time: X Time: X-a Power on Power on Power on Power on Power: Y Power: Y-b Power off Power off Power off Power off Also Problem! Color Layer A Dye Layer B Writing Strategy Every color material has its own recording attributes, so recoding force and laser uncovering time ought to be streamlined independently for the quality recording . ( Writing Strategy: WS ) 00100000100.. 0010000 10 00..

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Summary of Key Factors for Quality Disks Material - Stamper, Mold, Polycarbonate, Dye, Bonding Glue - Capability of building up these materials and profound concoction learning are required Process Control - Optimization of the procedure state of Injection, Dye covering/drying, Sputtering, Bonding process - Capability of planning each procedure and plentiful experience of the generation of optical circles are fundamental Quality Control - In-process control ought to be precisely composed and criticism method ought to be reliably actualized to the greater part of the creation lines for quality consistency among creation parcels - Strict building change control ought to be occurred Writing Strategy - Ideally, upgraded composing methodology ought to be executed in all of significant journalists before the shipment of the plates - Tight correspondence with real author fabricate from the advancement stage is pivotal

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Verbatim (MKM) Material - one of the main creating organization of key materials like color, stamper and polycarbonate, and have assigned compound designers for every material improvement - additionally a noteworthy provider of those materials Process Control - years of experience of delivering all kind of optical plates. (Compact disc R, CD-RW, DVD+/ - R, DVD+/ - RW, MO and UDO) - equipped for planning each procedure Quality Control - has a set up quality control technique which has been refined through OEM business with real PC, author and other circle produces Writing Strategy - has been in great correspondence with all of significant essayist makes from the improvement phase of rapid (8X, 16X), high limit (twofold layer) or one of a kind (UDO or LightScribe) scholars/plates - individual from the key business association like DVD-Forum or DVD+RW Alliance

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Bottom Line We are persuaded that we are providing quality plates regarding complete consistence with industry determination (DVD discussion, DVD+RW union) and predominant similarity with all of real journalists We are creating circles and materials painstakingly with focusing on both recording execution and solidness We are supporting the endeavors by NIST to better characterize chronicled test strategies. Much thanks to you for your time!