DUTCH TRIG Preventative treatment of American elms against Dutch elm illness

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DUTCH TRIG ® Preventative treatment of American elms against Dutch elm sickness

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Presentation setup: Dutch Elm Disease History and Goals Characteristics How does Dutch Trig ® function The infusion Re hunt and re sults

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The issue: Dutch elm illness Himalayan inception (not Dutch .. ) Fungal contamination, Ophiostoma novo-ulmi Vascular shrink Infection from: Elm bark bugs Root joins

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History Dutch Trig ® 1980: Biological control utilizing microorganisms 1989: Discovery of Verticillium defensive impact 1991: Development of the Tree infusion device 1992: Full enrollment in Europe 1995: Introduction USA 1998: Experimental U se Permit 2005: Fully EPA Registered

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The objective Prevent elms from kicking the bucket Reduce measure of chemicals utilized Treat huge numbers

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Basic prerequisites Biological Control Specialized application instrument

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The antibody Verticillium spores in d i stilled water C ommon soil living being White variation of Verticillium albo-atrum Produced in the Netherlands

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How it works (short form) Inject Dutch Trig Spores develop Tree responds Result: Induced resistance

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Where does the immunization go? Dividing: 4"

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When is Dutch Trig ® viable On sound elms in ranges where DED wins Injected on a yearly premise, on time application What jeopardizes adequacy Root unites with unhealthy trees Injecting sick trees

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Why infuse Use as meager control specialist as could reasonably be expected Closed infusion framework Use Bio-operator straightforwardly on focused tree just Ensure coordinate take-up by tree Minimal injuring Speed of utilization

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When and where to infuse When: At 25% leaf extension (May 1-10 th ) When tree is happening Before scarab disease happens Where: At advantageous bosom stature Every 4 inches perimeter

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How to infuse Check for DED signs (on tree and in the region) Push etch through the bark P ull the trigger once Twist the firearm somewhat sideways

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Dutch Trig Tree injector

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Efficacy think about U. of Wisconsin Controlled Greenhouse Study Using "Ramets" 4 treatment bunches: Water (control) Dutch Trig Dutch elm malady Dutch Trig + Dutch elm illness 17 unique clones 2 strains of DED 10 ramets per aggregate

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100% 75% half DED Trace 25% 0% Tracking DED disease reaction Ramet Cutting X-area

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Overall Results

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Effect is Resistance dependant

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The Hague

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Efficacy in The Netherlands (35.000 elms yearly)

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Dutch Trig's Pathogenicity Ulmus Yankee folklore U. procera U. hollandica U. carpinifolia U. pumila Malus spp. Castanea spp. Prunus serrata Aesculus hippocastanum Viburnum spp. Sorbus aucuparia Magnolia spp. Betula papyrifera Acer saccharum Quercus rubra Crataegus monogyna Acer macrophyllum Cornus nuttallii Prunus lusitanica Rhododendron spp. Fagus spp.

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DED Control with Dutch Trig: + lessen misfortunes (+/ - 1%) + yearly check of elm by arborist + reasonable + natural, non dangerous + quick, sheltered, simple + dynamic +/ - yearly treatment - not viable against root join contaminations not corrective cooled transport

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Dutch Trig ® A sheltered and simple to utilize organic instrument to help with securing urban elm populaces Midwest Distribution: More Info: www.dutchtrig.com