Dust Control and Unpaved Roads

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Dust Control and Unpaved Streets. Open Association Meeting November 28, 2007 Sonoran Trails Center School. Staff Presentation. Administrative Setting and City Reaction New tidy control commands

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Tidy Control and Unpaved Roads Public Involvement Meeting November 28, 2007 Sonoran Trails Middle School

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Staff Presentation Regulatory Context and City Response New clean control orders – 2007 What has changed? Existing city approach components Current Dust Abatement Efforts Traffic numbers Options for modifying the city program Survey Results

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Regulatory Context Regional Air Quality Plans since 1987 Particulates (tidy), Ozone and Carbon Monoxide Requirement = accomplish a specific standard for air quality 1992 & 1997 Regional Plans fizzled 1998 & 2004 fortified measures - fizzled December 31, 2006 EPA conjures first punishment period of the Clean Air Act = Five Percent Plan EPA/State concerned Five Percent Plan will come up short

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Regional Dust Sources

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Scottsdale's Responses Scottsdale and County just ones with unpaved streets Phoenix cleared 72 miles in 2000 to kill need to go along 1999 & 2000 Public Involvement Meetings Overwhelming greater part conclusion = keep the unpaved streets Standard = 20% darkness on unpaved streets Regulatory Threshold = 250 ADT City Policy = spending plan $1.2 M at first and < $1 M every year, utilize tidy palliatives on unpaved streets down to ~ 210 ADT and clear just when totally important (>400 ADT) 2000-2007 Policy executed, just change 2004 administrative limit diminished to 150 ADT, city applies palliatives down to ~ 110 ADT, spending plan = $1.1 M

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2007 Dust Control Mandates SB 1552 State Air Quality Legislation - July 2007 Maricopa County Air Quality Department Rules 310, 310.01 & 316 MAG Five Percent Plan

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What has changed? Fortified existing directions Unpaved streets, shoulders, parking areas, empty parts Construction (private, business, streets) Agriculture Industry Paved street clearing, trackout cleanup, and so on. Included new prerequisites Cities order and uphold tidy control laws Leaf blowers Off-street recreational vehicles, and so on. Included authorization staff Maricopa County Dust Inspectors – From 6 to 81 Plus city auditors

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Existing City Policy Elements Implement Sustainable Practices Protect the Environment & Citizen Health Budget to Comply with Mandates And go past directions where achievable Avoid Fines Continually Refine the Program Seek Citizen Input and Feedback Respond to Major Changes Regulatory Demographic Attitudinal

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Current Dust Abatement Efforts Dust Control Options: Pave Dust Palliatives Recycled Asphalt Paving (RAP) Various Options Applied to: Unpaved Roads more than 150 ADT Unpaved Arterial Shoulders Alleys City-Owned Unpaved Parking and Vacant Lots

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Dust Control Option Choices 3" Asphalt Pavement : 400+ ADT Roads, Un-Curbed Arterial Shoulders Recycled Asphalt Paving (RAP) : in Alleys, on Parking Lots Dust Palliatives : <150 ADT Roads in Rural Neighborhoods, Vacant Lots

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Dustac Soil Sement Dust Palliative Choices

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~ 5 Miles Unpaved Roads Paved Since 1999 ~ 3 Miles Urban Unpaved Roads w/Recycled Asphalt Current Treatment Summary Unpaved Roads Total Inventory = 31 Miles

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16.2 Miles Dust Palliatives 110+ ADT 15.3 Miles < 110 ADT Graded Only Unpaved Roads (~ 25-30 miles of un-stocked unpaved streets)

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~ 33 Miles Unpaved Shoulders w/Paved Bike Lanes 106.8 Miles Unpaved Shoulders w/Dust Palliatives Unpaved Arterial Shoulders

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After 100 % w/RAP Plus Dust Palliatives every year Before Unpaved Alleys Total Inventory = 89.2 miles

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Budgeted Funding $3,000,000 more than 4 years starting 7/99 $1,500,000 Annual Budget Unpaved Roads Unpaved Shoulders on Arterials Alleys, and so on $440,000 included FY2007/2008

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1999 Traffic Counts

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2007 Traffic Counts

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Unpaved Road Dust Control Revision Options Option 1: Make insignificant changes to existing project NOTE: Likely city will bring about fines under this alternative Option 2: Expand existing system to consent to stricter prerequisites Option 3: Apply clean palliatives to each of the 31 miles of city kept up unpaved streets Option 4: Pave any unpaved street that is/gets to be distinctly subject to tidy directions, ~13 miles Option 5: Pave each of the 31 miles of city kept up unpaved streets

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Survey Results (Unscientific Survey) 86 Responses 90% live on an unpaved street 60% incline toward cleared streets 29% possess or ride stallions Option 1: 10% Minimal endeavors to go along Option 2: 16% Expand endeavors to agree completely Option 3: 48% Apply palliatives to 31 miles Option 4: 13% Pave 16 miles of unpaved street Option 5: 12% Pave 31 miles of unpaved street Second Choice: 57% tidy palliatives/43% clear 3 rd/4 th Choices: 90% clear