Driving: A Study on Understudy Transportation to/from NJIT

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Which is the least expensive, most secure, and most effective approach to make it to NJIT? ... Swarmed autos/transports. Need to change prepares or transports. TRACK WORK CAUSE OF DELAYS (i.e. ...

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Driving: A Study on Student Transportation to/from NJIT Jordan Henderson Edward Ng MGMT 216-002 Prof. Sylla Spring 2008

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OBJECTIVE Identify understudy type of transportation Find out understudy fulfillment Cost/Distance Problems/Delays Feeling of Security Difficulty of Commuting Overall Satisfaction

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How did this start? An email was submitted to all understudies majoring in Management Email connected understudies to our site to login and take a study http://web.njit.edu/~jsh7/study/njit-login.php . Effective Login conveys you to overview (Note: login is essential for review to enlist in database) http://web.njit.edu/~jsh7/study/survey_questions.php We got 28 individuals who went to the webpage 22 finished effectively 6 individuals didn't take after login headings accurately

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Train versus Driving is speedier Train is less demanding; offers time to do concentrate Somehow, we have to travel… however HOW??? Which is the least expensive, most secure, and most effective approach to make it to NJIT?

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DRIVING PROBLEMS Accidents on turnpike Construction Cops pull you over Car separates Gas is to a great degree costly Takes away your opportunity to study; driver needs to give careful consideration

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TRANSIT PROBLEMS Power Outages Train Derailment Follows a calendar Missed Train/Canceled Train Crowded autos/transports Need to change prepares or transports TRACK WORK CAUSE OF DELAYS (i.e. Rail tie substitution at present) Need tickets (long lines)/Risk getting a $74 ticket if ticket is not stamped (Newark Light Rail)

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Student Form of Transportation Almost 2/3 of understudy's essential transportation is driving. Just around 1/3 of understudies utilize mass travel. 16 understudies drive 5 understudies utilize open transportation 1 individual "strolls" – maybe they live on/close grounds?

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TRAVELING TO CAMPUS Directions & Distances About 4/10 of understudies go from the North Approx. 3/10 go from the South 2 individuals "Live On Campus" Most understudies live inside a 20 Mile span of NJIT Some understudies make a trip exceptionally far to come to grounds.

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SYSTEMS USED & Cost of voyaging shifts extraordinarily. Cost can be as meager as $0 to $10 to as much as over $200 every month. Half the understudies utilize NJ Transit as their principle arrangement of driving. The PATH comes in second. One understudy utilizes NY Subway generally every now and again!

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LENGTH OF COMMUTE (in minutes) Most understudies live generally near grounds, with a normal 10 to 30 minutes drive.

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PROBLEMS – Delays Frequency of Delays is Normally Distributed. Understudies "Here and there" have delays, not regularly and not seldom.

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TRAVELING TIME & RELIABILITY About portion of the understudies are extremely fulfilled. One and only understudy is extremely disappointed. Pleasant chart showing most understudies are happy with the dependability of their transportation.

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FEELING Of SECURITY in general, most understudies are happy with security. A couple of understudies are extremely disappointed.

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Trains & Stations Most understudies are happy with the areas of stations. An impeccable upward incline… most are exceptionally happy with the quantity of seats accessible (could be on the grounds that most are drivers)

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PARKING Most are happy with cost of stopping. Extremely disappointed comes in second. Most understudies are happy with stopping, however there is countless also. Just a couple of exceptionally fulfilled.

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