Draft NOAA Catch Share Policy Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee February 23, 2010

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What is a Catch Share?. Catch offer is a bland term used to portray fishery administration programs that apportion a particular bit of the aggregate permissible fishery catch to people, cooperatives, groups, or different elements. Incorporates particular projects characterized in Magnuson-Stevens Act, for example, Limited Access Privilege (LAP) projects and Individual Fishing Quotas (IFQs), and other selective allo

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Draft NOAA Catch Share Policy Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee February 23, 2010

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What is a Catch Share? Get share is a non specific term used to depict fishery administration programs that allot a particular bit of the aggregate admissible fishery catch to people, cooperatives, groups, or different elements. Incorporates particular projects characterized in Magnuson-Stevens Act, for example, Limited Access Privilege (LAP) projects and Individual Fishing Quotas (IFQs), and other selective allocative measures. The beneficiary of a catch share is specifically responsible to quit angling when their particular share allotment is come to.

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Why Catch Shares? Trouble controlling catch to a general point of confinement – overfishing A race to get however much fish as quick as could reasonably be expected prompting to overcapitalization – excessively numerous pontoons, excessively few fish, bring down benefits, poor item quality No impetus to decrease bycatch Seasonal overabundances of fish in business sectors Fishermen go out in dangerous conditions US fisheries are not at present creating their full monetary esteem and work Requests for financial help are expanding Current Fisheries Management Challenges…

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Outcomes of Catch Shares Both U.S. & worldwide Catch Shares encounter indicates they… Help accomplish preservation targets, for example, finishing overfishing Reduce overcapacity in the gathering division Improve the general monetary execution of the fishery Improve item quality (e.g., crisp versus solidified) Improve security adrift Increase members' duty regarding observing and administration Move far from order and-control administration toward methodologies where members assume a more noteworthy administration part

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Catch Shares in Context Ecosystem-based science & mgt., stressing straightforwardness & open support National sea approach Healthy strong biological systems Sustainable fisheries - a basic segment Catch Shares a capable device to oversee fisheries to practical levels & enhance their monetary execution

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14 Current Programs Catch Share Programs 3 Programs in Development Surf Clam/Ocean Quahog Wreckfish Halibut & Sablefish Western Alaska CDQ Bering Sea AFA Pollock Cooperatives Pacific Sablefish Permit Stacking Georges Bank Cod Hook Gear Sector Georges Bank Cod Fixed Gear Sector Bering Sea King & Tanner Crab Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper IFQ Central Gulf of Alaska Rockfish Pilot Bering Sea Groundfish (Non-Pollock) Cooperatives Mid-Atlantic Golden Tilefish IFQ Gulf of Mexico Grouper & Tilefish IFQ Scallop General Category IFQ Northeast Multispecies Sectors West Coast Trawl Groundfish TIQ

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Current Catch Share Programs North Pacific: Halibut & Sablefish (1995) Western Alaska CDQ (1992) Bering Sea AFA Pollock Cooperative (1999) Groundfish (non-Pollock) Cooperatives (2008) Bering Sea King & Tanner Crab (2005) Central Gulf of Alaska Rockfish Pilot (2007) Highly Migratory Species: None as of now New England: Georges Bank Cod – Hook Gear (2004) Georges Bank Cod – Fixed Gear (2007) Pacific: Pacific Sablefish Permit Stacking (2001) Mid-Atlantic: Surf Clam & Ocean Quahog (1990) Golden Tilefish (2009) South Atlantic: Wreckfish (1991) Caribbean: None as of now Western Pacific None as of now Gulf of Mexico: Red Snapper (2007) Red Grouper (2010)

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Examples of U.S. Get Shares http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/catchshares

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June 22, 2009 – NOAA Under Secretary Lubchenco declared the arrangement of the Catch Shares Task Force 18 Participants : -10 NOAA members -8 Regional Council members (recreational & business divisions) Held four Task Force Conference calls in addition to electronic work by means of intranet

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Process for Draft Policy NOAA introductions to every single Regional Council Input on a draft get share strategy looked for Stakeholder briefings by NOAA Commercial Groups Recreational Groups Environmental Groups NOAA get offers site ( www.nmfs.noaa.gov/catchshares ) NOAA drafted approach for discharge December 10, 2009 Draft strategy open for open remark until April 10, 2010

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Experiences Considered, Lessons Learned… Community supportability & cooperation Performance measurements, observing, adjustment Transferability Council support and asset constraints Criteria for surveying get share appropriateness Fair & impartial treatment for recreational and business segments Cost recuperation and asset lease Stakeholder information/engagement Impacts on little elements, captains, team

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Catch Share Questions… "Loss of little pontoon armadas and groups?" Use accessible outline components to guarantee maintained interest of little watercraft, proprietor administrator armadas and safeguarding of angling groups through qualification, investment, designation and transferability decisions "Government giveaway of open assets?" All restricted get to programs recoup costs (up to 3% ex vessel esteem); M-S Act gives Council expert to choose approach on gathering asset lease "Unreasonably treats recreational area?" No segment ordered to receive get offers; shares just circulate Council allotment choices inside a segment; incorporate assignment audit in FMP; set asides, transferability can change beginning distributions

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Draft Catch Share Policy To accomplish long haul environmental and financial maintainability of the Nation's fishery assets and angling groups: NOAA energizes the thought and selection of catch shares wherever proper in fishery administration and biological community arrangements and corrections, and will bolster the plan, execution, and checking of catch share programs.

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Objectives of the Policy Reduce any managerial or authoritative obstacles to the thought of catch shares; Inform and teach partners of the diverse choices and capabilities of catch share projects; and 3. Assist sort out collective endeavors with intrigued Councils, states, groups, anglers and different partners on the outline and usage of catch shares to meet their particular needs. - This is an abnormal state arrangement direction; not a rulemaking - Catch shares are NOT ordered/no particular numerical targets - Encourage wide thought of catch shares; give NOAA bolster

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Desired Program Features Specific Management Goals - All fishery administration programs, including get shares, ought to distinguish particular objectives for administration - Councils ought to create express administration objectives to such an extent that an extraordinarily custom fitted catch share program can be composed (e.g., dispense with overfishing, race-to-fish or derby angling conduct; bycatch lessening; enhance financial conditions for fishery members as well as groups, and so on)

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Desired Program Features Transferability: NOAA suggests Councils altogether survey the net advantages of permitting transferability of catch shares. - The decision of whether, when and to whom to permit exchanges (by deal or rent) of catch shares is a standout amongst the most noteworthy Council plan choices to be assessed. - NOAA is focused on giving specialized guidance and support to the Councils and influenced partners in assessing the transferability alternative .

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Desired Program Features Review Process: NOAA prescribes that Councils occasionally survey all catch share and non-discover share programs, including guaranteeing the particular objectives picked are quantifiable and followed to gage whether a program is in actuality meeting its objectives and destinations . - Performance measurements may incorporate fishery stock status, impacts on angling groups, flow of support and passage into the fishery, costs, monetary execution.

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Desired Program Features Distinctions Among Sectors: The approach does not require any fishery or part (e.g., business or recreational) to receive get offers. - Under MSA, Councils ought to consider the fittingness of catch share programs and choose which, assuming any, parts may profit by their utilization. The MSA does not require get shares to be received in a specific segment. - Councils and NOAA ought to assess the impacts of catch imparts on all parts related to a fishery.

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Desired Program Features Fishing Community Sustainability: NOAA urges Councils to exploit the exceptional group arrangements in the MSA to help guarantee supportability of angling groups, including the safeguarding of working fishery waterfronts and fishery framework. - MSA area 303A gives exceptional group supportability plan choices for LAPs. - NOAA will work cooperatively to build up projects to help groups outline and put resources into catch share fishery administration alternatives.

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Desired Program Features Resource lease: NOAA will help Councils if and when they confirm that it is in general society enthusiasm to gather eminences regarding the underlying or any consequent designations of restrictive reap benefits. - MSA segment 303A(d) obliges Councils to consider accumulation of sovereignty installments; receipts are stored in an uncommon reserve to be used just in the fisheries from which they came.

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NOAA Program Support NOAA will give authority, specialized exhortation and support for the thought & utilization of catch share programs. This incorporates cooperation with its numerous government, state and voting demographic accomplices to bolster get share programs in the accompanying four classifications:

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NOAA Program Support 1 . NOAA will decrease specialized and authoritative obstacles to outlining get share programs. For instance: -Assist Councils in assessing get share relevance -Resolve exceptional statutory inquiries on LAPs -Promote a typical catch share foundation -Identify requirement "best practices" -Create a model catch share program configuration handle

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NOAA Program Support 2. NOAA will give ability and sup