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(AACSB) The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. ... US News and World Report. Business Week. Divider Street Journal. Asia News. Offices use ...

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Applying to Business School Dr. Greta E. Couper email: gcouper@pepperdine.edu 310-506-4074 Seaver College Career Center Pepperdine University October 2009

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Overview of the Choice What is a MBA? Why Obtain a MBA? Timing: Now or Later? Cost and Loans Rankings and Accreditation Program Types Application Process Top FAQs Long Term Benefits

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What is a MBA? The Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree is universally perceived as an international ID to a fruitful administration vocation. The MBA is basically a generalist capability intended to enlarge the skylines of business professionals.  It considers all the real capacities and practices of a business, including: Production, Scheduling, and Marketing Finance                                 Economics and Business Law Accounting and Quantitative Methods Management Information Systems Organizational Development, Human Resources and Staff Management As well as being a postgraduate degree, the MBA is additionally emphatically encounter related, where understudies for the most part have at least three year's postgraduate work encounter.

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Why Obtain a MBA? In a poll of individuals from the Association of MBAs, with 1,300 respondents, in which they were inquired as to why they took a MBA, the accompanying reasons were given (recorded all together of need) *: To get a business qualification 82% To enhance work opportunities 79% For Intellectual incitement 70% To increment salary 67% To get general skills 64% To change profession direction 61% To build fearlessness 52% * From: http://mbaguide.mbaworld.com/content/whatmbaben/index.html

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Accreditation Regional: Such as WASC (Western Assoc. of Schools & Colleges) (AACSB) The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Speaks to the most noteworthy standard of accomplishment for business colleges around the world. (Concentrate on research). (ACBSP) Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs, accreditation concentrate on educating magnificence. See: http://www.allbusinessschools.com/faqs/accreditation.php WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Degree Visibility International Reputation Reviewed programs Company Reimbursement and Govt. Money related Aid

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Business School Reviews The Financial Times Princeton Review US News and World Report Business Week Wall Street Journal Asia News Agencies utilize distinctive criteria Alumni Surveys Teaching quality Career administrations Faculty individuals' scholastic productions in 20 diaries (Wharton and Harvard did not permit graduated class overviews)

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MBA Program Types Domestic or International Full Time Day Program Evening MBA; Morning MBA; Other Location Accelerated MBA; 5 Year Combo Fully Employed MBA Distance Learning Online MBA or Combo Executive MBA Special Combinations (JD, PP, Dispute Resolution, Technology, Environment, and so on)

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Key Factors to Selecting a Program When would you be able to go to classes? Where would you like to go to class? How quick would you like to get your MBA? What amount of work experience do you have? How imperative is cost? How would you appreciate learning – autonomous or bunches? Claim to fame applications; accentuation on businesses

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GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test Electronic Standardized Assessment Analytical Writing (2 expositions, 60 minutes) Quantitative Reasoning; (37 numerous decision Qs; 75 minutes) Verbal Reasoning (41 various decision Qs, 75 minutes) Take just once every month; 5 times each year (Cost $225) The MBA program acknowledges the most elevated score (500+) Resources www.mba.com Kaplan

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Personal Statement A letter or paper that condenses why they ought to choose you, utilize addresses beneath: Why have I went to master's level college in this particular field Why did I apply to this specific school's program? What are my capabilities for confirmation? How am I not quite the same as others? (Dialects, living abroad, work encounter, and so on) TOP 10 GRADUATE SCHOOL ESSAY WRITING TIPS* 1. Try not to Write a Term Paper. 2. Try not to Bore the Reader. Do Be Interesting. 3. Do Use Personal Detail. Show, Don't Tell! 4. Do Be Concise. Try not to Be Wordy. 5. Do Address Your Weaknesses. Try not to Dwell on Them. 6. Do Vary Your Sentences and Use Transitions. 7. Do Use Active Voice Verbs 8. Do Seek Multiple Opinions. 9. Try not to Wander. Do Stay Focused. 10. Do Revise, Revise, Revise. Approach companions and partners to audit for substance and style. *See sites tests: http://education.yahoo.com/school/

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Application Deadlines Most MBA schools have rounds for application times. The monetary guide due dates can be not quite the same as application due dates. Third round due dates are not really the last due dates. A few schools have a fourth round and some others acknowledge applications after the due dates on a space accessible premise. Test: School Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 subsequent Berkeley November 5 December 11 January 31 March 12, 2008

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The MBA Interview MBA Admissions Interview Tips Be yourself; permit your identity to sparkle. React to questions sincerely and authentically. Comprehend what is asked of you. Don't hesitate to request a rehash in the event that you don't unmistakably comprehend a question. Get your work done on the school and program. Be on time. Look nice.  Examine yourself. Think about the MBA and how it can help you. Test MBA Interview Questions* Discuss your profession movement. Give cases of how you have shown administration inside and outside the workplace. Why the MBA?  Why now? Portray a moral situation confronted at work? Portray your profession goals? What are your long-and fleeting goals?  Why? * http://www.accepted.com/mba/questions.aspx

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Now What? Meet with a Career Counselor Use Career Center Library and Sources http://seaver.pepperdine.edu/careercenter Select three schools to focus on

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Application Process: General Requirements Research Schools and Check Deadlines Apply online at MBA school site Minimum GPA for affirmation (2.5 ?) Take GMAT (500+ , 700+ at top schools) Write the Statement of Purpose and Other Required Letters Write your Resume Submit non-refundable expense ($100 ?) Submit one arrangement of unique transcripts Obtain Letters of Reference (2 ?) (International Students apply to International Admissions) Format application into Power Point slides (discretionary ?) Apply Early TIPS (especially worldwide understudies) Create your document – regardless of the possibility that you have not yet taken the GMAT Exam Inform the Admissions Office of your planned GMAT Date

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More Books that Can Assist

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"A voyage of a 1000 miles must start with a solitary stride." Lao Tzu "Would you let me know, it would be ideal if you which way I should go from here?" "That depends a decent arrangement on where you need to get to," said the Cat. "I don't much care where..." said Alice. "Then it doesn't much make a difference which way you go," said the Cat. - Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland