Donegal Region Boards 'Experience of Building up a Neediness Profile'

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Celtic Tiger. Increment in expectations for everyday comforts. Extent of the populace in reliable ... Drafts introduced to Internal Cross Directorate Working Group, who ...

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Donegal County Councils 'Experience of Developing a Poverty Profile' 15 th/16 th May 2006 By Ms Valerie Bryce Community Development Worker Community Culture and Enterprise

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Outline of Presentation Background What is a Local Anti Poverty Profile? The Process to Building up a Poverty Profile in County Donegal Steps required in doing a Poverty Profile Poverty in County Donegal Difficulties and Challenges Uses and Applications

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1. Background

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What is Poverty? " People are living in destitution, if their wage and assets (material, social and social) are so lacking as to block them from having a way of life, which is viewed as worthy by Irish Society for the most part. As an aftereffect of lacking pay and assets individuals might be prohibited and underestimated from taking an interest in exercises, which are viewed as the standard for other individuals in the public eye'

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2. What is a Local Anti Poverty Profile?

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2. What is a Local Anti Poverty Profile? A Local Poverty Profile includes efficiently distinguishing get-together and mapping data on social and financial need in your general vicinity, it ought to unmistakably recognize the zones and groups that experience the most elevated amounts of impediment and the way of that weakness.

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3. The Process

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The Process Cross Directorate Internal Working Group built up in Donegal County Council CPA Consultant allocated to work with DCC on the improvement of all phases of the Local Anti Poverty Strategy including the advancement of the Local Poverty Profile Research embraced by Research and Policy Unit in Donegal County Council - yet under taken by Social Inclusion Units in both West Meath and Cork County Councils

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The Process Learning as a matter of fact of other neighborhood powers that had arranged neediness profiles Indicators recognized by CPA - National Poverty Indicators Internal Cross Directorate Working Group Research and Policy Unit Data Gathered and Analyzed by Research and Policy Drafts introduced to Internal Cross Directorate Working Group, who made the last close down Copies of conclusive draft sent to SIM and CDB for Information Purposes

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4. Steps in Developing a Local Poverty Profile

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3. Steps in building up a Local Poverty Profile Selection of Themes Selection of Indicators Data Identification & Collection Basic Data Analysis Mapping (utilizing GIS) Presentation & Review

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I. Choice of Themes Poverty and individuals Welfare Dependency and Employment Housing Health and Poverty Educational Disadvantage Quality of Life Physical Environment Infrastructure and Accessibility Local Specific Aspects

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II. Determination of Indicators Source Indicators distinguished under the 7 subjects of NAPs Indicators and information identifying with destitution and social avoidance gathered from national and global distributions like the CSO, DSCFA, International Labor Office and so on. Pointers held by the diverse Local Authority Directorates on lodging, streets, social administrations and so on

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III. Distinguishing and Gathering Data Finding the most proper information is one of the key errands in working up a Local Poverty Profile this was done: Though Desk Research by the Research and Policy Unit under the bearing of the Strategic Policy Manager to recognize important neighborhood, national and global distributions and datasets In the Internal Cross Directorate Working Group to recognize fitting pointers Through Consultations with every Directorate of Donegal County Council to distinguish information or datasets held inside every directorate of the board

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IV Data Analysis Headline markers were exhibited to Determine the degree of destitution inside County Donegal over various topical zones Allow for relative neediness examinations between the Headline Poverty Indicators in County Donegal and State Determine the degree of hardship over the 149 diverse Electoral Divisions (149) inside County Donegal (I.e. by mapping the Trutz Haase Deprivation Index) Examine destitution over a period arrangement ie 1991 – 1996 and 1996 – 2002 with an end goal to figure out whether the circumstance is falling apart of enhancing

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5. Poverty in County Donegal

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I. A comparion of hardship scores between the State, Border, County and SubCounty Level

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A Comparsion of Relative Affluence/Deprivation Scores 2002 Source: GAMMA, 2002

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I. Deprivation Scores at sub region level

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Note: Relative hardship in County Donegal in 2002 was –9.6 while in the State it was +2.2

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II. A comparsion of feature markers between County Donegal and the State

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III. A comparsion of neediness levels crosswise over provinces in Ireland

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IV. Bring down Social Classes in County Donegal versus the State 1986, 1991,1996, 2002

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The rate of the populace falling into Social Class 5 (Semi Skilled ) & Social Class 6 (Unskilled) Source: CSO, 2002

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6. Difficulties and Challenges

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Lack of a devoted Social Inclusion Unit in County Donegal Unlike Cork and Westmeath Local Authorities Donegal was catching information surprisingly and not expanding on the work effectively done Difficulties in Dis-conglomeration of Statistical Information to County Level In a few cases the main accessible information is at national or provincial level for instance Health Board Data Timeliness of Data There was a dependence on the 1996 or 2002 information, which was just going ahead stream when the profile was being created 6. Difficulties and Challenges

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Lack of data in a few regions on particular conditions of target gatherings Early school leavers Literacy Levels Inability to achieve particular pointers the quantity of more seasoned individuals without access to a phone The quantity of solitary guardians or more established individuals who depend entirely on state benefits for their salary No Primary Research It was not inside the extent of the neediness profiles to embrace extra essential research to assemble data. In this way, the destitution profiles are construct soely in light of optional sources and from existing factual assets of offices as of now working inside the field 6. Difficulties and Challenges

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7. Uses and Applications

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Uses of a Profile Identify key need or center regions for the Development of the Local Anti Poverty Strategy Raising Awareness on Poverty Issues crosswise over Local Authority Directorates Local Authority Service Planning - By distinguishing target bunches where a coordinated administration approach is required towards handling neediness and social prohibition

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Uses of a Profile Economic Taskforces - by recognizing crevices in financial foundation and highlighting the necessities for speculations to fill those holes External Dissemination – to guarantee that fitting national, provincial, neighborhood subsidizing and assets can be focused to ranges of most prominent need By Area Partnerships in administration arranging ie DLDC, IRDL, MFG

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Uses of a Profile By Letterkenny Institute & different organizations to create and devise instructive activities to address holes in administration conveyance Establishing a gauge against which the advance made in lightening neediness in the district & can be observed on a continuous premise Used by SIM to recognize an objective gathering activity arrange

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Outline of Presentation What is a Local Anti Poverty Profile? Steps included The Process to Building up a Poverty Profile Poverty in County Donegal Difficulties and Challenges Uses and Applications