Dollar and ense: Public Engagement in the Budget Design

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Presentation Outline. IntroductionDistrict ProfileFinancial ProfileNeed for a New ProcessBudget Development ProcessOverview of the ProcessPublic EngagementQuestions and Sharing. Locale Profile. Enrollment33,000 StudentsNumber of Schools32 Elementary Schools9 Middle Schools6 High Schools.

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Dollar$ and $ense: Public Engagement in the Budget Design Duncan F. Klussmann Ed.D – Superintendent of Schools Donnie Wright – Associate Superintendent of Finance Spring Branch Independent School District Email:

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Presentation Outline Introduction District Profile Financial Profile Need for a New Process Budget Development Process Overview of the Process Public Engagement Questions and Sharing

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District Profile Enrollment 33,000 Students Number of Schools 32 Elementary Schools 9 Middle Schools 6 High Schools

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District Profile

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District Profile

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Financial Profile (Five-Year Analysis)* Total Original General Fund Budget * Excludes Chapter 41 Robin Hood installment

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Financial Profile (Five-Year Analysis)* Peak Enrollment * Excludes Chapter 41 Robin Hood installment

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Financial Profile (Five-Year Analysis)* Cost Per Student * Excludes Chapter 41 Robin Hood installment

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Case for a New Process Increasing Educational Demands State Accountability No Child Left Behind Diminishing Revenue Robin Hood Status Current Belief Structure

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Overview of the Process Internal Budget Development – September/December Budget Study Groups – October/December Budget Project Team – January/March Budget Advisory Committee – April Public Hearing – April Public Hearing/Board Approval – May

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Public Engagement Budget Study Groups Public Information Media Meetings and Access District Website Budget Advisory Committee Public Hearings

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Budget Study Groups Timeframe – October/December Composition – Community and Staff Charge – Explore Efficiencies Identify Potential Future Savings Areas of Efficiency Studies Maintenance/Custodial/Transportation Warehousing Staff Development Technology Student Activities Outside of Required Curriculum Safety and Security

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Public Information Media Meetings District Website

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Budget Advisory Committee Timeframe – April Composition – 7 Board Members/7 Patrons Review the Draft Preliminary Budget Recommendations to the Superintendent

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Questions and Sharing