Dispersion of examination by and by in Substance Abuse Treatment: A learning selection investigation of sexual orientat

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Dispersion of exploration by and by in Substance Misuse Treatment: An information reception investigation of sex touchy treatment. Deborah Floor coverings, Ph.D. Holly Slopes, Ph.D. Roger Dwindles, Ph.D. College of South Florida Louis de la Parte Florida Psychological wellness Organization

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Dissemination of research by and by in Substance Abuse Treatment: A learning appropriation investigation of sexual orientation touchy treatment Deborah Rugs, Ph.D. Holly Hills, Ph.D. Roger Peters, Ph.D. College of South Florida Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute Department of Mental Health Law and Policy

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This CSAT/SAMHSA financed extend tries to "overcome any issues" between analysts, treatment suppliers, criminal equity experts, strategy producers, and purchasers to enhance benefit conveyance to people with substance utilize disarranges included the criminal equity framework. Financed Collaborative Partners include: FMHI/USF, DACCO, Inc., ACTS, Inc., Operation PAR, Inc., FADAA, and the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Tampa PIC

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Stakeholders Treatment Providers Researchers Policymakers Consumers Liaison Groups Education/Training Community Support Services Self-Help, Faith Community Project Partners

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Recruit partners Establish formal association Conduct needs appraisal Develop privately characterized rehearse/look into motivation Develop partner embraced usage arrange Phase I: PIC Development

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Infrastructure Support Network Enhancement Implement Knowledge Adoption Studies Phase II: PIC Implementation

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KA Study foci recognized through Community Needs Assessment Gender-Sensitive Treatment (GST) Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment (CDT) KA Study Goal: Test the adequacy of actualizing confirmation based clinical convention distinguished in Pilot Study, through utilization of an Opinion Leader organize Knowledge Adoption (KA) Study Approach

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Dissemination Method: Use of Opinion Leaders Opinion Leaders are distinguished by companion guides as regarded for their insight in a specific point zone Opinion Leaders are prepared in the utilization of a proof based treatment educational programs Opinion Leaders then prepare their companion advisors and manage the use of the educational programs Changes in instructor practices and states of mind are measured to decide the viability of the Opinion Leader display

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1. Establishments preparing – 4 hours for Opinion Leaders and program instructors 2. Conclusion Leader preparing – 1.5 days 3. Treatment guide preparing directed by Opinion Leaders How to execute treatment convention For GST, up to four 2-hour sessions to cover each of the 25 points 4. Aggregate/Individual supervision – once every week Conducted by Opinion Leaders for treatment instructors 5. Progressing supervision gave to Opinion Leaders Conducted by Site Coordinators/Project staff GST: Brown Bag Luncheons Training & Consultation Activities: GST

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Study Design: GST Experimental Group Tampa N=42 Comparison Group Orlando N=55 Opinion Leaders N=9 Counselors N=33 Counselors N=55 Trained Counselors N=30

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Seeking Safety (Najavits, 2001) Concurrent Treatment of PTSD and Cocaine Dependence (Brady et al., 2001) Substance Dependence PTSD Therapy (Triffleman et al., 1999) Triad Women's Project (C. Clark, PI) Trauma Recovery and Empowerment (TREM) (Harris, 1998) Model Interventions

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Structured mediations in manual organization Organized around 25 injury related themes Integrates injury & substance mishandle For more data: Seeking Safety: A Treatment Manual for PTSD and Substance Abuse (Guilford Press, 2002) www.seekingsafety.org Seeking Safety (Najavits, 2002)

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Where might you go for data about treating a female customer with a background marked by injury and substance manhandle? How Helpful? (1) Not at all to (10) Extremely

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Where might you go for data about treating a female customer with a background marked by injury and substance manhandle issues? How Often? (1) Never (2) Monthly (3) Weekly (4) Daily

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Number of Clients in Seeking Safety Groups (405 Total Groups) Average = 7.25 Clients for every Group

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Opinion Leaders' Impressions of How Well the Modules Were Received?

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GST Counselor (N=38) Feedback on OL Process at Post

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Counselor (N=38) Difficulties with Implementing the Seeking Safety Groups

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GST: Did Change Occur?

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Tampa versus Orlando at post .001 signif GST: What Parts of the Manual will you be Using?

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Staff Attrition from Post Implementation to Follow Up