Dispersion of development

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Dispersion of development Mary Lynn Manns , PhD manns@unca.edu

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In this introduction… Prochaska Stages of Change Health Belief Model *Rogers Diffusion of Innovation *Lessons to be scholarly

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Prochaska Stages of Change A winding model… Precontemplation Contemplation Preparation Action Maintenance

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Doppelt's Model of Change Disinterest Deliberation Design Doing Defending

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Health Belief Model People will make a wellbeing related move if that individual… feels the contrary wellbeing condition can be stayed away from has a constructive desire that the suggested activity evades the antagonistic wellbeing condition trusts he can effectively make the prescribed wellbeing move

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True or False… . In the event that I have a smart thought that includes esteem, it will be anything but difficult to persuade others to acknowledge it.

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Diffusion of Innovation E.M. Rogers Knowledge Persuasion Decision Implementation Confirmation

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Two things to recollect… #1 Change is not an occasion; it is a procedure learning – influence – choice – execution – affirmation ( E.M.Rogers ) #2 Change is roused by: a strain between current state and fancied express a faith in the capacity to change

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People don't travel through the change procedure at a similar rate Do you know these individuals? New stuff is cool! Pioneers Interesting thought, yet I need to hear more. Early Adopters What do other individuals think? Early Majority If I need to… Late Majority We've generally done it along these lines… Laggards

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More about the development choice process… learning – influence – choice – execution – affirmation The mental action at… … information is intellectual (knowing) … influence is full of (feeling)

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Knowledge: exhibit the important realities Goal : Audience will trust you and be convinced Stress a straightforward, solid message Make it applicable to that individual or association Capture consideration Show believability Show a relative favorable position Concentrate on the conceivable outcomes Keep it unmistakable and visit Make it huge Include the following strides People will overlook what you stated, overlook what you did, yet not overlook how you affected them. (Maya Angelou)

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Persuasion: change data without hesitation Goal : Audience will frame the proposed perspective and follow up on it Ask yourself: What will bring about my group of onlookers to feel something? Set the stage - connections Match issue to individual concerns Tell important stories Use pictures Do nourishment Appeal to a feeling of earnestness Stir up some outrage Make it fun Build an emotionally supportive network Show that you are sincerely appended Show that you comprehend the dread and the difficulties and their misfortune Create a feeling of proprietorship for the issue and the arrangement Ask for help Be thankful

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Two things to recollect… #1 Change is not an occasion; it is a procedure learning – influence – choice – execution – affirmation ( E.M.Rogers ) #2 Change is inspired by: a strain between current state and wanted express a confidence in the capacity to change

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Preventive Innovation… . Certainties Fear Force "I'll spare you" Versus A feeling of trust with going with support

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Summary… . Change is not an occasion; it is a procedure It is helpful to see how diverse sorts of individuals travel through this procedure (Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, Laggards) Techniques for learning are not quite the same as those for influence You should: (1) make a strain between the present state and the craved state, and (2) a confidence in the capacity to change Hope and bolster work superior to anything truths, dread, compel, and "sparing"