Directing Market Research Teresa Anthony Level II PIP September 9, 2004

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Directing Market Research Teresa Anthony Level II PIP September 9, 2004

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Presentation Overview Introduction What is Market Research? Components of Market Research (FAR Part 10.001) Recommendations Conclusion Helpful Websites Q&A

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What is Market Research? Gathering & dissecting data about the market's capacities to fulfill organization needs. (FAR 2.101) Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994 recommends statistical surveying as a basic segment in portraying the organization needs, building up a general securing methodology, & recognizing the terms, conditions, & hones suitable for the things being procured.

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Market Research cont'd FAR Part 10.001 requires: Before growing new prerequisites archives. Before requesting offers over the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT) ($100k) & Before requesting offers beneath the SAT when satisfactory data is not accessible. FAR Part 10 helps Option Exercises & Sole Source Contract Action

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Purpose of Market Research Determine whether a business source exists to meet the necessity. Survey whether at least two little, 8(a), or Hubzone private ventures can meet the necessity Ascertain whether the thing needs some minor alterations. Figure out whether the prerequisite can/ought to be changed Identify business hones (e.g, guarantees & licenses, purchaser financing, support programs, terms & conditions, and business rebates). Can get best value/best esteem for the administration. (Alternatives) Identify effective procurement systems

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Why Perform Market Research? Expected to bolster powerful obtaining arranging. It is performed on the grounds that it is a FAR necessity and is ordered by The Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994 (FASA) and it's savvy. Gives assistance to characterize prerequisites Provides a database to bolster industry capacities, item accessibility, focused market strengths, and option sources.

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Why Should Industry Help Government Do Market Research Helps Government maintain a strategic distance from mix-ups Helps industry comprehend Government prerequisites better Allows correspondence with Government before formal securing rules apply (promoting opportunity)

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Failure to Perform Market Research Can bring about : Sub-ideal depictions of necessities Protests of sole source or restricted rivalry acquisitions. GAO could arrange re-rivalry and installment of offer and proposition costs. Contract organization issues The administration could pass up a great opportunity for the most up to date & best innovation or administrations.

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How much statistical surveying is sufficient? The degree of statistical surveying will shift, contingent upon such variables as unpredictability, earnestness, assessed dollar esteem, & past experience. As a rule, do however much statistical surveying as could be expected (till you comprehend the commercial center well) since it spares time over the long haul

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Who plays out the statistical surveying? Joint specialized & obtainment coordinated effort Small business master & asset examiner likewise give some criticism.

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Techniques for fulfilling statistical surveying Contact proficient individuals inside Government and industry. Audit late statistical surveying for comparative things. Distribute formal solicitations for data (RFI). Question Government and business databases. Acquire source records for comparable things from different associations. Business lists and other item writing. Lead exchange gatherings or presolicitation meetings with potential merchants. Web

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Results If one business thing or source is discovered, obtainment continues as per FAR Part 12 – Acquisition of Commercial Items If business thing is not discovered, necessity ought to be audited to check whether it can be restated to allow business thing. On the off chance that FAR Part 12 is not utilized, the rundown ought to incorporate the numbered note of FAR 5.207 (f) (4) that the Government won't utilize Part 12.

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Documentation – FAR 10.002(e) Agencies ought to archive the consequences of the exploration in a way suitable to the size and intricacy of the securing. The documentation ought to compress the exercises taken by the dependable gatherings. No specific configuration required – Matter of judgment in light of criticalness, multifaceted nature, $ esteem, existing information and intelligent association. A statistical surveying report format can be found in the Virtual Procurement Office (VPO). (discretionary)

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Topics in Market Research Documentation Summary of securing foundation Identification of statistical surveying group Description of office's needs Desired or required calendar for the conveyance of the end things. Clarification of the rundown of potential providers Summary of industry sources Customary business terms, arrangements, and conditions Price ranges & evaluating structure/terms The Market Research (counting outline of accessible business or nondevelopmental things.)

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Recommendations Start early Involve clients Communicate Market research is progressing Tailor the examination/investigate Refine as you continue Document, archive, report! Additional preparation for acquirement/non-acquisition

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Helpful Web Sites compilation of business terms & conditions, highlighting information from some of America's biggest organizations. - Consolidated Contracting Initiative (CCI) - Producer Price Index from the Bureau of Labor Statistics - Federal Procurement Data Center – GSA

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Helpful Sites – Industrial Suppliers Company Guide – Search motor for sources (Aircraft, Chemicals, Computers & Electronics, Office Equipment, and so on.) – STAT-USA/Internet is a Government openings which supplanted the Commerce Business Daily – National Association of Purchasing Management

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Conclusion Performing statistical surveying is a coherent procedure that, if arranged, can give the data you have to create prerequisites & find sources & data on option business items, administrations, & rehearses. Leading statistical surveying in advance may require some investment and exertion we may at first feel excessively caught up with, making it impossible to spend; in any case, the advantages not far off as far as a smoother, quicker purchase with less execution issues makes it more than advantageous.

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