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Directing Case Interviews Boston College August 22, 2007

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Case Interview Overview

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Types of Case Interviews Market Sizing Determine how enormous a specific issue is, or what number of X items are utilized what number golf balls are made in the US every year? What number of jars of paint are expected to paint the Delta armada? Brainteasers Use riddles or inquiries that test a hopeful's capacity to think inventively Why are sewer vent covers round? Why do designs change each year or two? General Business Analyze business issues that copy true circumstances To which site would it be advisable for us to migrate? Why are our benefits falling in Division ABC? Deloitte Mostly Conducts General Business Cases

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What are Business Case Interviews? Certifiable circumstances, once in a while taken from genuine customer engagements Topics secured for the situation are generally intelligent of the kind of work the applicant would do Interviewer furnishes the hopeful with an arrangement of certainties about an issue – regularly business or innovation related Interviewer evaluate the applicant's capacity to incorporate a wide range of situational components into a firm comprehension of the current issue Candidates draw upon their expository capacities, business encounter, and deductive thinking to "illuminate" the case

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Business Case Interview Examples Interviewing for "Business Technology Analyst" Position A significant medical coverage organization has quite recently purchased out a somewhat littler contender. What are a few contemplations that the organizations may have in blending the charging frameworks, and what are a few procedures that you may use to battle the most vital of these issues? Meeting for "Business Analyst" Position A noteworthy North American medication/comfort store has been losing piece of the overall industry for a long time. They have approached us to decide the reason for this pattern and to prescribe answers for recapture piece of the overall industry. Meeting for "Human Capital Analyst" Position A little assembling organization has quite recently reported its merger with a contender of equivalent size. The two organizations have distinctive advantages and remuneration bundles for representatives at a similar level. They have requested suggestions about how to combine the bundles effectively and cost-viably while bringing on insignificant disarray and disturbance for the representatives.

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Benefits of Case Interviews Benefits to the applicant Provides the competitor with an example of the sorts of business issues that we explain Provides the hopeful with the chance to showcase his/her abilities in a non-individual circumstance Benefits to the business Offers more target assessment than other meeting groups Provides a gage of key ascribes required to be fruitful at the organization

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The Interviewer's Perspective

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Interviewers Set the Tone & Drive the Interview The center for a situation meeting ought to be the hopeful's way to deal with the question and credibility of the arrangement . The hopeful's experience and level of experience will assume a huge part in his/her execution concerning innovativeness and prescribing arrangements It is essential to remain inside the time span and extent of the question – when the competitor gets derailed, ought to reel them back in The meeting ought not be uneven; questioners ought to react with extra data and line up inquiries as proper As with behavioral, case questioners ought to exhibit consistency, reasonableness, readiness, powerful listening abilities

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Attribute Evaluating for this Attribute Communication Skills Clearly explains perspective Listens well, including taking clues Displays trust in tone and nearness Composure Handles questioner questions Performs under weight Has a "customer prepared" nearness Attributes we search for amid a Case Interview Your objective as an Interviewer is to figure out whether an applicant has the ascribes should have been effective in a given position. Critical thinking Understands business issue Identifies and organizes key issues Asks pertinent inquiries Makes reasonable presumptions Demonstrates legitimate structure Thinks imaginatively Demonstrates specialized mindfulness

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5% Introductions 5% State the Objective of the Case Interview 5% Present the Case to the Candidate 65% Candidate Presents their Solution/Approach to the Case 20% Wrap-up Case Interview Phases It is useful for questioners to structure their case meet into five stages and invest the proper measure of energy in every stage.

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Case Interview Phases Introductions State the target of the meeting Present the case to the applicant Candidate presents arrangement/approach Wrap-up Take a minute to present yourself and break the ice with the hopeful Be educational, yet concise Tell them what's in store amid the meeting Explain that you are most intrigued by their approach and point of view; there is not one "right" answer Usually verbal Assess listening aptitudes & capacity to analyze complex thoughts Suggest they take a couple of minutes to gather their considerations Be receptive to questions Consider approaching contender to abridge the case for you to guarantee they comprehend what is being inquired as to whether the competitor battles with their approach, direct them by giving clues Divulge add'l data you have when the applicant asks; in the event that they don't ask, uncover it as fitting Ask testing questions where data appears to be hazy or deficient If the case appears to simple for them, toss in a torque! Request that hopeful condense their answer/approach in the event that they didn't Give competitor the chance to make inquiries related (or disconnected) to the case Do not give input on the applicant's execution Do not give extra musings or option reactions; they may tell different competitors

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If the Candidate… You Should… Thoughtful Interactions and Responses Interaction between a questioner and an applicant is basic to an effective case talk with Veers off track Change heading and make inquiries that will drive the contender to refocus Goes into an excess of insight around one part of the case Indicate that you have enough data about a specific territory and urge the possibility to proceed onward to different parts of the case Gets stuck Divulge data you have that might be useful, make inquiries with expanding specificity and center, or "help" the competitor along and make inquiries in different regions Gives answers that aren't right, "canned," or unclear Ask the contender for his/her thinking. (In the event that the competitor isn't right, this gives a chance to reconsider. In the event that the hopeful is dubious, this requires the contender to give further examination) Starts coming up short on time Ask the possibility to wrap up. This shows the applicant's capacity to make solid inferences and outline issues compactly You ought to dependably expect to have the competitor complete up the case. "Push the competitor" when essential.

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Evaluating a Candidate's Performance Interviewers can best assess a competitor's execution in various territories by asking him/herself a few inquiries Problem Solving Did the applicant ask fitting inquiries? Did the hopeful characterize the issue and distinguish important certainties? Did the competitor express his/her presumptions? Is the arrangement set down to earth and conceivable? Does the applicant exhibit rationale in his/her investigation? Does the hopeful concentrate on key issues or issues, theorize on his/her underlying drivers, and after that present practical proposals? Relational abilities Does the applicant listen and take signals from the questioner? Is the applicant eloquent and certain? How well does the hopeful structure his/her reaction? It is safe to say that you are ready to take after the competitor's rationale?

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Evaluating a Candidate's Performance Interviewers can best assess a competitor's execution in various regions by asking him/herself a few inquiries Composure How well does the hopeful handle questions from the questioner? Is the applicant distracted? Does he/she react convincingly and think well on his/her feet? Does the competitor keep up an expert mien all through the meeting? General Case Performance Does the hopeful's work experience or coursework identify with the case? Assess the competitor's general reaction and consolidate applicable perceptions into your proposal.

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Sample Poor Evaluation Form All shape segments are not finished Comments under the correspondence segment are excessively concise, subjective, and don't give enough detail Final rating not finished Pursuit group proposals not finished

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Sample Good Evaluation Form Heading complete All segments finish with appraisals and remarks are definite, not subjective, and portray what happened in the meeting Offer synopsis finish with offer suggestion and prescribed interest group

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The Candidate's Perspective

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Follow A Structured Approach and Timeline Understand The Case, Clarify, And Confirm (5 Minutes) Develop A Logical Framework and Establish Hypotheses (10 Minutes) Make Assumptions And Test Hypotheses (10 Minutes) Drive To Conclusions (5 Minutes)

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Let's Practice With A Real World Example You are an advisor for a German extravagance auto maker keen on entering the games utility vehicle (SUV) showcase in the wake of seeing the market has become significantly worldwide in the previous two years. The customer right now has no involvement with assembling these sorts of vehicles. How might you exhort the CEO about what his organization ought to do?

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Conclusions Understand Framework Assumptions Understand, Clarify and Confirm: Interview Tips Write it down As the questioner shows the case, record key actualities. You should review these truths later on for the situation ponder Restat