Direct-passage Digital NOTAM DDN System Deployment and Implementation Presentation and Demonstration of DDN Presenters:

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Point Direct Entry Digital NOTAM Development. Government Aviation Administration (FAA) works a legacy Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) system.Transition from Legacy framework to digitized NOTAM info with programming that contains usefulness to give NOTAMS in ICAO, U.S., and plain dialect groups. Point Direct Entry Digital NOTAM Development .

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34 TH ANNUAL AIRPORTS CONFERENCE Direct-section Digital NOTAM (DDN) System Deployment and Implementation Presentation and Demonstration of DDN Presenters: Mark Falen and Steve Meinders

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AIM Direct Entry Digital NOTAM Development Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) works a legacy Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) framework. Move from Legacy framework to digitized NOTAM contribution with programming that contains usefulness to give NOTAMS in ICAO, U.S., and plain dialect groups

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AIM Direct Entry Digital NOTAM Development Advances in innovation and modernization of the airport regulation framework (NEXTGEN) have commanded an adjustment in the NOTAM framework. The FAA has asked for the Direct section Digital NOTAM (DDN) framework be conveyed and executed at open utilize air terminals all through the National Airspace System (NAS).

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Purpose NISC was entrusted with: Deploying and Implementing (D&I) the Direct passage Digital NOTAM framework (DDN) at 11 FAA distinguished air terminals in the NAS Currently leading a live test program to permit NOTAM section from air terminal experts specifically in the U.S. NOTAM System (USNS) Receiving profitable input from taking an interest air terminals Feedback is being assessed, enhancements are being made to the framework

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Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) National Airspace Implementation Support Contract (NISC) AIM Task Order marked March 18, 2010

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AIM Process and Publish by FAA Integrated perpetual and transitory data Computer decipherable Electronic conveyance to clients Enter NOTAMs at the Source Digital Capture (AIXM by means of layouts) New Concept of Operations DATALINK Web External Web Page Service (AIXM) Legacy Formats Web benefit (AIXM) Originator Federal NOTAM System

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Digital NOTAMs Improve security - Reducing mistakes and enhance convenience Improve precision - Less probability for human blunders Improve productivity - Less time to process Supports NextGen

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Direct-passage Digital NOTAM System Will yield the NOTAM in: U.S. residential NOTAM arrange ICAO design Plain dialect organize

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NOTAM Details

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What are the Benefits? Enhances Safety Time diminishment for pilots investigating NOTAMs before flight Ability to sort NOTAMs Labor decrease Airport Operators Airline Dispatchers Cost reserve funds because of more proficient operations

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What is the reason for the Safety Management System? (SMS) To make a more secure NAS utilizing a formal top down business way to deal with overseeing danger

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HOW DOES SMS DO THIS? SMS addresses all parts of ATC and route administrations including: airspace changes, air activity strategies & norms, air terminal techniques & benchmarks, new & adjusted gear, and related human connections

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HOW DOES SMS DO THIS? Diminishes the quantity of segregated wellbeing choices (more proficient utilization of time & assets) Includes procedures to gather & examine security information (following) Provides coordinated accumulation of procedures, methodology, arrangements & programs

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The SRM procedure is a way to: Mitigate unsuitable danger and lessen the distinguished dangers to the most minimal conceivable level (Controls) Accept leftover dangers (SRMD) Implement the change & Track perils to determination (Safety Assurance) Assess and screen the Effectiveness of the hazard alleviation ( Safety Assurance Audit & Evaluation Programs) Reassess change (Safety Promotion) Safety culture ( bolstered through lessons learned)

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SAFETY RISK MANAGEMENT DOCUMENT (SRMD) Tool for Decision Making A SRMD altogether depicts the security examination for a proposed change Documents the confirmation to bolster the proposed change Contributes to the choice to execute a change Accepted & affirmed by AIM August 2009 Intended for Large Airports with Continuously Operating ATCT's

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Direct Entry Digital NOTAM System Test for Large Airports SRMD DEN met a Safety Risk Management Panel. Extremely long, costly process including key partners, Subject Matter Experts, and clients. FAA Headquarters is utilizing the DEN SRMD for all air terminals with 24 hr. ATCTs. FAA right now taking a shot at a SRMD for air terminals with under 24 hr. ATCTs, and air terminals without ATCTs.

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EXPECTED IMPACT OF DDN AT DEN Denver International Airport: Issues 5-6k NOTAMS every year 8 Minutes for 5k NOTAMS-40k m or 667 hrs DDN – expect short of what one moment. 5k m or less. alternately 83 hrs

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Current Status Currently 10 airplane terminals are utilizing the DDN NOTAM Manager System under the test: Atlantic City (ACY) Baltimore Int'l Thurgood Marshall (BWI) Denver Int'l (DEN) Fairbanks Int'l (FAI) Ft. Wayne Int'l (FWA) Memphis Int'l (MEM) Norfolk Int'l (ORF) Richmond Int'l (RIC) Ronald Reagan National (DCA) Washington Dulles Int'l (IAD)

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Current Status Additional 14 air terminals prepared to execute after server move to OEX: Louisville - Standiford (SDF) St. Louis Lambert (STL) Dallas Ft.Worth (DFW) Dallas Love (DAL) Ft. Worth Meachem (FTW) Ft. Worth Alliance (AFW) Houston George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) Houston Hobby (HOU) Ellington - Houston (EFD) San Francisco (SFO) Oakland (OAK) Chicago O'Hare (ORD) Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) Anchorage (ANC)

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Current Process with Airports Establish contacts with airplane terminal directors and Air Traffic Control Tower supervisors Review NOTAMS past 12 months Request current Airport Plan Map (ALP) Current Airport Signage Map ArcGIS Airport Diagram (NASR, and so forth.) Review NACO Diagram of Airport Layout

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Initial Meeting Introduce NISC Team to air terminal faculty Build working connections Validate all air terminal surfaces RWY TWY APRON RAMP

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Data Preparation IT culmination of ArcGIS fabricate SRMD LOA MOA Training needs evaluation Develop site particular preparing

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Training and Test Implementation Train System Administrators Train NOTAM Issuers Implement NOTAM Manager Gather Feedback

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Airport DDN Certification Plan Through robotization and electronic media, NISC will encourage air terminals with an Airport-Certification handle. Using a site air terminals will have the capacity to approve airplane terminal surface zones and post required understandings. Preparing and organizations will be directed by means of electronic media.

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Airport Priority List for Test FAA Focus 30 Airports International Airports with expansive quantities of NOTAMs ATCT every minute of every day Less Complex ATCT all day, every day Less than day in and day out ATCT or non-ATCT Airports Airport NOTAM Certification (ANC) Plan -Developing Airport Certification Website

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What's Next? Contact different air terminals secured under the present wellbeing case Finish Remaining Focus 30 Airports Secondary Focus airplane terminals with all day, every day towers that are recorded on test NCP Following the consummation of the extra security cases we can start organization at: Facilities with Non-24 hour towers Tower Light (TLO) Operational Control Centers (OCC) Other NOTAM originators

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QUESTIONS DDN NOTAM Manager Demonstration