Digital Terrorism

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High power assault is in this manner just likely in the example of war, or a terrorist assault supported by an unfriendly government arranged to give ...

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´╗┐Digital Terrorism Part 2 of 2 ( When the Hackers Grow Up) Hacking as Warfare

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CYBER WARFIGHTER Terrorists Terrorist sympathizers Government operators Organized Crime Thrill seekers Incidents typically appear as sorted out Asymmetric Attacks. Hacking as Warfare

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Case #1 Pakistan/India Conflict Indian destinations mutilated by Pakistani programmer bunches including G-Force and Doctor Nuker have been either political, very noticeable, or included in data spread 5 megabytes of potentially touchy atomic research data was downloaded from the Bhabha Atomic Research Center Hacking as Warfare

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Case #2 Israel/Palestinian Conflict Close association between political occasions in the area somewhere around 1999 and 2001: Feb. 3: Barak-Arafat summit separates Feb. 8: Israel dispatches airstrikes against Hezbollah locales in Lebanon Oct. 17: Sharm el Sheik summit Nov.20: bombs slaughter 4, harm 69 Israelis Nov: Israeli fighters & mounted guns murder 32 Palestinians Jan. 12: Palestinian man shot & dragged; Arafat requests conciliatory sentiment Apr.22: 2 weeks viciousness come full circle in suicide besieging at transport quit Hacking as Warfare

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Case #3 Yugoslavia Conflict When NATO air strikes hit Former republic of Yugoslavia in Kosovo and Serbia, NATO web servers were subjected to managed assaults by programmers utilized by the Yugoslav military All NATO's 100 servers were subjected to "ping immersion" DDoS ambushes and shelled with a huge number of messages, numerous containing infections The assaults on NATO servers agreed with various site disfigurement of American military, government, and business locales by Serbian, Russian, and Chinese sympathizers of Yugoslavia These assaults causes genuine interruption of NATA correspondences frameworks Hacking as Warfare

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Case #4 China military aircraft impact with American spy plane On April 1, 2001, there was a mid-air crash between an American observation plane and a Chinese warrior flying machine. Chinese programmer gatherings, for example, the Honker Union of China and the Chinese Red Guest Network Security Technology Alliance, composed an enormous and maintained week-long battle of digital assaults against American focuses in countering for the demise of Chinese pilot Wang Wei Chinese programmers utilized Internet postings and IRC to arrange and facilitate their ambush against US frameworks. Roughly 1,200 U.S. locales, including those having a place with the White House, the U.S. Aviation based armed forces, U.S. Geographical Survey, and the Department of Energy, had been subjected to DDoS assaults or ruined with master Chinese pictures. Various late Internet worms including Lion, Adore, and Code Red are associated with having started in China Hacking as Warfare CNN May 2, 2001

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Case #5 Vulnerabilities in the Nation's energy dispersion matrix were initially uncovered amid the Joint Chiefs of Staff work out "Qualified Receiver" Mr. Kenneth H. Bacon, Pentagon representative, expressed, "we learned that PC programmers could dramatically affect the country's framework, including the electrical power matrix." This defenselessness was abused for genuine in June 2001, when PC programmers, steered through systems worked by China Telecom, infiltrated the protections of a practice system of the California Independent Systems Operator (Cal-ISO) for 17 days. The apparition of an unexpected and gigantic assault on basic foundations that cripples center capacities, for example, media communications, electrical power frameworks, gas and oil, managing an account and back, transportation, water supply frameworks, taxpayer supported organizations, and crisis administrations, has been brought up in various reports on national security and by the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC). Hacking as Warfare

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Case #6 A progression of interruptions, all in all known as Moonlight Maze, in U.S. government frameworks over a time of quite a while may have started in Russia. The principal assaults were identified in March 1998 and, throughout this supported strike, many unclassified systems utilized by the Pentagon, the Department of Energy, NASA, and additionally an assortment of resistance temporary workers, may have been bargained. While powers demand that no characterized frameworks were broken, it is undisputed that endless amounts of specialized protection research were illicitly downloaded. Hacking as Warfare

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C ase #7 NEWSMAX, Wed. Dec. 19, 2001 - In the wake of the Sept. 11 fear based oppressor assault, the FBI has unearthed the biggest surveillance ring ever found inside the United States. The U.S. Equity Department is presently holding about 100 Israeli nationals with direct binds to outside military, criminal and insight administrations. The spy ring supposedly incorporates representatives of two Israeli-claimed organizations that at present perform all the official wiretaps for U.S. nearby, state and government law implementation. The U.S. law implementation wiretaps, approved by the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), seem to have been broken by sorted out wrongdoing units working i nside Israel and the Israeli insight benefit, Mossad. The spy ring empowered offenders to utilize turn around wiretaps against U.S. knowledge and law implementation operations. The unlawful observing may have brought about the passings of a few witnesses and apparently ruined arranged hostile to medication assaults on wrongdoing syndicates. "Why do you think Putin so unresponsively and with such incredible exhibition reported the shutdown of the Lourdes listening post in Cuba?" noted Douglas Brown, president of Multilingual Data Solutions Inc. furthermore, program executive at the Nathan Hale Institute. Hacking as Warfare

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Case #8 Hackers Attacked 103 Moroccan Web Sites in 2001 RABAT (Reuters) - At slightest 103 Moroccan Internet Web destinations were assaulted by programmers a year ago, in a few endeavors to adjust their substance, the official MAP news office said on Friday. Citing specialists at driving Menara site, MAP said nearby firms spend significant time in data advancements have asked the powers to set up a legitimate structure and procedures to stop programmer assaults and secure the E-business action in Morocco. The Casablanca-based Menara is controlled by state-possessed Moroccan telecom administrator Maroc Telecom. Guide didn't state if the programmers' endeavors made harm the objective destinations. The main programmers' assault was enrolled in November 2000 and focused on the back service Web webpage, authorities had said. Morocco has an expected 200,000 to 400,000 web clients, and had around 2,500 suppliers and cybercafes in 2001. Hacking as Warfare REUTERS, January 18, 2002 07:33 AM ET

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High Energy Radio Frequency,4586,2331772,00.html Cyberwar assault or hacking will in numerous cases be the favored method of assault, yet in a few cases electromagnetic assault proposed to bring about refusal of administration for short or drawn out stretches of time might be a probability. In the short term, electromagnetic assault is not especially likely, albeit a few reports from Europe and the US recommend that it is starting to happen. When police strengths overall begin sending HERF firearms for movement control purposes (see an early November issue of New Scientist for more detail here), the innovation will however turn out to be more accessible, in this manner better comprehended in the more extensive group, and the recurrence of episodes will definitely increment. The law authorization group ought to give some watchful thought to the way that in advancing the multiplication of the HERF firearm to take care of one law requirement issue, they may have unintentionally opened a Pandora's case of other law implementation issues, possibly much more costly to the overall population. Hacking as Warfare

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High Energy Radio Frequency (cont.) Having established that we are at hazard from electromagnetic assault, we should then figure out what the reasonable style of assault will be. The danger can be partitioned into high power and low power styles of assault. High power assault, by flux generator bomb or microwave bomb, is more improbable however impressively all the more harming. It is more outlandish on the grounds that the innovation is hard to deliver without the assets of an administration inquire about foundation, and the gear to play out this sort of assault requires frequently hard to source materials, for example, high review plastic explosives, superior explosion frameworks like those utilized as a part of atomic weapons, lastly a non-inconsequential measure of mastery is required to utilize these weapons appropriately. Conveyance may likewise turn out to be an issue, as a powerful flux generator requires a bundling volume like that of a sizeable auto bomb. High power assault is in this manner just likely in the example of war, or a fear based oppressor assault supported by an antagonistic government arranged to give the calculated support to the weapons. It is significant that any legislature with the capacity to manufacture an implosion sort atomic bomb will have the required hydro-flow ability to in the end outline themselves a flux generator or microwave bomb. Hacking as Warfare

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Observations Direct relationships exist between Political/Military activities and PC assaults Cyber assaults quickly go with Military Attacks Politically spurred Cyber Attacks are Increasing Cyber Attackers are turning out to be more complex Cyber Attackers are Attracted to High Value Targets Hacking as Warfare

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September 11, 2001 Hacking as Warfare

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IMPACT ON CITIZENS Economic Losses Tourism Airlines International trade* Living in Fear Wartime Environment Significantly Less Productive *The World Trade Center assaults took lives and property as well as shut markets and devastated a noteworthy segment of the budgetary data foundation in New York City. Hacking as Warfare

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Approaches before 9/11 will no more extended wo