Difficulties of Building National Research Education Networks in Africa

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Difficulties of Building National Research & Education Networks in Africa A Progress with the Nigeria ICT Forum of Partnership Institutions By Aminu Ibrahim Convenor

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Africa's Challenge is Nigeria The biggest popular government in Africa weighs vigorously in Africa on most checks, including: Geography & Diversity Population, HR & introduction Natural assets and potential Number & differing qualities of Research & Education Institutions Potential for local, mainland & worldwide effect Progress in Building a Nigeria NREN

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Clear Indications of Major Impediments From 1992 to 2004, there have been more than twelve venture endeavors to make National systems in Nigeria. This rundown of ventures to fabricate NRENs is not comprehensive, and at any rate the same number of or more exist in general society segment: Nigerian Universities Management Information System (NUMIS) Nigerian Universities Network (NUNet) Plytechnics Network (PolyNet) Colleges of Education Network (TeachNet) Nigerian Education and Research Network (a coordinated effort of NUNet, PolyNet and TeachNet) National Virtual (Digital) Library Project (NVLP) Nigerian Virtual Library Consortium (VLC) National Information, Communication and Education Program (NICEP) Number of NREN endeavors & National systems administration ventures => number of Government offices National Committees to Harmonize the dumbfounding number of such undertakings have been built up Progress in Building a Nigeria NREN

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Major Issues & Challenges More than 30 years of dictator run have brought about: Strictly beat – down strategy making, usage & observing generous decay & debasement of: Capacity of Institutions to arrange, work together, develop or even watch goings on All classes of foundation and structures at institutional and national levels Social Attitudes, trust & individual uprightness, common duties, feeling of group, joint effort Not one of the many NREN ventures started from the organizations themselves; most did not so much take them into record Progress in Building a Nigeria NREN

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The Nigeria ICT Forum of Partnership Institutions The Forum was considered only a year prior (9 Sept '05) in Dar-es-Salaam, and is not exactly a month old (on 19 August 2005) as a legitimate substance. She is a not-revenue driven NGO: an organization constrained by assurance. The origination of the Forum alone, has expelled one of the best hindrances to building a NREN in NG: It is the principal shared venture to be entirely started & claimed straightforwardly by HEIs in over 30 years. In < 2 years of engagement, the PHE in Africa could encourage the origination of a communitarian Forum. Why? it couldn't have been the gifts fundamentally – Govt./NUC have been giving much bigger stipends for > 40 years, & have been accomplishing inverse results. Procedure, nature of exercises of the PHE, and so forth basically opened eyes & incited an adjustment in states of mind Progress in Building a Nigeria NREN

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The Mission of the Forum To: build up the inward limit of Nigerian advanced education and research foundations to work together in the development of a favourable strategy environment, and also the improvement, use, sustenance and headway of their own ICT systems, benefits and shared assets, steady with their legitimate part as foci for advancement . It is an exceptionally solid mission, however re-finding & enviously guarding it will without anyone else's input be a testing errand Progress in Building a Nigeria NREN

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Aim of the Forum The Forum plans to: give an open door and serve as stage for the six part organizations to naturally encourage the improvement of National Research & Education Network (NREN) in Nigeria, starting with the underlying part establishments, developing to incorporate those ready, capable & fit and their neighborhoods Progress in Building a Nigeria NREN

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Objectives of the Forum 1. Help each other to assemble institutional limit in Information & Communications Technology (ICT) for showing & learning, inquire about & group benefit; 2. Cooperate to exploit economy of scale in the advancement, obtainment and use of assets, products and enterprises; 3. Develop and utilize ICTs to encourage institutional joint effort among and amongst regulatory and scholastic groups; 4. Share data, abilities, assets and best-hones; 5. Encourage self-appraisals by individuals and help each different as companion analysts; 6. Undertake exercises (counting consultancy administrations, strategy explore & advancement, backing, preparing, and so forth.) that would develop the essential environment for more extensive, supportable coordinated effort and systems administration , starting with our quick and encompassing groups; 7. Assist each other to upgrade our institutional capacities with respect to systems administration, advancement and conveyance of substance and administrations; 8. Cultivate and share successful and valuable associations among and between part foundations, and with the private segment and other significant establishments and offices in Nigeria and the global group; Undertake exercises to encourage individuals to serve as foci for maintainable improvement. Advance in Building a Nigeria NREN

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Institutional Membership & Staff Ms. Sekyen Lois Niyang ("Sekyen") was designated to serve as full-time Forum Project Officer a couple days back (9 Sept '05). She will head the Abuja Secretariat of the Forum. Advance in Building a Nigeria NREN

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What Can a Single Org do? Evidently, substantially more than what everybody suspected! Just by expelling hindrances, the Forum permits center to address long existing difficulties, and these are numerous. Indeed, even without awards. Consider: even without a financial plan, The Forum has composed gatherings, utilized economy of scale to workshops on issues of worry to all Institutional Collaboration is rising: Bursary Dept of Univ. of Ibadan will offer ICT limit building & monetary administration preparing to ABU, Zaria Forum is now examining an association with one of the two National Carriers to interconnect individuals on a national fiber spine: a NG NREN is as of now Progress in Building a Nigeria NREN

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Forum Policy Arm Forum will seek after spanning of approach crevices at institutional and systemic levels, through: Policy Research & Advocacy Sharing of cautions and best-works on Using numbers and impact of part foundations, and module to their bigger groupings Building vital organizations together with others Organizing an Annual National Conf on ICTs and Education, with all gatherings exhibit & talking about the principle issues Progress in Building a Nigeria NREN

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Forum Capacity-Building Strategies Strategic exercises meant to decrease preparing costs, enhance nature of & viability of preparing & develop certainty by including esteem The Nigerian Operators Group Workshops (NGNOGs) will be modified AFNOGs with a HEI bowed Special Forum Workshops will be composed to address recognized extraordinary territories of limit building needs, utilizing the best assets realistic Capacity building unions, linkages and associations will be produced with pertinent firms, neighborhood and global offices, systems, and different stages & wellsprings of offer assistance. Advance in Building a Nigeria NREN