Di stributed Programming with PYRO (PYthon Remote Items) Alfredo Deza PyCon 2010

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Remote Objects carry on like nearby ones. No outer conditions. Multi-strung of course ... Android calls Nexus. Nexus calls Android. Yet, Android tries to call ...

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´╗┐Di stributed Programming with PYRO (PYthon Remote Objects) Alfredo Deza PyCon 2010

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" Simple to start, however is as of now very effective even in the least complex frame " Irmen de Jong

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Distributed Object Technology Remote Objects carry on like nearby ones No outside conditions Multi-strung of course Automatic reconnection Heavily Tested

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Specialized observing Distributed Computing Testing IPC (between process correspondence)

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Examples versus

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Examples One ace, one slave Send assignments, moment input

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1 pyroloc ='PYROLOC://' 2 undertaking = Pyro.core.getProxyForURI(pyroloc) 3 task.remote()

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Naming Service buddy where is my protest?

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What is a

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Android calls Nexus calls Android But Android tries to call Nexus... again?!?!

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Nexus: "The number you have dialed doesn't exist" ConnectionClosedError

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Validation and encryption

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SSL SERVER 1 Pyro.config.PYROSSL_CERT="server.pem" 2 Pyro.config.PYROSSL_KEY="server.key" 3 daemon = Pyro.core.Daemon(prtcol='PYROSSL') 4 daemon.setNewConnectionValidator(printCertValidator()) SSL CLIENT 1 Pyro.config.PYROSSL_CERT="client.pem"

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Examples handle remote administrations the site is down

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Examples why not to utilize Pyro?

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Examples References: PYRO: http://pyro.sourceforge.net/This Presentation and Code: http://www.alfredodeza.com/pycon_2010.tar.gz

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Thanks! alfredodeza@gmail.com http://www.alfredodeza.com this presentation was gladly made with Linux, Mercurial and other open source devices