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Presentation. This direction note sets out the primary focuses to consider when you are checking wellbeing and wellbeing on your site before completing any work. It offers you some assistance with identifying the dangers and survey and in addition control the risks.This note is not thorough. For further guidance on security and wellbeing, please contact the Occupational Safety

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´╗┐Development Site Safety & Health CheckList Occupational Safety and Health Branch, Labor Department, HK

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Introduction This direction note sets out the fundamental focuses to consider when you are checking wellbeing and wellbeing on your site before completing any work. It helps you recognize the perils and survey and also control the dangers. This note is not comprehensive. For further exhortation on wellbeing and wellbeing, please contact the Occupational Safety & Health Branch of the Labor Department

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[1] Safe work environment Arrangements are made to manage specialists new to the site. Working ranges and walkways are level and free from obstacles. Structures are satisfactorily propped and not over-burden. Railings or obstructions are given at all edges to forestall falls, particularly when more than 2 m high. Openings or gaps are safely fenced or secured. Materials are put away securely.

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[1] Safe work environment Nails in timber are evacuated or pounded down. Sufficient lighting is given to work oblivious or poor light circumstance. Props or shores are set up to make structures safe. Chutes for waste are given to maintain a strategic distance from materials from being tossing down. Waste is gathered and discarded appropriately.

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[2] Scaffolds Safe get to is given to the framework stage. All uprights are appropriately established and given base plates. Framework is secured to the working by binds to avoid crumple. Framework is enough propped to guarantee dependability. Loadbearing fittings are utilized where required. Working stages are completely boarded. Sheets are free from evident deformities, for example, ties.

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[2] Scaffolds Arrangements are made to abstain from tipping and stumbling of sheets. Sheets are settled down in high wind circumstances or as a major aspect of hurricane cautioning insurances. Sufficient protect rails and toe sheets are given at each side from which a man could fall at least 2m. Platforms are outlined and developed for stacking with materials, and the heap is equally dispersed.

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[2] Scaffolds Effective hindrances or cautioning notification are given to prevent individuals from utilizing a fragmented platform. Framework is raised, modified and destroyed by a skillful individual. Framework is occasionally examined by a skilled individual.

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[3] Ladders are the correct hardware for the occupation (utilization of platform ought to be viewed as first). Stepping stools are in great condition and legitimately situated for get to. Stepping stools are put on firm and level ground. Steps are leaned against a strong surface. Stepping stools are secured close to the top or the base (just when settling at the top is impracticable). Stepping stools are ascended no less than 1.05 m over their arrival put or most elevated rung utilized.

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[4] Excavations Underground administrations are found and checked. Safety measures are taken to stay away from underground administrations. A sheltered strategy is utilized for putting in and taking out the timbering. Edge of player is adequate to, counteract fall of slanted back unearthing. Unearthings are inspected by a skillful individual in any event once in seven days. Safe get to is made to uncovering.

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[4] Excavations Railing or hindrances are given to prevent individuals from flopping in. Safety measures are gone out on a limb of exhuming flooding. Stacked materials, riches or plants are put far from the edge of the exhuming. Stop pieces are given at edge of uncovering. Instantly pump out water after overwhelming storm.

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[5] Falsework and formwork The outline and the backings for formwork have been checked. Falsework or formwork is raised securely from steps or appropriate stages. Bases and ground conditions are sufficient for the heaps. Timbers are in great condition. Props are plumbed, on level bases and appropriately set out. Amend pins are utilized as a part of the props. Formwork is assessed by a capable individual against the concurred outline before consent is given to pour concrete.

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[6] Hoists Hoist is occasionally and completely inspected by a capable analyst. Lift is occasionally examined by a skillful individual. Derrick is secured by considerable fenced in area. Doors are given at all arrivals, including ground level. Doors are kept closed aside from when the stage is at the arrival.

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[6] Hoists Operator is prepared and skilled, and matured 18 or above. Safe working burdens are plainly stamped. Cautioning notification is posted on the stage or pen to prevent individuals from riding on skip raise.

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[7] Lifting apparatuses and lifting gear Lifting machines and lifting rigging are intermittently and altogether analyzed by an equipped inspector. Lifting machines and lifting rigging are occasionally investigated by a capable individual. Programmed safe load marker of a crane is investigated by a skillful individual in any event once per week. The driver is prepared and capable, and accomplishes 18 of age. Controls (lever, handles, switches, and so on.) are obviously checked.

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[7] Lifting machines and lifting gear The heap is secured securely. Safe working burden is unmistakably stamped. Machines are worked on a firm level base. Enough space is accommodated safe operation. Lifting machines are routinely kept up. Lifting apparatus is kept in great working request. Lifting rigging is tried and altogether inspected by a capable analyst.

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[8] Traffic and vehicles Separate walker, vehicle get to focuses and courses around the site are given. Drivers and administrators are appropriately prepared. Vehicles are kept in great working condition. Vehicles are safely stacked System to control nearby developments is set up to maintain a strategic distance from peril, including to people on foot. Turning around vehicles are controlled by legitimately prepared signaller. Raised groups of tipping lorries are propped before coming to under.

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[9] Plant and hardware The correct plant and apparatus are utilized for the employment. Hazardous parts are successfully protected. Gatekeepers are secured and in great working condition. The administrator is prepared and skillful.

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[10] Cartridge-worked settling devices Approved apparatuses are utilized. Producer's directions are taken after. The administrator accomplishes 18 and holds an endorsement of competency. The administrator knows about the risks and ready to maintain a strategic distance from discharge failures. Goggles are worn by administrators. Apparatuses are cleaned routinely. Devices are kept in a protected place when not being used.

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[11] Electricity Trip gadgets are accommodated fundamental voltage. Uncommon measures are taken to shield compact electric apparatuses and gear from mechanical harm and wet conditions. Indications of harm to or obstruction with hardware, wires and links are not present. All associations with power focuses are made by the right fittings. Associations with attachments are appropriately made so that the link grasp holds the link immovably and keeps the earth wire from being hauled out.

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[11] Electricity supply of overhead electric lines is killed or different safety measures are taken to anticipate anything (cranes, tipper lorries, framework, and so forth.) from touching the lines or bringing about arcing. Underground power links are found and stamped. 'Allow to-work' techniques are accessible where important to guarantee wellbeing.

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[12] Fire 12.1 General Right number and kind of flame dousers are given. Sufficient and clear escape courses are given. Laborers realize what to do in a crisis,

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12.2 Flammable fluids Proper stockpiling range is given. The sum nearby is kept to a base. Start sources are avoided combustible fluids. Appropriately developed security compartments are utilized. 12.3 Compressed gas chambers Cylinders are appropriately put away. Barrel valve is completely shut when the chamber is not being used.

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12.4 Other ignitable material The sum nearby is kept to a base. Legitimate waste canisters are given. Squander material is evacuated routinely

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[13] Noise Assessment of commotion dangers has been completed. Boisterous plant and apparatus are fitted with silencers. Endorsed ear defenders are worn by specialists

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[14] Health The dangers of every single dangerous substance have been recognized and surveyed. Dangerous substances are substituted by more secure substances. Presentation is controlled other than by utilizing defensive gear. Security data sheets are accessible from the provider Safety hardware is given and utilized.

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Workers who are not ensured are kept out of risk territories. The air has been tried and an outside air supply has been given in restricted spaces. Crisis strategies are set up for safeguard from the restricted space.

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[15] Manual taking care of Manual dealing with which may make danger of harm is dodged. Dangers have been surveyed and decreased if manual taking care of can't be maintained a strategic distance from.

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[16] Personal defensive gear Suitable hardware is given to ensure the head, eyes, hands and feet of specialists where fitting. Defensive gear is worn by specialists.

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[17] Welfare Suitable toilets have been accommodated both genders. Clean wash bowl, hot/warm water, cleanser and towel are given. Appropriate attire is accommodated the individuals who need to work in wet, filthy or generally antagonistic conditions. Offices for changing, drying and putting away garments are given. Haven and offices for suppers are given. Drinking water is given. Emergency treatment box is given.

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[18] Risks to the general population All dangers to individuals from people in general off site have been distinguished. Sufficient site border fencing is given to keep out people in general.