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What is your best wellspring of data?. InternetOthers. Benchmarks. 29 CFR 1926 Construction Standard29 CFR 1910:1910.119 PSMCFR Part 68 112(r),

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Development OVERVIEW

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What is your best wellspring of data? Web Others

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Standards 29 CFR 1926 Construction Standard 29 CFR 1910: 1910.119 PSM CFR Part 68 112(r), "Clean Air Act" 1910.119 PSM

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Can a website fall under both the General Industry and Construction principles an a similar time? Talk about

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Most Frequently Cited Handouts

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Fatality Information Handout

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HAZCOM "Appropriate to Know" dangers of chemicals in working environment. Compound perils imparted. Material Safety Data Sheet. One for all chemicals.

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Labels Identify synthetic. Show danger. All holders named.

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Manufacturer Labels Material Hazard: HEALTH FIRE REACTIVITY Contact Number Do not evacuate

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Chemical Exposure First Aid Remove tainted apparel Safety shower 15 minutes Seek therapeutic consideration.

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Personal Protective Equipment

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Personal Protective Equipment Foot - ANSI Z41.1 Head - ANSI Z89.2 Hearing - Eye & confront - Z87.1 Respiratory - NIOSH Harness, helps & cords Working over or close water

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Other PPE Job particular: - hearing - respirator - welding hood/cutting goggles - cowhide gloves - defensive dress - corrosive suit

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Fall Protection > 6 feet guardrail framework security nets individual capture Harness & cord Always in manlifts Ladders held & tied

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Definition of driving Edge Exception: makes more noteworthy danger Holes Leading Edge Work

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Fall Protection - Safety Nets Safety nets and wellbeing net establishments must be drop-tried at the jobsite: After introductory establishment and before being utilized. At whatever point migrated. After significant repair. At 6-month interims if left in one place.

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Safety Nets Working > 25 ft above surface Where utilize other security gadgets are unreasonable No work until reviewed & tried Extend 8 ft past edge

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Vertical distance  from working level to  even plane of net Minimum required flat separation of external edge of net from the edge of the working surface Up to 5 feet 8 feet 5 to 10 feet 10 feet More than 10 feet 13 feet Fall Protection - Safety Nets

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Working Over/Near Water Life coat Inspected previously, then after the fact each utilization for lightness Ring floats gave Lifesaving boat

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Fall Protection Harness & cord Tied off above Always in manlifts

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Fall Protection - Guardrails Top rail – 39-45" Midrail/Toeboard Intermediate <19" 200 pounds constrain

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Fall Protection – Fall Arrest < 1800lbs capturing power <6ft free fall Inspected before each utilization

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Purpose: To caution others Indicate threat Keep individuals out Types: Tape (Red or Yellow) Wood Fence Barricades

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Falling Objects

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Protection from impalement

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Ladders Inspect before utilize Firm bolster 3 rungs above work level 3 point climb Never convey materials

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Scaffolding 1926.451 Footing - sound & unbending Erection, moving, destroyed or adjusted under heading of Competent individual Guardrail & toeboard > 10 ft Handrail & midrail 12 inch cover of planking

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Visible at all circumstances Danger: prompt risk red Caution: caution of potential perils hazardous practices yellow Accident Prevention Signs

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Exit Safety Instruction Traffic Accident anticipation labels impermanent devices hardware and so on Accident Prevention Signs

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Permits Confined Space Entry Safe Work

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Hot Work which produces fire or start. Welding, burn cutting, granulating. Electric apparatuses in risky areas.

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Hot Work Permit Fire observe each level. 30 minute check. Lapses following 15 minutes if unattended

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Confined Space - Definition sufficiently large for section . Constrained or limited passage. Not intended for constant inhabitance

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Permit Required Hazardous climate . Engulfment risk. Internally meeting dividers. Other perceived peril

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Confined Space Labels

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Excavations - 1926.651 Barricading Shoring Sloped dividers Confined Space? Departure Ladder Ground Fault (GFCI) Keep dry Handout

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Excavations - 1926.651 Examine for utilities Means of departure > 4 ft profound < 25 ft of travel Barricading Hazardous airs Protection from free soil Ground Fault (GFCI) Daily investigation - skilled individual

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Inspect for what? Splits - ruins 2' back Water Cave-in Ladder Shoring/inclining/box

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Excavation Protection Sloping Shoring Trench box Spoils 2' back

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Excavations - 1926.652 Exceptions to shoring: totally in shake < 5 ft & ground inspected by skillful individual demonstrating no sign of potential collapse

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Shoring & Slopes Stable rock 90 deg Type A - 3/4:1 Type B - 1:1 Type C - 1 1/2: 1 Handouts

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Steel Erection Standard Handout

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Lockout, Tagout, Test Isolate all vitality sources: electrical mechanical pneumatic synthetic whatever other Lockout Tagout Test to confirm disengagement

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Electrical Safety

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GFCI Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters All electric instruments Connect at source

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Handout Grounding gear framework to earth establishing anode to earth Bonding: between 2 conductive items Grounding & Bonding

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Tools and Machines Electrical lines not taped Use the correct devices for the employment Be mindful of sub temporary workers Protect others from flying particles GFCI electric devices

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Injuries Seek appropriate restorative consideration. Report all Immediately. EMS if important. Tidy up blood fittingly.

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Recordkeeping OSHA 300 log

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Bloodborne Pathogens Diseases conveyed by blood or body liquids. Cases: HIV Hepatitis B & C. Introduction by contact.

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Bloodborne Pathogens How to deal with: Assume all body liquids are tainted. Wear elastic gloves. Fade & water answer for cleanup. Red Bio-danger sack for transfer.

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Crane Safety Barricade danger territories and post signs Inspect before each utilization Hand signals must adjust to ANSI standard Signs must be posted at occupation webpage

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Rigging - Types Alloy steel chains Wire rope Natural & manufactured fiber Synthetic webbing

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Shackles & Hooks: wellbeing element of 5 security catch appraised limit Shackles

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Wire Rope - "U" Bolts Never saddle a dead stallion? "U" in contact with deadlock Handout

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Rigging - Slings Inspect every prior day utilize Inspect: wear broken or worn join red string blazes Other

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Rigging Does point change limit of sling? Present & examination

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Inspection & Testing Daily before utilize Periodic

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Operation of Equipment Forklifts Cranes Etc

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Emergency Plans In composing Designated activities Fire & different crises

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Escape methodology & course assignments Procedures for the individuals who remain Accounting techniques Rescue & restorative obligations Means to report Who to contact for additional data Training Elements

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Exceptions Written arrangement not required if: under 10 representatives arrange conveyed orally

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Industrial Hygiene Asbestos Lead Silica Welding Fumes Other Chemicals

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PSM & RMP Requirements Employer Responsibilities Contractor Responsibilities

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Employer's Responsibilities Evaluate contractual worker's security execution and projects Inform of know potential terminate, blast, or poisonous discharge risks Applicable arrangements of crisis activity arrange

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Employer's Responsibilities Development of safe work hones; LOTO Confined Space Entry opening procedure hardware control over site entrance

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Employer's Responsibilities Periodically assess temporary worker execution Maintain contract based worker damage and ailment log

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Contractor's Responsibilities Ensure each is prepared in work rehearses important to wellbeing perform work Instructed in known potential terminate, blast or harmful discharge perils Applicable arrangements of crisis activity arrange

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Contractor's Responsibilities Document that every worker has gotten and comprehended preparing. Guarantee representatives take after security principles of office Advise manager of any exceptional dangers

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