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DePaul College. Position Administration - from Definition to GL session: M3 - 1005 Moderators Song Damron (DePaul College) Jan Jerabek (Kaludis Counseling Bunch). DePaul College Diagram. Established by Vincentian Fathers in 1898 to educate the offspring of migrants

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´╗┐DePaul University Position Management - from Definition to GL session: M3 - 1005 Presenters Carol Damron (DePaul University) Jan Jerabek (Kaludis Consulting Group)

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DePaul University Overview Founded by Vincentian Fathers in 1898 to instruct the offspring of foreigners Largest Catholic college in USA Private, urban college with 7 grounds in the Chicago metropolitan zone Enrollment: 22,000 College of Law and 130 graduate and college degree programs

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DePaul - PeopleSoft Modules PeopleSoft Implementation: SA v 7.6 (Fall 1999) HRMS v 7.51 (Summer 2000) FS v 7.5 (Spring 2001, in spite of the fact that PS finance exchanges were sent to PS GL since usage and afterward changed over to legacy GL) UNIX on Oracle 8.0.5

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DePaul University Payroll Count Full-time Faculty 663 Full-time Exempt Staff 744 Exception Hourly Staff 389 Administrative Part-time 464 Part-time Faculty 1288 Facilities Operations 53 Public Safety Officers 43 Retirees/COBRA 243 Student Employees 3667

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DePaul - Why Position Management? Bookkeeping can be derived from the position. A position is autonomous of the incumbent(s), and can be empty. This permits: Reduced information passage and mistakes amid procedures, for example, procuring, advancement, and so on since many properties, for example, paygroup, standard hours, and worker sort can be surmised from the position. Encumbrance and 'compensation investment funds' can be figured in light of empty position information.

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DePaul - Position Mgt Environment Payrolls are covering, semiweekly payroll interval. All representatives are in no less than one position (full position administration). Most full-time positions are single-occupant. Low maintenance positions frequently have various occupants.

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DePaul - Position Mgt Environment (cont.) Currently, numerous Job record numbers are not being utilized. Rather overwhelming use is made of extra pay. Low maintenance workers and understudies have "non specific" positions on their Job columns, however "genuine" positions on Addl Pay. It was chosen right on time in the usage procedure that the estimations of Deptid would be steady crosswise over SA, HR, and FS with FS being the driving specialist.

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DePaul - Position Mgt Environment (cont.) Budgeting and encumbrance depends on the blend of position number and bookkeeping diagram fields. Notwithstanding full-time positions, some planning depends on pools, for example, additional time and low maintenance. (Take note of the contrast between pooled positions which may allude to positions with various occupants or extraordinary use and PeopleSoft position pools which allude to gatherings of positions.)

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DePaul - Position Mgt Environment (cont.) The HR field Acct_Cd is gotten from the connection of outline fields as per the accompanying equation: DEPTID || ACCOUNT || DECODE(PROGRAM_CODE, '00000','',PROGRAM_CODE) || DECODE(PROJECT_ID, " ', '', PROJECT_ID) || DECODE(FUND_CODE, '501', 'CS', '502', 'CS', '') Many positions have numerous subsidizing sources, particularly when awards are included.

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DePaul - Position Mgt Environment (cont.) Expenses are perceived in view of the check date. Cut-over from the legacy framework was done in mid-August (mid-logbook year, mid-financial year). For simplicity of move, the first execution did exclude Ben Admin, Recruit Workforce or Work Flow.

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Topics - Tale of the "tions" Position Definition Budgeted Accounting Distribution Assignment of Position Payroll Accounting Distribution General Ledger Integration Error Detection Customizations Questions/Discussion

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Quick Survey of Audience Show of hands: You are going to this introduction since you Are right now utilizing Position Management underway Are at present executing Position Mgt Are thinking about actualizing Position Mgt Are thinking about actualizing PS HRMS Lost out to different participants from your gathering who got the opportunity to go to additionally fascinating sessions

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Position Definition

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Position Definition Panel 1 Default to Job

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Position Definition Panel 2

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Position Definition Panel 3 Default to Job

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Position Definition Panel 4 Default to Job Default to Job

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Position Definition Notes Department/Position Combination A note on the division/position blend. While Position_Nbr is the main key on the Position_Data table, from spending dispersion to work and extra pay task and through finance conveyance, you will be bound by the way that position and office are joined at the hip. In this way while numerous subsidizing of a solitary position is

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Position Definition Notes - (cont.) Department/Position Combination (cont.) allowed, that position can be "possessed" by just a solitary office. For instance, a position which is supported half by Geology and half by Anthropology must be fixing to one of those divisions on Position_Data and alternate tables we'll see later in this introduction. Contingent upon your condition, this could conceivably be a noteworthy issue.

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Position Definition Notes - DePaul Class Indicator field As conveyed, the Class_Indc decipher estimations of Classified, Unclassified, Temporary, All were not helpful to DePaul. We inactivated these and included: (O) Operating (N) Non-Operating (1) One-Time Pay (V) Overtime (G) Generic (S) Salary Pool (H) Chair Addl Pay (X) Ben-related

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Budgeted Accounting Distribution (default work circulation)

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Defining Acct_Cds Can't change online after section

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Budgeted Accounting Distribution - Dept Budget FTE DePaul doesn't utilize

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Budgeted Accounting Distribution - Dept Budget Date DePaul doesn't utilize

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Budgeted Accounting Distribution - Dept Budget Earnings

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Budgeted Accounting Distribution - Dept Budget Deductions

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Budgeted Accounting Distribution - Dept Budget Taxes

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Budgeted Distribution Notes Multiple bookkeeping disseminations are permitted (case takes after). Particular Erncd, Dedcd, Tax_Class are permitted (illustration takes after). Take note of, this is if the Erncd happens, it doesn't constrain that Erncd to be utilized. A clear Erncd is a 'trump card', read as 'unless generally indicated'. Trump card and determined Erncds can be utilized as a part of blend.

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Budgeted Distribution Notes (cont.) Using rate of appropriation as opposed to settled sum exceedingly prescribed. Utilizing settled sums risks bringing about manual conveyances of abundance. Numerous groupings are permitted which permit sequencing of circulations.

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Multiple Distributions Example

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Specific Erncd Example

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Budgeted Distribution Notes - DePaul Budget tops are not valuable to DePaul since the position as such is not planned, yet rather the position/account blend Sequence is not utilized. Or maybe changes are made on an Effdt premise. Position pools are not utilized since they are most useful when indistinguishable bookkeeping is required.

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Position Assignment (relating a position to HR/Payroll information)

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Position Assignment Positions are doled out on Job, Addl Pay Data, as well as Paysheet Job information acquires data from the position, which can be superseded Again, try to keep up the Dept/Position blend

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Position Assignment on Job Default from position

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Accounting Assignment (abrogating default cost bookkeeping information)

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Accounting Assignment Acct Cds can likewise be doled out at the (Job Earns Dist), Addl Pay, and Paysheet levels. Be that as it may, these exclusive apply to income cost. ERE (worker related income, advantage costs, periphery costs, or whatever you call them) are constantly controlled by the position dispersion. Regardless of whether this is an issue or not relies on upon how ERE cost is taken care of.

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Position/Account Assignment on Job Earn Dist

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Position/Account Assignment on Addl Pay

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Position/Account Assignment on Paysheet To get to auxiliary board

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Earnings Expense Hierarchy When Acct_Cd qualities are entered at different levels, which one is essentially? Paysheet Job Earns Dist, Addl Pay Position

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Position Assignment Notes - DePaul By strategy, DePaul does not supersede position information. This depends on issues of information trustworthiness and the decision to once in a while change a position definition property as opposed to abrogate it at work board. All bookkeeping is through the position to keep the tie between profit cost and ERE cost. No cost supersedes are utilized.

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Payroll Accounting Distribution Notes After the finance Confirm handle has finished, the COBOL program PSPPFUND is run. Basically, this plays out the work appropriation work. This procedure is one in which crisscrosses in the position/division blend will bring about a blunder. Each Paygroup is taken care of as a unit - one position mistake, all blunder.

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Payroll Accounting Distribution Notes (cont.) Note that the menu name for the work dispersion handle, Paycheck Distribution , might deceive in the event that you consider paycheck conveyance as giving out paychecks.

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Payroll Accounting Distribution Tables The consequences of the appropriation procedure are put away in Pay_Ern_Dist, Pay_Tax_Dist and Pay_Ded_Dist. Take note of that since this information is for college costs, things, for example, representative paid findings and withholding expenses are excluded. Different tables, for example, Budget_Actuals and Pay_Check, are likewise refreshed.

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Position Distribution Review

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Interface to General Ledger - Setup (expecting PeopleSoft GL)

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Defining Dept Offset (Liabilities)

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Defining Dept Offset (Liabilities) - Special Case for "DED" Activity When this Get this

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Setup Ledger Template Supplied

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Setup Ledger Group .:tslidesep