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Deepwater Venture Bofors Resistance 57-mm L/70 Mk 3 Weapon Framework Designing. LT Tim Hackett USCG Deepwater (G-OCD) (202) 267-0643 Eric L. Waggoner, P.E. NSWC PHD Louisville (G42) (502) 364-5239 James F. McConkie NSWC Dahlgren (G32)

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Deepwater Project Bofors Defense 57-mm L/70 Mk 3 Gun System Engineering LT Tim Hackett USCG Deepwater (G-OCD) (202) 267-0643 Eric L. Waggoner, P.E. NSWC PHD Louisville (G42) (502) 364-5239 James F. McConkie NSWC Dahlgren (G32) (540) 653-7861 Frederick G. Wagoner NSWC PHD Louisville (G30.1) (502) 364-5135

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Introduction of System Engineering Project for the USCG Requirements, Missions and the Deepwater IPT National Security Cutter 57mm L/70 Mk 3 Gun Introduction Logistics Demonstration Engineering Analysis Gun Certification System Engineering Deepwater Presentation

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The change of missions and operational needs and necessities into an incorporated framework arrangement with simultaneous comprehension of the whole life-cycle needs and procedures (i.e. to illustrate, coordinate, confirm and test, create and field a [weapon] framework for the Government for our situation, the USCG and USN). Guarantee the similarity, interoperability and mix of all practical and physical interfaces and guarantee framework definition and configuration mirror the prerequisites of all framework components. This introduction will survey the framework designing components of the Deepwater Gun Weapon System for the U. S. Drift Guard. Framework Engineering

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NSWC PHD/L made a request to do Mission Analysis and an Analysis of Alternatives with UDLP 5-inch, 76mm, 57mm, 40mm firearms considered alongside MK 160 GCS and MK 46 MOD 1 EOSS NSWC PHD/L took an interest in Deepwater IPT and AoA with USCG, NSWC/DD and OPNAV Mission Area and Threat Analysis Requirements TOC Analysis Deepwater IPT

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Deepwater Objectives WHEC Block Obsolescence 12 WMEC Increasing Logistics Demands 29 Capability Gap WPB 49

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USCG Wartime & Contingency Ops: 1917-2000 Cuban Missile Crisis 1999 Adriatic Vietnam Desert Storm Drug War 1980 Cuba 1994 Cuba 1994 Haiti Source: CAN CRM 96-93 WW I Prohibition Korea WW II Convoy/Escort Surveillance/Interdiction SAR Ops Ocean/Weather Patrol Command Ship Ice/Polar Ops NSFS Ops

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No composed military danger Possible guerilla or fear based oppressor action Hand-held weapons or explosives No modern military vehicles, boats or air ship NEG Small and moderately poorly prepared military Some waterfront watch make, conceivable medium gauge weapon Few, ASCM Hand held rockets LOW MED Considerable, genuinely efficient military power Airborne and surface units with radar and weapons scope well seaward Substantial number of ASCM's Possible submarine capacities Advanced military power Excellent radar and weapons scope well seaward Possible access to space-based recon & intel abilities Large number of ASCM's Advanced submarine abilities Mission Area Analysis for NSC EO/IR/LLLTV Radar TASKS Gun Missile SAR Decoy Jam Credible risk truant Search/Detect/ID Law Enforcement Threaten/Disable Search/Detect/ID General Defense Threaten/Disable Sea Control Deployed Port Operations Engage Anti-Piracy Decoy Maritime Intercept Ship Escort Search/Detect/ID Naval Surface Fire Support Threaten/Disable Engage Non-Combatant Evacuation Ops Decoy Supporting Fires HIGH USCG work in this condition atypical Threat overmatches expected IDS abilities Long term survival dicey

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Low Threat Environment Weapons Cigarette Boat (Type 4, Ashoora) Trawler Fast Attack Craft Boston Whaler Boghammar 8 m 6.7 m 59 m Size (length) 26 m 13 m Speed (hitches) 40+ 15 35 - 40 46 Manning 2 - 3 4 12 - 17 5 - 6 38 Small arms 7.62 mm MG RPG - 7 12.7 mm MG 107 mm MRL 106 mm Recoilless Rifle RPG - 7 12.7 mm MG 107 mm MRL Shouldering, little arms, solidified fish 14.5mm or 23mm MG 12 barrel 107mm rocket launcher Weapons Range 200+ m 800 - 1000 m 200 - 1000 m 200 - 1000 m restricted

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NTNO B/L D B/L D USCG Desired NSC Configuration NT/NO w/SLQ32 SEWIP and 2 nd Surv. EO/IR SPS 73 X-Band Surf. Seek Radar (Furuno) SRBOC + Nulka Communications SAOP SPS 73 X-Band CIWS Block 1B SPQ-9B CGC2 Surv. Radar Gun SPQ-14 57mm L/70 Mk 3 Gun Mount MK 160 GFCS IFF UPX-36 Interrogator System Adv. Sensor Dist. Sys RDF–TC 8520 Support Aviation Cutter ILS SSES SLQ-32 Surv. Radar CG Funded EADS TRS 3D/16ES EO/IR Surveillance FLIR EO/IR Mk 46 Sighting SAOP = Stand Alone Operator Position 10

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The National Security Cutter (NSC) Navy Type/Navy Owned Equipment ASCM Defense Radar SPQ-9B Air & Surface Radars TRS 3D/SPS 73 SLQ 32 Surveillance EO/IR CIWS B1B Mk 46 MOD 1 EO/IR 57mm Gun Mk 53 SRBOC w/Nulka

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BASELINE CONFIGURATION Gun Support Room 57mm mounted on 01 Level 57mm Magazine 57mm L/70 Mk 3 Gun Selected for principle battery for NSC Gun is mounted on 01 Level, roughly outline 18 Gun Support Room is situated on Main Deck, underneath Gun 57mm Magazine is situated on Second Deck, beneath Gun Support Room Preliminary

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57mm L/70 Mk 3 Gun Mount Mk 3 Gun in full creation for Swedish, Finnish and Mexican Navy, under thought for update from Mk 2 to Mk 3 by Canadian Navy. General Characteristics Manufacturer: UDLP/Bofors Defense Weight: 6800 kgs 120 rounds prepared administration ammunition 220 round/moment shooting rate Range: 17,000 meters utilizing HCER ammo Barrel life: 5300 rounds Power: 440VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz 57mm Mk 3 Gun w. standard copula Low RCS weathershield accessible

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Gun Magazine Muzzle Velocity Radar (MVR) Loading Cassette Intermediate Magazine TV Camera (TVC) Hydraulic Speed Gear Elevation Oil Tank Base Ring Slip Ring Unit Deepwater GWS Gun Mount

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GLU GCP FCS TBD 1553B Bus A 28VDC Power for all rationale signals 1553B Bus B Control and Logic System

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Ammunition Loading System 2 indistinguishable autonomous frameworks Transports the ammo from the ship magazine to the weapon magazine 2 isolate frameworks permit two sorts of ammo at the same time in the firearm Automatic Reloading Controlled and worked from GCP/GCC or from the weapon FCS

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NSWC PHD Louisville and UDLP played out a Logistics Demonstration and Engineering Analysis to decide potential issues for handling outside middle of the road gauge firearm framework. Coordinations Demonstration and Engineering Analysis

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Logistics Demo Goals For the Mk 3 57mm, Assess: Safety related substance of specialized information gave by Bofors Completeness of Technical Manuals gave Correctness and culmination of upkeep undertakings Logistics bolster bundle gave by Bofors Common and Peculiar Support Equipment, Special Tools & Test Equipment Cross reference Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants to residential counterparts Provided Maintenance Requirement Cards (MRCs) for similarity with U.S. Drift Guard and U.S. Naval force prerequisites Need for preparing materials and changes to Bofors information to meet current models Maintenance Tasks and the alloted levels (O, I or D) Logistics Demonstration

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LOGISTICS DEMO Review of Mk 3 57mm Technical Manuals Review of Mk 3 57mm Training Course Materials OEM Familiarization preparing survey O and I-Level Preventive Maintenance Tasks O and I-Level Corrective Maintenance Tasks Major Component Replacement Tasks Final Evaluations and remarks have been amassed into a Logistics Demonstration Report 57mm Mk 3 Gun being unpackaged and expelled from transportation holder in "A" Building, UDLP Louisville KY. The Gun and Lifting Fixtures are from Swedish Navy and typically utilized with Stealth Weathershield arrangement for HMS VISBY.

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LOGISTICS DEMO ANALYSIS Logistics Elements Design Interface – by Examination, Test and Demonstration Manpower and Personnel - by Examination, Test and Demonstration Training - by Examination, Test and Demonstration Maintenance - by Examination, Test and Demonstration Supply Support – by Analysis Support and Test Equipment - by Examination, Test and Demonstration Technical Data – CALS-by Analysis Configuration Management – (NOT PART OF LOG DEMO) Computer Resources – by Analysis and Examination Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health - by Examination, Test and Demonstration Packaging, Handling, Storage &/Transportation – (NOT PART OF LOG DEMO) Facilities – (NOT PART OF LOG DEMO) ILS Management – by Analysis Click here for depiction of consequences of coordinations components.

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Notes from Logistics Demonstration Ability to perform assignments significantly upgraded by Portable PC firearm mount testing applications A weapon mount testing (GMT) tablet like the GCP appeared at right and Gun Laying Unit (GLU) plays out every one of these capacities. This unit utilizes a PCMCIA 1553 card to interface to the GCC. All things already performed utilizing Dummy Directors and graph recorders are modified into GMT. What used to take three days of I-level errands can now be performed in a couple of hours. Bofors provided weapon control board (GCP) and firearm laying unit (GLU). These things are on the MIL-STD-1553B transport and interface straightforwardly with the firearm control PC (GCC) in the weapon. Two GCPs can be associated on the transport alongside FCC. Regularly, a GCP and GLU are on the extension or pilot house.

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Engineering Assessment objectives Examine the 57mm Mk 3 Gun for ranges of concern (wellbeing, RM&A, other building deficiencies). Make proposals to the USCG (and Bofors Defense) for revision or thought. Designing Assessment

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Maintenance Tasks Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Pre-FAT, HAT Establishes firearm execution gauge, confirm weapon condition Performed water interruption tests on firearm port shield Endurance Tests Perform continuance tests based upon expected operational profile of Mk 3 weapon being used by the U. S. Drift Guard and past involvement with MK 75. Check for weapon laying framework (control drive) temperatures extremes, framework disappointments or shortcomings that will affect USCG missions. Wellbeing Assessment During whole development and freely