Declaration Force ART Work Shop: Water based EOR Diversion methods

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Declaration Force ART Work Shop: Water based EOR Diversion strategies Stavanger 20 th of January 2010

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Water Based EOR redirection systems – twentieth of January 2010 Registration: Link Deadline: Monday eighteenth of January 2010 Venue: NPD, Stavanger Professor Olav Hanssensvei 10 4021 Stavanger NPD contact individual: Force contact individual: Benedicte Kvalheim

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Water Based EOR preoccupation procedures – twentieth of January 2010 9:00 Welcome and agenda by Benedicte Kvalheim, Force ART 9:05 Introduction to the redirection strategies by Tor Karlsen, Statoil 9:20 Microscopic redirection techniques by Arne Skauge, CIPR, Uni Research LPS or CDG 10:00 Macroscopic redirection strategy by Arne Stavland, IRIS using Silicate 10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break 11:10 How to model field potentials by Jim Morgan, JimTech 11:55 How to open "Window of chances" for NCS? by Reidar Kristensen, NPD 12:25– 13:25 Lunch 13:25 Offshore field involvement with Bright Water by Nancy Lugo, Chevron 14:10 – 14:30 Coffee break 14:30 From pilot to handle execution – the primary challenges by Erik Søndenå, Petoro 15:10 Wrap-up by Arvid Østhus, ConocoPhillips