Debra Jacobson GWU Law School MWCOG Air Quality Town Hall Meeting Oct. 19, 2006

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2. Review. The vitality clean air nexusWhat would we be able to do in the vitality arena?Near-term opportunitiesState Clean Air Interstate RulesEERE measures in ozone SIP Longer-term opportunitiesEERE measures in PM 2.5 SIPEERE and atmosphere strategy . 3. . . . Source: 1996 EPA . Emanations Trends Report. . . furthermore, .

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Advancing Clean Air with Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Debra Jacobson GWU Law School MWCOG Air Quality Town Hall Meeting Oct. 19, 2006

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OVERVIEW The vitality clean air nexus What would we be able to do in the vitality field? Close term open doors State Clean Air Interstate Rules EERE measures in ozone SIP Longer-term openings EERE measures in PM 2.5 SIP EERE and atmosphere approach

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ENERGY & AIR QUALITY 100% 98% 97% 80% 91% 85% 60% 5 2% 40% 20% 0% VOC CO2 SO2 NOx CO Percent of U.S. Discharges from Fossil Fuel Use Source: 1996 EPA Emissions Trends Report and EIA Emissions of Green House Gasses in the U.S.

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WHAT CAN WE DO? Increment vitality proficiency and substitute cleaner wellsprings of vitality in: Electric era; Buildings; Transportation; and Industrial employments.

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NEAR-TERM OPPORTUNITIES "Window of chance" in next six months: Development of State Clean Air Interstate Rules to advance vitality proficiency and renewable vitality (EERE); Development of State Implementation Plans (SIPs) to address the 8-hour ozone standard.

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NEAR-TERM OPPORTUNITIES State Clean Air Interstate Rules: Allocation of nitrogen oxide (NOx) recompenses to goad EERE tasks is vital; Different status in 3 locales: VA Combined new source/EERE put aside of 5% of NOx remittances Final lead expected by December 2006 DC & MD - Internal thoughts progressing

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NEAR-TERM OPPORTUNITIES EERE measures in 8-hour ozone SIP – measures under thought: Increased wind vitality buys; Retrofit of movement signs with LED lights; DC and MD Renewable Portfolio Standards; Energy execution contracting; and Building vitality codes & green building gauges.

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LONGER-TERM OPPORTUNITIES Inclusion of EERE measures in SIP to meet the fine particulate standard (PM 2.5) Allocation of stipends to EERE in any nursery gas emanations exchanging program.

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