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Daylight State Young Readers Award 2009-2010

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About the SSYRA Grades 3-5 15 fiction books Read no less than 3 to Vote in April RC tests On exceptional rack Borrow each one in turn for two weeks

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The Puzzling World of Winston Breen Eric Berlin Winston Breen Pages-209 Winston Breen loves to comprehend astounds. Yet, when his sister finds some strange segments of wood with words and letters on them, even Winston himself is confused. Before long everybody is included in the riddle that just may prompt to a huge number of dollars! This book is brimming with riddles and an extraordinary puzzle to unravel.

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Middle of Somewhere J. B. Cheaney Veronica Sparks Pages-218 Enjoy the occasionally wonderful, now and then confused, however continually astounding enterprises of Ronnie as she goes crosswise over Kansas with her granddad and ADHD sibling. Their examination of wind power is certain to shake up Ronnie's life.

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The Lemonade War Jacqueline Davies Evan Jesse Pages-173 When sibling and sister discover they will be in a similar fourth grade class, come fall, they choose to spend the mid year in a lemonade stand fight. Every tries to be the first to acquire 100 dollars. Try not to miss the tips for running your own particular lemonade stand.

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The Fabled Fourth Graders of Aesop Elementary School Candace Fleming This book highlights tales about a gathering of fourth graders and their instructor - the globe-jogging, Mayan-formal robe-wearing Mr. Jupiter. It is brimming with fun, funniness, and insane children. Mr. Jupiter pages-

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Brendan Buckley's Universe and Everything in it. Sundee T. Frazier Brendan Buckley Pages-189 Brendan Buckley utilizes his logical critical thinking aptitudes to covertly discover why his mom and granddad don't get along. En route he builds up an adoration for rocks and minerals and finds that perhaps a few puzzles are best left unsolved. Champ of the Coretta Scott King… John Steptoe new ability grant

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Igraine the Brave Cornelia Funke Igraine Pages-212 Living in a château and having performer guardians is not Igraine's concept of an extraordinary life. She longs for being a knight. At the point when her folks are transformed into pigs and the mansion is under assault from a dull adversary, it is dependent upon Igraine to spare the day.

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Found Margaret Peterson Haddix Jonah Chip Pages-341 When Jonah and Chip learn they were found as newborn children on a plane that showed up all of a sudden, they attempt to tackle the puzzle of how they arrived. They soon understand that this puzzle includes time travel and two contradicting powers. Where will the riddle lead them and would they be able to survive?

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Defiance Valerie Hobbs Toby Pages-116 Toby, a tumor persistent, takes a very much earned get-away from his growth treatment. While on an excursion he gets to know an elderly writer and her bovine who show him some essential lessons about living and passing on.

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Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat Lynne Jonell Emmy Pages-346 When Emmy's detestable caretaker medications Emmy's folks with rat elixirs, Emmy must spare them with a little assistance from her companions. Anything can glad in this funny story.

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Me and the Pumpkin Queen Marlane Kennedy Mildred Pages-181 Aunt Arlene is baffled on the grounds that Mildred is not inspired by things young ladies ought to be. Rather she needs to invest her energy growing a pumpkin sufficiently enormous to win the yearly Circleville, Ohio, challenge, as her mom longed for doing before she kicked the bucket.

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Year of the Dog Grace Lin Pacy Pages-134 The narrative of youthful Pacy who doesn't appear to have an ability for anything. In any case, as she plans to commend the Chinese New Year with her family, she pledges to take after the current year's recommendation of "getting herself".

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Highway Cats Janet Taylor Lisle Cats Pages-118 The tale of three little cats diverted from the back of a truck, who join a gathering of wild felines. At the point when the town the felines love is undermined with demolition, it is up to these three stranded cats to spare the town.

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Punished David Lubar Logan Benedict Pages-96 One day while playing tag in the library, Logan keeps running into the wrong man. The, disliking Logan's conciliatory sentiment, rebuffs Logan by making him talk in plays on words. Can Logan do what he needs to do to return to typical in time or will he be stuck like this eternity?

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Night of the Howling Dogs Graham Salisbury Dylan Louie Pages-191 When Dylan's boy trooper troop goes outdoors at Halape, Hawaii, they should put their basic instincts under a magnifying glass when an enormous quake strikes, trailed by a tidal wave. Will Dylan and his foe, Louie, put their affections for each other aside and help the gathering survive?

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Crooked Kind of Perfect Linda Urban Zoe Elias Pages-213 Even however Zoe Elias yearns to play the piano she settles for taking in the organ. Will the facts really confirm that figuring out how to play this organ positively affects everything in her life?

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You Might Be on TV! Kids Talk About the SSYRA Books

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Interested? There will be one TV demonstrate every month for six months, starting in November. Understudies from a few schools in Leon County will talk about one of the SSYRA books while getting a charge out of pizza or another nibble. Those watching at home can bring into the show with their remarks. One understudy from Springwood School will be picked every month. He or she more likely than not read the book and composed a synopsis . The rundowns are expected the week prior to the show. An alternate understudy will be picked every month. Ms. Oskowis will post a rundown of the books that will be talked about.