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Day 1 Power Point Chapter 12 Standard of Learning WHII.9a

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Focus Activity "The War to end all wars" Brainstorm: What do you think about World War I?

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Focus Activity Conscripted fighters being taken toward the Western Front by Military Busses

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Focus Activity German troopers in their trenches close Antwerp in September of 1914  

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Focus Activity German warriors after rodent chasing in their trenches

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Focus Activity British officers attempt to keep their trench dry by pumping the water

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Focus Activity Peronne amid the Battle of the Somme 1916

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Focus Activity Armenian Christians slaughtered by the Ottoman Turks

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Focus Activity German burial ground at Bethune

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Focus Activity These Belgian youngsters lost their folks amid the flight to the Netherlands. These sort of photographs were distributed in magazines to discover them back.

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Focus Activity German fighters safeguarding a French friend in arms

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The Great War The principal "world war" Over 30 nations pronounce war; more included by implication The primary "aggregate war" Nearly all parts of life influenced for all natives—not simply troopers and individuals from government Governments assume control economy; utilize publicity The main "current war" Use of new innovation, for example, planes, airships, automatic weapons, reinforced tanks, harm gas; trench fighting on bigger scale.

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The First "World War" Participant Countries in World War I – Allies in Green, Central Powers in Orange, Neutral Countries in Gray

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The First "Aggregate War" Examples of war-time promulgation from Great Britain and Australia

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The First "Cutting edge War" Tank from the Western Front German Zeppelin Soldiers wearing gas covers in the trenches at Ypres

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First Modern War Trench fighting in Flanders German U-pontoon

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The First "Present day War" Ruins of Ypres (as observed from the air)