Davidson County General Sessions Mental Health Court Justice A. A. Birch Criminal Court Building Nashville, Tennessee

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Davidson Region General Sessions Emotional wellness Court J ustice A. A. Birch Criminal Court Building Nashville, Tennessee. Decent Daniel B. Eisenstein General Sessions Court Judge Division II Managing. Cynthia Administrative Associate Takisha Case Director Steven Program Administrator Tonia

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Davidson County General Sessions Mental Health Court J ustice A. A. Birch Criminal Court Building Nashville, Tennessee

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Honorable Daniel B. Eisenstein General Sessions Court Judge Division II Presiding

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Cynthia Administrative Assistant Takisha Case Manager Steven Program Manager Tonia Case Manager Trish Case Manager Mental Health Court Staff

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Our History July 2000 got four-year Edward Byrne Memorial Grant Court Operational in January 2001 Becoming the fifth Mental Health Court in the Nation September 2004 fused into General Sessions Court yearly spending plan

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Our Mission Identify people entering the criminal equity framework who experience the ill effects of genuine and diligent emotional sickness. Create powerful mediation methodologies by offering redirection, assisted case audit and execute suitable treatment systems for preoccupation or probation.

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Program Description Provide a solitary purpose of contact inside the Criminal Justice System for litigants experiencing emotional instability. Address issues of criminal litigants who are rationally sick, formatively crippled and dually analyzed. Lighten stuffed conditions in the prison. Diminish the length of detainment for the rationally sick. Audit more than 400 cases for every year

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Courtroom Staff Judge Public Defender District Attorney Mental Health Specialist/Case Workers Psychiatrist & Psychologist Courtroom Security Community Service Agency Representatives Health Services Representatives

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Offense - Arrest Referrals made by Judge, Attorney, Family Member, Public Defender, District Attorney or Other Jail meet by Case Manager Defendant volunteers to take an interest in Program Defendant put on MH court docket Case looked into by Judge in court Treatment arrange created including physical examination One year escalated MH court supervision Graduation function held after litigant effectively finishes MH court supervision Procedure

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Mayor Karl Dean Mental Health Court Graduation Ceremony

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Implemented January 2009 with a $635,000 Congressional Grant Serves dually analyzed criminal respondents 90 day inpatient program at the Davidson County Drug Court office took after by serious outpatient supervision through the Mental Health Court Judge Seth Norman Presides over Drug Court Mental Health Court Davidson County Drug Court Collaboration

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Recidivism Prior to Mental Health Court recidivism rate was 77% After graduation from MH Court Program recidivism rate is under 10%

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Our Participants June 2006 – June 2009 Dual Diagnosis 83% Schizophrenia 35% Personality Disorder 36% Bipolar Disorder 31% Depression 23% Mental Retardation 11%

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Mental Health Court Program Results June 2006 – June 2009 1300 referrals since 2006 650 entered program 279 Graduated 147 Currently Active as of June 2009 163 Terminated 61 Other Most members have a normal of 4 pending charges

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Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report December 2006 Mental Health Problems of Prison and Jail Inmates 64% of nearby correctional facility detainees announced side effects of a mental issue including melancholy, madness or a maniacal issue inside the past 12 months

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Judge Daniel B. Eisenstein General Sessions Court, Division II Justice A. A. Birch Building 408 2 nd Avenue North Nashville, Tennessee 37219 (615) 880-3360 daneisenstein@jis.nashville.org