Data transfer capacity Monitoring Measurement apparatuses and administrations

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Transfer speed Monitoring & Measurement (devices and administrations)

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In this presentation Introduction What are Network Monitoring Tools Bandwidth Monitoring Techniques/Services Setting up some checking Tools Conclusion

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Introduction:- Why do we have to screen and measure Bandwidth Cost of Bandwidth is costly to develop nations Bandwidth in creating nations is costly. In a report for the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa, Mike Jensen ascertains that Makerere University pays about $22,000/month for 1.5Mbps/768Kbps (in/out), Eduardo Mondlane pays $10,000/month for 1Mbps/384Kbps, while the University of Ghana pays $10,000/month for 1Mbps/512Kbps. These figures show that African colleges, outside of South Africa, are paying over $55,000/month for 4Mbps inbound and 2Mbps outbound. These figures are around 100 times more costly than comparable costs in North America or Europe.

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Cont… To Know whether the ISP is furnishing us with the required data transmission paid for. To have the capacity to streamline the accessible transfer speed 59% of organizations don't screen or oversee transmission capacity at all ( Belcher, 2005) For points of interest See the ATICS Report:

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Ways to enhance arrange execution Upgrade framework, to introduce speedier, bigger, and higher performing frameworks, lines and offices. Search for less expensive supplier and Increase/update your data transfer capacity. Elective approach is to perceive that "data transfer capacity" is an important institutional asset or resource that should be overseen, moderated, and shared as viably as could be expected under the circumstances.

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How would we gauge Bandwidth? Organize Monitoring Tool

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What are Network Monitoring Tools? Permits the executive to know the wellbeing status of the system. It gives data about gathered information and the examination of such crude information with a view to utilizing rare or restricted assets successfully. Utilizes organize test. Tests let you seclude movement issues and clogs easing back your system to a slither.

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What would we be able to utilize the apparatuses for? Distinguishing informal administrations or servers Monitoring utilization and movement measurements Troubleshooting your system Investigating a security occurrence Keeping logs of clients exercises for responsibility

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Who? What? Where? How? At the point when? Who is getting to your system? understudies, scholastics, staff, guests or others What are they getting to your system for? scholarly study, social utilize, business utilize, illicit utilize Where are they getting to your system from? inner, outside How are they getting to your system? remote client, neighborhood Ethernet, WAN, dial-up, Wi-Fi, VPN When did they get to your system? today, yesterday, a week ago, a month ago…

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Network Monitoring Techniques Fraleigh et al, (2001) portray two methods for system estimation. Dynamic Measurement Passive Measurement

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Active versus Detached Active – depends upon information assembled from test bundles infused into the system. Detached – depends upon information assembled from dynamic system activity.

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Active and Passive Tools Network Monitoring Tools

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Passive Network Monitoring Tools Multi-Router Traffic Grapher Is a device for checking movement stacks on a system interface. MRTG produces HTML pages that give a live, visual representation of the system activity. It can be utilized to screen any SNMP MIB. Restrictions It can't give data that shows which host or application might bring about a movement bottleneck. MRTG does not give data about activity sort or convention measurements

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MRTG Example MRTG Example

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Cont… Etherfind The product opens the system card in the indiscriminate mode and composes a rundown line of every parcel to a document. Data incorporate convention sort, size, source and goal addresses. The apparatus separate data from every bundle. The information is introduced as a content based UI Only clients with root consent can get to the instrument.

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CONT… … NFS watch It screens all approaching system movement bound to NFS record servers, and partitions it into a few classes. The number and rates of parcels got is shown on the screen This device was initially intended to screen a solitary host

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CONT… TCPdump Uses the bundle catch library (libpcap). Prints the headers of bundle on a system interface, client examinations arrange status utilizing this header physically Has numerous alternative for catching crude information, however it doesn't give any investigation ability to the caught information.

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CONT… .. Argus -It is a nonexclusive examining instrument. - It keeps running as an application level daemon, wantonly perusing system bundles from a predefined interface -it create organize movement review records for the system action. - it separate data from every parcel in wanton mode, spare the data to a document and later dissects the record -It demonstrates data about conventions, however does not indicate source or goal have data, it just gives a content based UI.

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CONT… Etherload It is an openly LAN movement analyzer for MS-DOS with an Ethernet or Token Ring controller It essentially catches every parcel going through a LAN and gives different data on the bundle. It can be utilized to check which host is producing the most activity, which host is sending to which have, and what sort of conventions are being used in a particular Ethernet section Since it is DOS based it gives character-based UI to showing movement data

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CONT… .. IPTraf is a reassure based system insights utility for Linux. It accumulates an assortment of figures, for example, TCP association bundle and byte numbers, interface measurements and action markers, TCP/UDP activity breakdowns, and LAN station parcel and byte tally Protocols Recognized IP TCP UDP ICMP IGMP IGP IGRP OSPF ARP RARP

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CONT… … ntop is a system movement test that demonstrates the system use, like what the prevalent top Unix charge does. ntop depends on libpcap and it has been composed conveniently so as to for all intents and purposes keep running on each Unix stage and on Win32 also. ntop clients can utilize an a web program (e.g. netscape) to explore through ntop (that goes about as a web server) movement data and get a dump of the system status.

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CONT… PRTG Traffic Grapher is a simple to utilize Windows programming that screens data transmission use and other system parameters by means of SNMP. PRTG Traffic Grapher screens system and transfer speed use and in addition different other system parameters like memory and CPU utilizations, furnishing framework executives with live readings and periodical use patterns to improve the effectiveness, design and setup of rented lines, switches, firewalls, servers and other Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) empowered system parts.

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PRTG Example

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CONT… Webalizer The Webalizer is a quick, free web server log document examination program. It delivers exceedingly definite, effectively configurable utilization reports in HTML design, for survey with a standard web program.

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CONT… WebTrafMon Web-based system movement observing and examination framework. Shows a rundown of hosts that are as of now utilizing the system and reports data concerning the IP(Internet Protocol) activity produced and traded by every host. Restrictions… . Can not Monitor and dissect the Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet Can not Analyze substantial log records

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