Data for Test I and Ancrene Wisse: Part II, III, VII

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Strict utilization of marriage supernatural quality (lady of Christ) Draws from the Song ... strongholds, kingdoms, riches, excellence, quickness, quality, liberality (p. ...

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Data for Quiz I and Ancrene Wisse: Part II, III, VII

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Terms From Yesterday The four cardinal ethics Psychomachia Allegory Anima, Animus (have the capacity to rundown qualities) Mastered and unmastered tissue Vocabulary: clever, memory aide, psychomachia, classification

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Quiz I: On The Wooing… Persuasive love letter composed for anchoresses Uses characteristics of the perfect mate to depict Christ Three adversaries: world, substance, villain Literal utilization of wedding enchantment (lady of Christ) Draws from the Song of Songs Meditation on the Passion and reason for it On p. 256, the possibility that her body will allegorically hang "on cross" by her being in the anchorhold. How can this function speak to its gathering of people?

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Quiz I: Sawles Warde… Part of the Katherine Group A psychomachia, a purposeful anecdote Reason versus Substance (man versus lady); anima, ill will Four cardinal temperances Description of damnation Description of paradise Fear and Love of Life as both being informative Advice to gathering of people at end

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Quiz I: Ancrene Wisse, Part II Warns against believing the five detects. Analyzes the anchoress' body to the anchorhold; it ought to be kept "shut." Know the contention for the eyes as the windows to the spirit. Prompts quiet; directive against ladies lecturing; be careful with honeyed words (80). Feeling should be watched the most (89). Parallel drawn between 5 wounds and the 5 detects (90) Reference to burrowing one's grave (base of 91). The five faculties as gatekeepers of the heart.

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Ancrene Wisse : Background Info Written for three organic sisters Written to speak to noble ladies Written in English West Midlands c. 1225-1250 Is a guide for anchoress on the best way to behave (an otherworldly lead book) Also intended to be a solace to them and to shield them from threat

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Ancrene Wisse : Part II (On Physical Senses) Guarding the five detects; (the open body) Most worried about sight, discourse and hearing; (door of hellfire) Senses were viewed as openings accessible to enticement, particularly in ladies Three windows in the phone: onto church, onto the "world," and associating with the aides. Scriptural cases loan realness to the composition; the Bible is a definitive composed power. There is a parallel between the anchorhold and her encased body. She is to shield her notoriety from outrage. Cautions against blandishment and gossipers (backbiters). Exhorts develop words, develop conduct and activities Parallel between the five injuries and the five detects.

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Ancrene Wisse : Part VII (Love) Love is the most imperative ethicalness. An unadulterated heart makes a man represent God and others, and to love God as it were. Symbolic story of Christ as an elegant partner (pp. 190-191). Here, Soul is a woman, Christ is a ruler. Four sorts of affection: philos, eros, maternal love, love of life. Agape, Christ's affection, rises above these.

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On Love and Christ's Wooing Human love can be intentional, hired fighter (available to be purchased), or servile (by constrain). This is from St. Bernard. Purity (virtuous immaculateness) is vital, he says, with a specific end goal to love Christ. However, a dowager and spouse can love God and additionally a virgin can. However virginity is viewed as a higher calling. Christ keeps on charming the Soul by belligerence for his dignified endowments: strongholds, kingdoms, riches, excellence, quickness, quality, liberality (p. 194). Fuel love in heart; pour "Greek fire" on any strife in your heart. Keep immaculateness of heart. Adore ties God and is the govern of the heart.

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Ancrene Wisse : Part III (Inner Feelings) On Anger: Metaphor of the Pelican: so irate it murders its young; it laments; reestablishes youthful to existence with its blood. The furious anchoress devastates her benevolent acts and needs to atone to reestablish them. Approaches to manage outrage (p. 94). Religious austerity, and the genuine or false anchoresses. Judith as great anchoress.

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A.W. Part III (kept) Learning intelligence and information: The hawk and the agate (a mysterious stone); p. 99. Cross as like agate. Restraining the substance (p. 99-100), yet ensuring the body. Profound anchoress as an incline winged creature who flies. Be cautious and do great (p. 102). Keep away from yearning for acclaim. John the Baptist and the requirement for isolation (p. 107). Parallel amongst anchorhold and the wild of the forsake Fathers. God alone is sufficient (p. 108).

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A.W. Part III (proceeded with) Reasons to love singular life… Security (the tissue as a delicate vessel that need isolation) Gaining paradise (maintaining a strategic distance from the "world") Proof of respectability and largesse (a woman wouldn't convey stuff; the anchoress shouldn't convey the "world" with her) Generosity To be brighter To be a living supplication

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A.W. Part III (proceeded with) The sparrow and modesty The requirement for real ailment and enticements of the substance; they make a man humble. Part IV list enticements and approaches to contradict them.