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Dante's Inferno An energizing voyage through every one of the circles of Hell

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Abandon all trust, ye who enter here "Damnation has augmented its spirit and opened its mouth with no points of confinement." -Isaiah 5:14

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Three Days in Hell Stephen's three-day withdraw mirrors other Biblical and Mythological trips. Old Testament : A defiant Jonah is kept to the paunch of a whale. Following three days and a modest atonement, he is retched out. New Testament : Jesus plunges into Hell for three days. He comes back with the keys of Hell and Death, and in addition expansive unforeseen of "temperate barbarians."

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The Seven Deadly Sins (Saint Thomas Aquinas) Lust Gluttony Avarice Sloth Anger Envy Pride

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Three Types of Sin (Dante Alighieri) Incontinence (Level 1) Lack of poise Violence (Level 2) Conscious infringement of God's will Fraudulent and Traitorous (Level 3) Using reason and insightfulness as a weapon

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VESTIBULE : Neutrals and Opportunists, ambivalent, no genuine convictions, the individuals who don't pick sides CIRCLE #1—LIMBO : Virtuous Pagans and Unbaptized Babies CIRCLE #2 : Carnal and Lustful CIRCLE #3 : Gluttons CIRCLE #4 : Hoarders and Wasters CIRCLE #5 : Wrathful and Sullen or Slothful

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The First Circle Limbo Virtuous agnostics & unbaptized newborn children Homer, Socrates and Plato "Just so far beset that without trust" they "live in longing" (4.42)

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The Second Circle The Lustful Minos sits in judgment Blown about always by stormy winds generally as, in life, they were passed up the winds of energy

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Paolo and Francesca desire and the bogus God of Love Circle Two

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The Third Circle The Gluttons

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The Third Circle Guarded by Cerberus Wallow in mud and refuse Besieged by hail & squalid water

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The Four th Circle The eager and the intemperate Avaricious ( ravenous ) Prodigal ( inefficient) Useless Labor

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The Fifth Circle The Wrathful, Sullen, or Slothful Attacking each other

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City of Dis Boundary amongst upper and lower Hell.

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CIRCLE #6 : Heretics CIRCLE #7.1 : Violence Against Neighbors CIRCLE #7.2 : Violence Against Oneself (Forest of the Suicides) CIRCLE #7.3.1 : Violence Against God CIRCLE #7.3.2 : Violence Against Nature (Homosexuals) CIRCLE #7.3.3 : Violence Against Art MALABOLGIA

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Descent into lower Hell: Circle 6: Heresy agnostics & Non-adherents to existence in the wake of death

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Circle 7: Violen ce against God , his creation s, and self

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Viol ence Aga inst Se lf Piero delle vigne

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Forest of the suicides

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The Sodomites brutality against nature male homosexuality

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Vio lence Ugolino and Ruggieri

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Mmmm … (smack) (guzzle) Deee-licious!

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The Malbolge "Awful Pockets" Entry to most reduced levels of Hell – for the individuals who utilize their God-offered keenness to bend reality: Fraud Treachery

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Circle 8: Fraud CIRCLE #8.1 : Pimps, Panderers, and Seducers CIRCLE #8.2 : Flatterers CIRCLE #8.3 : Simonists (Users of the Church) CIRCLE #8.4 : Fortunetellers and Soothsayers CIRCLE #8.5 : Grafters CIRCLE #8.6 : Hypocrites CIRCLE #8.7 : Thieves CIRCLE #8.8 : Evil Counselors and Deceivers CIRCLE #8.9 : Sowers of Discord/Scandal/Schism CIRCLE #8.10 : Falsifiers

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CIRCLE #8.1 : Pimps, Panderers, and Seducers

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CIRCLE #8.2 : Flatterers

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CIRCLE #8.3 : The Simonists

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CIRCLE #8.4 : Fortunetellers and Soothsayers

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CIRCLE #8.5 : Grafters "the securing of pick up (as cash) in untrustworthy or sketchy ways; additionally : unlawful or out of line pick up"

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CIRCLE #8.6 : Hypocrites

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CIRCLE #8.7 : Thieves

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CIRCLE #8.8 : Evil Counselors and Deceivers

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CIRCLE #8.9 : Sowers of Discord/Scandal/Schism

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CIRCLE #8.10 : Falsifiers Ulysses

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swindlers Cassius Brutus Judas

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CIRCLE #9.1 - CAINA : Treachery to Kindred CIRCLE #9.2 - ANTENORA : Treachery to Country or Political Party CIRCLE #9.3 - TOLOMEA : Treachery to Guests CIRCLE #9.4 - JUDECCA : Treachery to Lords or Superiors LOWEST LEVEL OF HELL : The most noticeably bad of those who double-crossed their sponsors ~Satan, Judas Iscariot, Brutus, and Cassius (Macbeth?)

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Stephen in his very own Hell making

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