Dakota County, Minnesota Public Health Department Violence Prevention Programs

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Dakota Region, Minnesota General Wellbeing Office Brutality Counteractive action Projects. Jane Palumbo, Group Wellbeing Expert email: jane.palumbo@co.dakota.mn.us ph: 651-554-6123. Objectives: Primary Counteractive action: before an issue exists Best Rehearses Coordinated Endeavors

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Dakota County, Minnesota Public Health Department Violence Prevention Programs Jane Palumbo, Community Health Specialist email: jane.palumbo@co.dakota.mn.us ph: 651-554-6123 Goals: Primary Prevention: before an issue exists Best Practices Coordinated Efforts Build Citizen Capacity

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Background: Citizen Advisory Group Recommendation Child Abuse Prevention Councils built up Minnesota Student Survey Dakota Healthy Families As a Result, these gatherings were shaped: Violence Prevention Initiative Child Abuse Prevention Council Dakota Healthy Families Steering Team

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Violence Prevention Initiative Focus: Bullying Prevention Distributed "regard" notices to every single primary school Conflict Resolution publications to police contact officers Research and imparted best practice data Collaborated to County Attorney who gave 27 chats on harassing avoidance in the previous year Created site Created and appropriated tormenting manikin indicate script Purchased or made and conveyed harassing freebees for schools Provided materials for SSP Restorative Justice bolster aggregate Wrote harassing articles for k-12 bulletins Distributed against tormenting materials at district reasonable Organized harassing materials and speakers for coalition group occasion Promoted utilization of Reaching Out Theater's hostile to harassing program Materials circulated to group benefit officers Monitored seed cash ventures identified with brutality Offered 4 workshops on tormenting for youth laborers, schools and guardians

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Outcomes of four workshops for youth laborers, schools and guardians: 98% of guardians detailed increment in learning of how to bargain viably with oppositional and tormenting conduct 90% announced increment in abilities to adequately manage harassing and oppositional practices 100% revealed they plan to utilize techniques learned at the introduction 94% of school and youth laborers revealed that they can utilize the data exhibited in their work setting

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Child Abuse Prevention Council Collaboration with WIC Materials accessible at WIC facilities and arrangements Magnets Brochures on aggressive behavior at home Are You Someone Who Cares booklets & asset cards Video on child rearing tips for the WIC holding up rooms/anterooms Materials in all new customer bundles: Positive child rearing bookmarks and ABC's of Having Fun While Eating Out With Your Kids WIC staff: Gave 15 staff "Kid Pins" and articles on the most proficient method to converse with somebody about tyke manhandle Other: - Provided child rearing bookmarks to every one of the libraries amid April Staffed a data corner at the yearly Crisis Nursery Fun Run/Walk Co-displayed a workshop at the statewide Child Abuse Prevention Conference Child mishandle aversion "clothesline" show (with asset materials) at 21 areas including libraries, province government focuses, shopping centers, asset fairs, group occasions, confidence groups, expansion benefit campaign, and so forth Materials to Free Family Law Clinic, Chicano/Latino Resource Fair, doctor's facilities, imprison entryways, city lobbies, police offices, neighborhood offices

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Dakota Healthy Families Studies propose that up to 40% of youngster abuse may be forestalled through home going to programs by nurses* DHF is an intentional long haul home going to program offering backing to unexperienced parents confronting noteworthy difficulties in their parental parts. This support… Is seriously and reliably offered prenatally through pre-school years Promotes sound parent-newborn child connection Builds on family limits and qualities Focus on instruction and participative critical thinking Links guardians to group assets * First Reports Evaluating the Effectiveness of Strategies for Preventing Violence: Early Childhood Home Visitation by the nonfederal Task Force on Visitation Programs

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Outcomes 81% of smokers in the program quit smoking 86% of DHF families had "no flops" in any of the 5 formative ranges of correspondence, gross engine abilities, fine engine aptitudes, critical thinking and individual social. 90% of the families accomplished an adequate home danger security score. Five of the six markers of parent-tyke cooperation indicated change. The dominant part of guardians enhanced anxiety and segregation measures.

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Resources Go to: www.co.dakota.mn.us Click on: Site Index Type in the Search Box: Bullying (then hit "Enter" or click "Go" catch) Click on: Public Health-Health Promotion Areas of Focus - - Home Visiting Effectiveness: http://www.fightcrime.org/childabuse.php