Current Greek Poetry in its socio-social connection

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´╗┐Cutting edge Greek Poetry in its socio-social setting

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1. The battle for autonomy and its effect upon verse Dionyssios Solomos composes verse which turns into an image, inspired by the battle for autonomy Hymn to Liberty Free Besieged

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Andreas Kalvos Essentially a sentimental writer, lived in Europe for the vast majority of his life. He composed magnificent verse propelled by some lamentable occasions of the Greek war of autonomy (Psara, Souli)

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Alexandros Rizos-Rangavis A negotiator (Ambassador in Washington DC) who joins the elegance generally nineteenth century. The most conspicuous illustrative of the Old Athenian School

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Angelos Sikelianos A more develop idea of elegance invades his work. He was an existentialist with appreciation for oriental theory, and looked for virtue of soul in antiquated Greek culture

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Papadiamantis Novelist (The Murderess: a lady who executes newborn child young ladies out of pity) Short Stories Religious, customary, an admirer of straightforward nation life and traditions. Rich characters of straightforward individuals

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Myrivilis and Venezis Both powerful writers who spoke to the distresses and up/downs of the 1920's. Myrivilis composed rich composition in rich dialect. Life in the Tomb

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Kostas Karyotakis His verse catches the melancholy and dull state of mind of the 1930's. He at last dedicated suicide. The vast majority of his lyrics are the expressions of a discouraged man

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Konstantinos Kavafis He remained in the edges of the Greek world, which gave him the chance to watch and speculate on what is Greek personality. He looked for through history to discover Greek Spirit and Culture

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Georgios Seferis He inhabited a period when the Nation was attempting to recuperate from the second world war. A scholarly with profound feeling of national pride, he caught pictures of Greek life in his ballads.

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Kostis Palamas The most unmistakable figure of the 1930's and 40's. He composed wonderful enthusiastic verse in smooth verse. To some degree standard for cutting edge taste, however exceptionally persuasive and profoundly regarded

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Nikos Kazantzakis The most noticeable Greek author, theater essayist and scholarly in the twentieth century. He irritated the Church, toyed with socialism, with an exceptionally cosmopolitan approach and a profound existential soul.

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Kostas Tachtsis Novelist and Prose author. The Third Wedding : an extremely persuasive novel on present day Greek writing. He mirrors the concentration (or fortunes of it) of the 1950's and 60's on the ordinary, and the ethical vagueness of his characters mirrors the adjustments in the character of Greek society after WW2 He affected genuinely Ioannou and Xanthoulis, two critical figures of contemporary exposition.

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Giannis Ritsos An agitated artist, however an incredible one as well. His verse catches Greek Life. He was oppressed for his political convictions, and along these lines he turned into the image of an entire era, in the battle for majority rule rights and the right to speak freely

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Lili Bita A performing artist, and writer living in the US, she is illustrative of a period where ladies tried to attest their flexibility to claim their bodies and destiny. Erotic nature is a political proclamation in her work Lili Bita

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Katerina Angelaki-Rooke Her verse embodies the apprehension recently twentieth century, a specific level of bitterness and existential torment, additionally hopefulness and trust. She lets us know how late twentieth century Greece felt.

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Conclusions History is essential for Greek Authors What was going on around them influenced their work, penetrated it, and frequently turned into a wellspring of motivation. In pained times writing gave an asylum, and an exit plan. In it individuals looked for answers, and talked about responses for the troublesome inquiries that this present reality around them was posturing.