CS 006 Effective Use of WWW Fall 2007

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CS 006 Effective Use of WWW Fall 2007 WeeSan Lee weesan@cs.ucr.edu http://www.cs.ucr.edu/~weesan/cs6/00_introduction.ppt

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Lectures Tue & Thur (TR) Engr2 143 9:40-11am* Office hours TR 11-12pm @ Engr2 110 or by appt Labs Wed Engr2 127 Sessions 8:10-11am 11:10-2pm 6:10-9pm* Office hours TBA Schedule

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Course Management Moodle http://moodle.cs.ucr.edu/CS6

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Policy NO CHEATING Do your own particular work Plagiarism is a demonstration of showing another person's thoughts as your own Cheating will come about a "F" in the class Cite and reference assets Readers can discover the data you utilized

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Policy (cont) Attendance to the class and lab is obligatory Absent with a specialist note will be pardoned Turn off your mobile phone or beeper

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Course Overview A nitty gritty, non-specialized prologue to the Internet, covering Web devices, e-groups, e-trade, control looking, and check of data, protection, and other legitimate and societal issues.

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Topics Bits & Bytes Basic Computer Terminology Basic Computer Network Internet Services Search Email & SPAM E-business

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Topics (cont) Computer Security News bunches, mailing records, blogging Realtime correspondence File sharing Copyright issues The effect of the Internet

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Textbook Internet Effectively: A Beginner's Guide to the World Wide Web By Tyrone Adams and Sharon Scollard ISBN: 0321304292 Reference (discretionary) Web 101 (third Edition) By Wendy G. Lehnert and Richard L. Kopec ISBN: 0321424670

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Grading Homework 10% Labs 20% Quiz 1 10% Quiz 2 10% Final 20% Final Project 30%

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Grading - Homework (10%) Given toward the end of each Thur's address Except for the week of Thanksgiving and a week ago Due on the accompanying Mon @ 11:55pm Except for the 1 st homework which contribution on Wed @ 11:55pm For instance Read an article and post your feeling on the article Screen-dump accommodation

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Grading - Labs (20%) Web page development Using content manager, eg. Scratch pad HTML Attendance is mandantory Ask your TA to confirm you before leaving

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Grading - Quiz & Final (10%+10%+20%) Multiple decisions Short replies

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Grading - Final Project (30%) "Rethinking the Internet" Email versus webmail Mailing list versus googlegroups/yahoogroups IRC/Talk versus IM BBS versus Blog Netmeeting versus Skype Search motors: altavista versus google Netscape versus IE Social Networks: Myspace versus Facebook …

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Grading - Final Project (cont) Team extend 4-5 individuals (~12 groups altogether) Research a point Write a report Present your report Audiences are the VC with a large number of $$$ Get to vote if every group gets financed or dismisses Extra credits for the best group

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Grading - Final Project (cont) Grading Journal Log 5% Proposal 5% Presentation 5% Peer Review 5% Final Report 10%

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Bottom Line Enjoy nerd just gatherings Power Internet clients Effective utilization of the Internet Learn something new Q&A

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Homework Read RFC2555 ftp://ftp.rfc-editor.org/in-notes/rfc2555.txt List every one of the names of the general population showed up in the RFC Submit the rundown by means of Moodle by next Wed (Oct 3) @ 23:55pm