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Amusement Proposal. . High Concept. Go on a grisly journey for retribution through medieval Japan as a solitary Ronin. . One of a kind Selling Points. Dynamic evisceration and gutting engine.Truly reasonable creature AI. Watch the crows dissect the bodies of your fallen foes.Brutal adapted savagery in accordance with Anime and old Japanese silver screen.

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Generation Plan Jim Williams III GD430

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Game Proposal

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High Concept Travel on a ridiculous journey for retaliation through primitive Japan as a solitary Ronin.

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Unique Selling Points Dynamic evisceration and gutting motor. Genuinely reasonable creature AI. Watch the crows dismantle the cadavers of your fallen adversaries. Fierce adapted savagery in accordance with Anime and old Japanese silver screen. "Yo Jimbo Sword framework" permits the player to be the best swordsman in the land easily.

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Game Features Red Zen battling mode permits you to move around targets and shred them. Completely dynamic environment's. Annihilate, climb, hop from and slice through. Dynamic AI for regular folks and foes. Try not to act mischievously to much or you may need to shame yourself. Excellent spreading story line, with various endings. Sword battling framework in view of bating, countering and afterward rapidly completing your enemies yet sufficiently adaptable for more forceful players.

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Genres Action Adventure Historical Stylized Violence

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Target Platform XBOX 360 Playstation 3

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Target Customer Young Adults and Up This is a develop diversion. Japanese Samurai Movie lovers The primitive Japan setting is proof of this. Anime Fans The adapted activity and gut will engage numerous anime fans particularly devotees of ninja parchment or Samurai 7. Activity Fans The high adrenaline yield of this diversion will interest many activity gamers.

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Competitive Analysis Assassin's Creed Similar investigation and battling framework. Tenchu Series This is the fan base we would most need to tap. It is additionally set in Japan and incorporate comparative diversion components aside from it is more stealth situated an incorporates ninjas.

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Financial Analysis Projecting the accomplishment of comparative titles, for example, professional killers Creed we can gather the 17 Million we put in this venture will dramatically increase because of the present activity gamer fan base. On the off chance that the diversion truly turns into a hit it can just go higher.

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Team Project Lead: Jim Williams III Lead Designer: Me Lead Technical: My Self Lead Artist: Irene QA Manager: Bun Master Ghoda Coffee Boy: Paco Diego

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Architecture Object Oriented Design

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Coding Standard We will utilize the C++ framework for our coding standard. We trust that the all the more notable the dialect the better we can ace our motor. This choice is provisional ought to issues emerge at an early stage.

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Tools SN Systems ProDG Autodesk Maya and Max Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premier ZBrush Digidesign Pro Tool Microsoft Project OpenGL RAD Game Tools Bink RAD Game Tools Miles Sound System

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Game Engine We will endeavor to make our own particular special diversion motor We trust this is the main intelligent decision be reason for the one of a kind stylish tumbled to the amusement and the past abhorrent harming highlight we are managing an account for. This will involve everything from creature AI to molecule impacts, the novel cel shading to the part open of adversaries.

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Risks and Contingences Hurricanes and Data Loss All electronic hardware above surge level. Go down drive for move down drive, off site. Storm Shutters Weekly reinforcement of benefits and codes

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Schedule Slips If a noteworthy change ought to happen it is technique to re-assess every single other undertaking to discover if the discharge date can in any case be meet. If not, time must be taken to perceive what can be cut from the amusement. Our laborers are people, not machines. The undertaking list must be legitimately organized as to build productivity.

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Security We will utilize Asset Classification Asset Protection Access Control Compliance And coversheets… .THERE! ;P

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Revision Control Since this will be our début amusement we will utilize Perforce Software's Perforce. We likely couldn't bear the cost of Alienbrain.

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Artificial Intelligence Behaviors Coordinated assaults Fleeing in fear/strategic withdraw Suicide in the wake of getting to be distinctly crippled Defending Flanking Crows-Eating flesh and cadavers Hostile Neutral Friendly Sneak assaults Switch battling styles NPC on NPC viciousness

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AI Pathfinding We will utilize a straightforward way discovering framework as a base anyway we will devote a whole office to making the same number of alternatives for the AI to seek after and perhaps escape the PC through the dynamic situations. Were are shooting for exact verging on frightening. Would have been playtesting and annoying these folks like there's no tomorrow!

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Physics Types of Physics Factors Cloth and Hair recreation Real time Solid Material Severing Water/liquid Physics for water… and blood. Impact Detection Finite-Element Fracturing Rigid Body Dynamics Soft Body Dynamics "Mammary Kinematics"

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Input/Output Media Formats and Streaming DVD-XBOX 360 Blue-Ray Disk-PS3 We will embrace a Live Streaming Format because of the span of a portion of the levels.

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I/O Multiprocessor Our amusement will profit by both frameworks from both a graphical outlook and a substance point of view. Since we are utilizing cel shading we will spare preparing force and in this way be permitting more substance in the amusement and speedier revive rates.

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Internet We are arranging selective online substance for the Xbox 360 form and additionally an extra multiplayer fix that will be accessible for both frameworks. Multiplayer will involve Duels, Two Player Survival against a thousand adversaries, and a center manager survival mode.

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Multiplayer proceeded with… 4 players max, in addition to bots Matchmaking made by welcome or hall. Diversion just closures if have clears out. Con artist's will have their character submit hari kiri in the in amusement campaign for all to see and will then be prohibited. Player unplugging or finishing diversion won't stop this. This relies on upon the seriousness of the offense. Bolster for Clans, eyewitnesses and competitions.

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Graphics 3D Pipeline Scene Setup Database traversal Movement of question and camera Scene Description Occlusion separating Level of Detail Transformation -Transform (pivot, change, scaling) -Transformation from model to world directions - View projections - Trivial dismissal and back face winnowing - Lighting - Clipping -Transform to screen

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Graphics 3D Pipeline Cont. Triangle Setup Delta Calculation Scan-Line Conversion Rendering - Shading - Texturing - Fog - Alpha Translucency - Depth Buffering - Anti Aliasing - Display

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User Interface Controller A=Dodge/Jump, divider hop X=Counter\Attack B=healing thing Y=Red Zen RS=Item Cycle LS=Sprint RB=Sling back LB=Guard Start=Pause Select=Menus Thumsticks=Movement/Press Right to squat

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Sound Architecture DirectSound Encoding MP3 Quality THX Sample rate 1.14Mbps Stereo

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Localization US Canada Europe? Japan on the off chance that they need it. Screw the Aussies!

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R&D Unique Gore Features Unique Cel Shading application to make it resemble an anime Example (Ninja Scrolls) Animal AI

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Level: Shogun Palace, Final Boss Stage

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Palette #FF4500 & #FFFF00/Orange red & yellow for blazes #D3D3D3 & #778899/Light dim & Light slate dim for stone structures. #BDB76B , #FFF5EE & #000000/Dark khaki , Black , Sea shell for wooden structures.

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Environment and Objects

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Art Production Pipeline Description Concept craftsmanship Storyboard Place Holder Art Modeling And Animation Rigging Texturing Shading Lighting Animation Effects

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Concept Art

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Level Aspects and Construction Modeling might be sufficiently complicated to depict a convincing anime character and liquid element conditions. Apparatus and activity will be standard and will concur with mo-top. We won't make progress toward an absolutely parallel development plan to characters in genuine animes with the exception of the battle scenes. They will be hand vivified and profoundly overstated. Finishing will fill even more a need in this diversion since we have so much handling power essentially going for a Viewtiful Joe look would simply be idiotic. As expressed already we will utilize cel shading. Be that as it may we will utilize progress finishing techniques to bring a feeling of coarseness and character to this world. Lighting hotspots for this specific scene will be the smoldering city underneath, the blazing royal residence and the full moon above to give this stage a feeling of conclusion and fate. Enhancements will incorporate everything from blood wellsprings to flame coals. The objectives is not to make it take away from the amusement play or develop old so the more ways you can accomplish something, such as murdering somebody the better.

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Video Resolution & Aspect Ratio Resolution PS3 & XBOX 360 1920 x 1080 Aspect Ratio 16:9

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Sound Effects/VO/Soundtrack warrior iv-trailer

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Staff Budget

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Total Budget

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Project Schedule Project1 jimw.mpp

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Financial Analysis

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Risks and Contingences The dangers that risk this venture are expressed in this archive and conceivable possibilities, probabilities of the occasion event and cost of usage. Sea tempest, flooding and information lose are likely issues for our Florida office. I propose we keep and off site go down and keep all equipment off the ground. Should we be in a moment story office or higher, storm screens would be a satisfactory arrangement. Each reinforcement ought to have a reinforcement! $1,500 Leakage and theft; all forms will be safely guarded and anybody taking care of the manufacture circles must sign it out and can not pass it on to another worker without that representative accepting assent from the maker.