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Creating Software Engineering Class Projects with an Internal Client Dr. Christelle Scharff Computer Science Department Internal Client: Michelle Perez Director Office of Housing & Residential Life Contact: Diana White Office of Housing & Residential Life Students: Asif Baksh, Sze-Man Chan, Brian Hernandez, Zulfikar Shameer, Denny Singh, Sonny Szeto

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Outline Software Engineering Software Engineering Class: CS 389 Project Requirements List of Projects for Spring 2004 Partnering with an Internal Client How? Why? Affect? Appraisal? Understudies Interviews Demonstration Conclusions and Future Work

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Software Engineering Software = Computer Program + Documentation Software Engineering is a train, which is worried by all parts of building top notch programming from the early phases of programming particular , improvement and approval , to the support of the framework after it has been sent Quality relies on upon the strategies , methods and devices utilized amid the product building process

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Some Numbers In 2002, 34% of programming items were finished on spending plan, and 17% were finished disappointment [Standish Group] Defective programming cost organizations more than $200 billions every year [Sustainable Computing Consortium] It takes $10 to settle a bug amid advancement, $100 to alter a bug amid quality certification, $1000 to alter a bug amid beta test, and $10,000 to alter a bug post-arrangement [Alan Zeichlick, SD Times]

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Software Engineering Course: CS 389 Core course of the Computer Science educational modules taken by junior and senior understudies Main Topics: Software Engineering Process Models Requirements Engineering Object-Oriented Design and UML Programming and innovations Testing Semester-long programming improvement gather extend Students pick their gatherings and tasks Students have the chance to work with an inner customer

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Two Important Questions Concerning the Project What programming designing procedure model to utilize? Waterfall display How to best recreate "this present reality" conditions? Sort of venture, gathering work, advances, deliverables, due dates and different limitations, customer…

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Projects – Spring 2004 Online Web Pages Builder 8 understudies Online Wedding Planner System Online Volunteers Management 7 understudies System for NYC 2012 Online Pace University Schedule Builder Online Room Transfer Requests 6 understudies System Online Work Order Requests System

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Projects Requirements Communication aptitudes Documentation Feasibility Study Requirements Document Design Document Testing Document Code Listing Professional experience Impact: Users Satisfaction Survey Visibility (page) Programming Learn no less than one new innovation Practice with no less than one CASE apparatus

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Partnering with an Internal Client Steps: First Contact with the Housing and Residential Life Office Regular catch up with the customer and the understudies Invitations to presentations and exhibits Assessment

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Survey Results: Why Some Students Did not Work with the H & RL? 15 understudies out of 21 Proposed ventures not testing enough Scope and size of the proposed extends too substantial Decision of the group Interest in their own product to be created Needed to be guaranteed that the H & RL will be conferred and supportive Needed to be guaranteed that the product will be sent and utilized Needed an additional educational programs remunerate!

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Advantages of Partnering with an Internal Client 1 Real world experience Understand customers' needs and changes in prerequisites Project administration encounter Development of correspondence and arrangement abilities Acquire encounter and assorted aptitudes important available place

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Advantages to Partnering with an Internal Client 2 Experiential figuring out how to bolster understudies' scholarly, moral, and social improvement Developing programming that will specifically profit a substantial number of understudies' companions Intimate comprehension of different strategies and systems A chance to straightforwardly affect the nature of administrations understudies' get Inspires understudies' to wind up included and dynamic natives of the private group

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Experience as a Client Initial Contact The procedure: Time venture to meet the understudies Attendance to exhibits and presentations Interest: C ustomized programming created to meet the particular needs of the private group Significant needs of redid programming for the private group

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Survey Results: Students who worked with H & RL Why did they work with a customer? Challenge, pick up experience, continue, taking part in the group , time administration and line up Experience with the customer Very proactive, accommodating, conferred and understanding customer Changes in the necessities were presented easily as a result of the standard gatherings and discourses All of the understudies would rehash the experience

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Students Interview How much time did you spend on the venture? What required the most time? How might you portray your involvement with the interior customer? Was the extension and size of the venture very much characterized from the earliest starting point? Might you want to see organizations like this one in other Computer Science classes? What do you accept are the effects of this experience on your vocation?

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The OLWOR System OnLine Work Order Request System Asif, Damian, Denny Client: Michelle Perez, Director of Housing & Residential Life Supervisor of the venture: Diana White. H & RL

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OLWOR Stakeholders and Main Features All clients of the framework (Residents, H & RL Staff and Direction) have a profile in OLWOR Residents can submit work arrange demands online DoIt, B&G, S&S, CoinMac Confirmation messages sent to the staff and occupants about all solicitations and upgrades Residents monitor the status of their work arrange demands (submitted, in advance, shut) Staff and Director of H & RL have admittance to all work arrange demands (utilizing distinctive criteria)

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OLWOR Demonstration

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Conclusions and Future Work Problems and inquiries Server? Bolster for the Server? Budgetary support? Accessibility and eagerness of the understudies to complete the venture? Upkeep of the framework a short time later?

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Conclusions and Future Work Success story: Deployment of the OLWOR framework Internship offered by the Office of Housing and Residential Life Summer I 2004: Deployment Summer II 2004: Use of the framework by the RAs in Maria's Tower, and appraisal Fall 2004: Use of the framework by the understudies in Maria's Tower, and evaluation out and about for Fall 2004 and Spring 2005…

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