Corridor of Honor Class of 2008

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´╗┐Ordinance McMillan School District Hall of Honor Class of 2008 Induction Announcement Ceremony Canonsburg Memorial Stadium September 26, 2008

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Purpose Statement The Canon-McMillan School District Hall of Honor perceives people who through their achievements or commitments have separated themselves in the scholarly community, games, expressions, or citizenry.

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Mr. Robert F. Arista Honoring Academia

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Mr. Raymond Campanelli Honoring Athletics Accepted by the Honorable Robert Cindrich, Mr. John Somsky, and Mr. Ron Cindrich

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Mr. Manuel Pihakis Honoring Athletics and Citizenry

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Mr. Joseph Sulkowski Honoring Arts

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Mr. Kevin Terrell Honoring Citizenry Accepted by Ms. Lynn Terrell Bennet, Elaina and Aidian Bennett

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Thank you to the greater part of the group individuals and board of trustees individuals that made this occasion a win.