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Representative Engagement: Does It Really Add Value?. Catherine Baumgardner, Corporate Health GroupBrandon Melton, LifespanASHHRA Annual ConferenceOctober 16, 2006. 2. The Context for Employee Engagement. A key some portion of the organization\'s general client experience strategyNot stand aloneLeadership must comprehend the association.

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Employee Engagement: Does It Really Add Value? Catherine Baumgardner, Corporate Health Group Brandon Melton, Lifespan ASHHRA Annual Conference October 16, 2006 2

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The Context for Employee Engagement A key some portion of the association's general client encounter procedure Not remain solitary Leadership must comprehend the association

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How would you characterize representative engagement? 3

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Definitions Employees feel a compelling enthusiastic cling to the association that utilizes them People show a readiness to prescribe the association People will confer time to help the association to succeed Source: Wikipedia 4

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Why Should We Care? Solid relationship between representative fulfillment, client unwaveringness and store productivity. Source: Harvard Business Review (1998) Sales compel engagement connected to doctor devotion. Source: PeopleMetrics (2002) "Completely connected with" representatives had higher portfolio possessions. Source: PeopleMetrics (2004) Employees who were "completely connected with" delivered fundamentally less "deformities" than the individuals who were "withdrew." Source: PeopleMetrics (2005) 5

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Relevance to Today's Workplace Increased representative, tolerant fulfillment Engaged representatives mean a superior primary concern Enhanced worker maintenance Identifies key drivers of representative engagement 6

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Is it enough to have fulfilled workers?

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Traits of a Satisfied Employee Pleasant Satiated Content Gratified Low non-attendance Low turnover Low substance mishandle Source: Leadership Excellence, August 2006

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Traits of an Engaged Employee View their work as a piece of improving the general association will do what it takes to surpass client desires Believe in their association Want to improve it work Trust their administrators

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Behaviors of an Engaged Employee Build connections Anticipate client needs Support colleagues to give fantastic administration Take activity Find answers Source: Leadership Excellence, August 2006

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Today's Objectives Share rehearses most profoundly corresponded with engagement Discuss where to best use assets to effect engagement Show relationship between's worker engagement and authoritative execution 7

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Today's Deliverables Criteria for ascertaining engagement record Categories of compelling individuals hones that drive engagement Measurement instruments 8

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Case Study- - Lifespan Health System Founded: 1994 Hospitals (Founded): Rhode Island Hospital (1863) Newport Hospital (1873) The Miriam Hospital (1926) Bradley Children's Psychiatric Hospital (1931) Hasbro Children's Hospital (1994) 10

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Lifespan Facts Employees: 11,400 Physicians: 2,519 Residents: 510 Patient Discharges: 52,680 Emergency Department Visits: 198,447 Revenues: $1.26B Research: $66.8M 11

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Why Did Lifespan Pursue Engagement? The mission of Human Resources is to help Lifespan and its Partners to end up distinctly the Employer and Provider of Choice in the groups we serve. Our vision is to be at the front line of HR practice to make the supported progress of Lifespan and its Partners. 12

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Lifespan Employee Engagement Initiative People Practices Worklife Values Leadership/Management Supervision Career Development Employee Engagement Advocacy Retention Job Satisfaction Organizational Performance Patient Satisfaction Financial Performance Employee Retention 13

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Participation All however one Lifespan area led the Employee Engagement Survey in August and September 2005 All five Lifespan areas utilized a similar center inquiries – permitting correlation over the wellbeing framework More than 66% (69%) of Lifespan representatives took part in the Employee Engagement overview All yet one area has an Engagement Index of 70% or higher – completely drawn in and drew in workers All Lifespan areas have a similar top general driver of engagement – "Life expectancy thinks about its workers" 14

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Measuring Employee Engagement Response Scale (Likert ) An engagement file incorporates respondents noting 4 or 5 on every one of the three result questions 15

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Engagement Index Advocacy: I would prescribe Lifespan as an awesome work environment Retention: I plan to work at Lifespan quite a while from now notwithstanding retirement Satisfaction: Overall, I am happy with Lifespan as a work environment 16

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Engagement Segment Definitions Fully Engaged "5's" on backing, maintenance and occupation fulfillment Engaged "4 or 5" on support, maintenance and employment fulfillment (but no less than one "4") On the Fence "3, 4 or 5" on promotion, maintenance and occupation fulfillment (yet no less than one "3") Disengaged At slightest one "2" on promotion, maintenance or employment fulfillment 17

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Engagement Index Results 18

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The Not So Good News… Almost 1/3 (31%) of Lifespan workers are "On the Fence" or "Separated" 19

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The Unengaged: Who Are They? Utilized 1-2 years Under 40 years old Work evenings and nights Mostly information laborers, not generation specialists 20

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Categories of Effective People Practices Work Life Balance Values Leadership/Management Immediate Supervisor Career Development 21

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Top Engagement Drivers Bradley Hospital Bradley Hospital thinks about its representatives My prompt chief shows a constructive initiative style I feel my vocation is creating at Bradley Hospital Lifespan Corporate Services Lifespan Corporate Services thinks about its workers Lifespan Corporate Services approaches representatives with deference I have certainty that senior administration is driving Lifespan Corporate Services in the correct course Newport Hospital Newport Hospital thinks about its workers Newport Hospital is a socially and morally dependable association I am ready to keep up a suitable harmony between my own and work life 22

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Top Engagement Drivers Rhode Island Hospital The Rhode Island Hospital thinks about its representatives There are astounding openings for work accessible for me at Rhode Island Hospital Rhode Island Hospital gives quality patient care The Miriam Hospital The Miriam Hospital thinks about its workers My commitments are fittingly remunerated and perceived The Miriam Hospital gives quality patient care 23

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Overall Engagement Model Section* Survey Item** % Favorable EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT (71%) Satisfaction Retention Advocacy 1. Work Life 2. Values 3. Prompt Supervisor 2. My quick chief shows a positive administration style 78% 4. Profession Development 3. I feel my profession is creating at Bradley Hospital 65% 5. Authority/Management 9. Bradley Hospital considers representative interests when settling on critical choices 58% * Sections are recorded in the request of their effect on Employee Engagement ** Survey things are recorded all together of individual effect on Employee Engagement Items that score beneath 65% are highlighted in Red and Bold content. 24

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Follow-up/Action Planning Communicate review discoveries to official administration and administering loads up Distribute site and office level reports to center directors Communicate study discoveries and next strides to workers Clarify real issues and worries with representatives E-Focus Groups Department Meetings Develop activity arrangements to address issues with key points of reference, accountabilities and courses of events Overall site arranges Department particular arrangements 25

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Follow-up/Action Planning Implement required upgrades – site and division particular Communicate particular follow-up moves made to workers Measure advance through representative "heartbeat" overviews Conduct Correlation Study 26

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Gap to Perfection Newport Hospital Survey was led in Nov, 2004. Weighted Average Based on number of Full-Time and Part-Time representatives at every Lifespan Site. Straight Average: 44% 27

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Correlation Study Relationship Between the Level of Employee Engagement and Organizational Performance Organizational Performance Measures Patient Satisfaction Labor Costs Overtime Usage Contract Labor Usage Employee Retention/Turnover Engagement Levels Lowest Engagement (<50%) Middle Engagement (half 70%) Highest Engagement (>70%) 28

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% Overall Rating of Care by Engagement Index 100% 80% 73% 66% 65% 60% % Highest Care Rating 40% 20% 0% Lowest Middle Highest Engagement Index Note: All rates on this graph show a top box score. That is, a 5 (decent) on a 5-point scale. 29

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Percentile Rank Overall Rating of Care by Engagement Index 100% 95%ile 80% 65%ile 60% 50%ile Percentile Rank 40% 20% 0% Lowest Middle Highest Engagement Index Note: All rates on this graph demonstrate a top box score. That is, a 5 (decent) on a 5-point scale. 30

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% Likelihood to Recommend Hospital by Engagement Index % Highest Recommendation Rating Engagement Index Note: All rates on this outline demonstrate a top box score. That is, a 5 (decent) on a 5-point scale. 31

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Percentile Rank Likelihood to Recommend Hospital by Engagement Index 100% 90%ile 80% 60% 50%ile Percentile Rank 40% 20% 0% Lowest Middle Highest Engagement Index Note: All rates on this outline demonstrate a top box score. That is, a 5 (decent) on a 5-point scale. 32

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% Overtime by Engagement Index RIH Total Overtime Budget: $22,178,510 Potential Savings*: $5,544,628 This 9 rate point distinction costs an extra $4,158,471 This 3 rate point contrast costs an extra $1,386,157 % Overtime Engagement Index Note:Potential Savings as