Contrasting Associate with Companion Record Sharing Advances

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(c) David Strom Inc. 2001. 2. Rundown. Brief history of P2P document sharingThe Post-Napster worldTechnology examplesBusiness modelsMotivations for utilizing P2P record sharingCorporate methodologies. (c) David Strom Inc. 2001. 3. Brief history of record sharing. Non-music relatedMusic-related. (c) David Strom Inc. 2001.

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Contrasting Peer with Peer File Sharing Technologies David Strom, O'Reilly P2P DC Conference Sept 2001 (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Summary Brief history of P2P record sharing The Post-Napster world Technology illustrations Business models Motivations for utilizing P2P document sharing Corporate methodologies (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Brief history of record sharing Non-music related Music-related (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Non-music related Set up a document server on Netware, Unix, NT Set up FTP server on the Internet Upload records to different newsgroups Send email around with connections (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Music-related FS First came utilized record stores Copy a CD to tapes Then came MP3s (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Remember MP3 downloads? Find a ftp server with music on it Try to interface with the server (regularly occupied) Upload a couple of tunes first Then ideally locate the right melody and download it And considerably more work to have your own music ftp server! (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Music-related FS (con't) MP3s were immediately trailed by occupied ftp servers and proportions Then Napster Quickly took after by parcels o' legal counselors Other transports and systems, as AOL IM (Aimster) Non-incorporated registries (Gnutella) (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Problems with music FS comprehended by Napster ftp destinations frequently occupied Had to take in the intricate details of ftp customer programming Uploading prerequisite was cumbersome Search apparatuses rough, could regularly just discover ftp locales, not melodies Setting up servers agonizing as well. (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Post-Napster world Gnutella customers (LimeWire, BearShare) FastTrack customers (MusicCity, KaZaa) Groove Others that don't have anything to do with music and pre-youngsters RIAA non-starters like SDMA (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Silly question If the music organizations could make sense of an innovation that could permit sensible per-melody installments (like 25 pennies), would this industry ever happened? (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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But the genuine executioner P2P FS application: PORN! Porndigger is one illustration KaZaa et al. permit picture/video seeks! (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Comparing KaZaa and LimeWire L: Multiple simultaneous inquiries K: Better and quicker results L: more clients, K: more documents K: better activity/way examination L: Java drowsiness in UI Neither will supplant Napster! (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Common components of all P2P FS advances Easy to hunt and share documents Uses http and ftp conventions Each client's PC goes about as customer and server A people group of clients with shared objectives and interests - possibly Build upon P2P administrations to expand the general estimation of the framework (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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The measurements for P2P FS Searchable registry Monitor/control approaching/active movement Access controls and extent of document sharing on every PC's plate Speed of finding different associates and keeping association up (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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How disseminated does your system need to be? Napster: focal server to validate and track clients Gnutella: everything is conveyed Aimster: utilizes AOL IM catalog to verify/track clients (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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But the genuine reason these administrations are multiplying: I need your (music, porn, whatever) documents! Offering my records to you isn't a genuine inspiration – yet. (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Shirky's rundown of lessons gained from Napster Centralize what you have to make your plan of action work A poor UI isn't an issue, particularly if individuals can even now complete things It courses around system administrators/firewalls It permits individuals to make their own namespaces without specific information (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Review these ideas for new P2P FS innovations Centralize nothing so legal counselors can't get you UI will turn out to be more essential as rivalry builds Routing around Internet bars is vital The common accumulation is basic if the group will flourish (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Let's take a gander at non-P2P FS Mydocsonline or comparable "Web hard circle" PGP secure email, possibly Maybe even an online Office suite like TeamOn, FreeDesk or Blox (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Problems Motley accumulation hard to oversee Not everybody will work with different instruments Authentication is troublesome – various logins Still need to download bunches of programming, in spite of "100 % program" accentuation Tiresome email trades of records Security by lack of definition (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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One contender: Groove Networks Authentication is dependably on and setup is simple Different workspaces for various accumulations of individuals No program, email record swapping required Supports a wide assortment of devices and data sharing models Great for sharing documents between home/work PC (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Other parts of Groove Two-way sharing model versus children of-Napster take this-document approach Not stopped up with individuals hoping to download music or porn records, yet May be pointless excess for basic home/work record sharing, however (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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What plans of action bode well? Promoting User charges Corporate site licenses Core innovation licenses ISP/ASP volume buys (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Motivations: the system edge Right now arrange edge gadgets are underused or imbecilic with regards to working with the system texture itself Edge is more solid than center servers from application point of view (some of the time) P2P FS includes insight, expanded usage at the edge Makes it less demanding for individuals to accomplish more work, much the same as c. 1981 PCs (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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P2P FS makes new sorts of "edge-to-edge" organizes Only need a segment of the Internet foundation to work Really focused at little accumulations of individuals that need exceptional coordinated effort My desktop needs to converse with your desktop Need to get around firewalls, VPNs, and other corporate security (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Controlling your own particular system predetermination Ask your IT office for the ability to raise another document server in the following hour without earlier spending endorsement Now envision being chuckled out of the room (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Advantages of P2P FS No requirement for setting up IP addresses, DNS arrangement, firewall rules, web server facilitating co-area understandings, IT approach declarations, extensive endorsements up the IT summon structure, IT R&D survey, IT rollouts, … Do you identify an example here? (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Drawbacks to P2P FS Security provisos Loss of control over desktop exercises Some organizations don't prefer to impart and play to others (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Corporate methodologies Download and attempt Groove or uRoam Compare with downloading music or PC/Anywhere for usefulness Examine your own particular projects for record exchange segments that could profit by peering Examine whether you can profit by shared preparing models Setup a trial Groove workgroup and extend group (c) David Strom Inc. 2001

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Places for more data Copies of this presentation My audit of Groove: List of P2P FS advances: op=viewarticle&artid=204 (c) David Strom Inc. 2001