Contemporary Security Concentrates on Alan Collins

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There is a security worry that terrorist gatherings will utilize natural, concoction, atomic, ... Terrorist gatherings can be exceptionally adaptable in their decision of their ...

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´╗┐Contemporary Security Studies Alan Collins Traditional Security Terrorism

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Overview How psychological oppression is seen will decide approach

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Terrorism What Is Terrorism?

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Definition of Terrorism

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Techniques and Targets

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Techniques and Targets

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Types and Causes of Terrorism

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Terrorism A Growing Phenomenon?

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Prevalence of Terrorism

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Terrorist Incidents 1991 International Terrorist Incidents by Region Total Incidents: 565 (US Department of State: Patterns of Terrorism)

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Terrorist Incidents 2002 International Terrorist Incidents by Region Total Incidents: 199 (US Departments of States: Patterns of Terrorism)

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Domestic and International Fatalities (National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism)

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Terrorism Towards A Response?

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Concepts and Definitions

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Security Measures

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Security Measures

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Security Measures