Conquering OUR RACISM: The Journey to Liberation

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Conquering OUR RACISM: The Journey to Liberation Pace University May 16, 2005 "I'm not a supremacist." Taken From: Sue, D. W. (2003). Conquering Our Racism: The Journey to Liberation . San Francisco: Jossey Bass.

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Bigotry and Bias "Nobody, brought up in the United States or some other part of the world so far as that is concerned is insusceptible from acquiring the racial/social inclinations of their progenitors." "Despite the fact that a large portion of us are well meaning and intentionally have faith in the standards of majority rules system, we can't get away from the one-sided social molding of our general public." "Regardless of the way that we are not by and by in charge of our social molding, we separately and on the whole should acknowledge the obligation of freeing ourselves from the generalizations and preferences that we have obtained."

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WHAT MAKES US BIGOTS? Bigotry is established in ordinary social mental procedures. Intellectual Processes – Categorization Motivational – Power/Social Dominance Sociocultural – Social Conditioning

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WHAT MAKES US BIGOTS? Sociocultural Conditioning Schooling and instruction Mass Media Peers and social gatherings

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POWERFUL PSYCHOLOGICAL PROCESSES QUESTION: Is it workable for any of us who are brought up in the United States without acquiring the racial inclinations of our progenitors?

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THREE FORMS OF RACISM 1. Singular prejudice is any state of mind or activity whether purposeful or accidental, cognizant or oblivious, which subordinates a man or gathering in light of their shading.

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THREE FORMS OF RACISM 2. Institutional prejudice is any institutional approaches, practices and structures in governments, organizations, unions, schools, places of worship, courts and law authorization elements by which choices are made as to unjustifiably subordinate people of shading while permitting different gatherings to benefit from such activities. Case: Housing designs, isolated schools, unfair business and advancement strategies, racial profiling, disparities in social insurance, isolated holy places, and instructive educational modules which overlook/bend the historical backdrop of minorities.

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THREE FORMS OF RACISM 3. Social prejudice is the individual and institutional articulation of the prevalence of one gathering's social legacy over another (expressions, makes, dialect, conventions, convictions and qualities).

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MYTH OF RACISM Only the White Supremacists (Skinheads, Neo Nazis, Ku Klux Klan) are extremist, one-sided and bigot. I am a decent and fair individual. I put stock in uniformity and majority rule government. I don't separate.

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THE CHANGING FACE OF RACISM Almost all late studies on prejudice recommend a few patterns in the advancement of bigotry which challenge this false conclusion:

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THE CHANGING FACE OF RACISM 1. Customary bigotry, which is intentionally communicated by means of racial disdain and clear threatening vibe, gets the best share of news media consideration. These are people who frequently deliberately showcase their contempt in clear and emotional ways.

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THE CHANGING FACE OF RACISM 2. Most Americans would plainly mark these people as neurotic, underhanded, loaded with scorn, and eagerly sentence and work to rebuff them. It likewise makes it simple for us to state that racists are just those individuals - the Skinheads, KKK, and White Supremacists. They are no chance like me!

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THE CHANGING FACE OF RACISM 3. The substance of prejudice has changed essentially. The "antiquated" frame was by and large plain, coordinate and regularly purposeful. It focused on firmly the inadequacy of most racial/ethnic minority gatherings and keeps on being profoundly unmistakable.

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MODERN OR AVERSIVE RACISM Modern or aversive prejudice is portrayed by the accompanying qualities: 1. It is frequently unobtrusive, roundabout and unexpected. It is oblivious. It is outside our level of mindfulness. 2. While there is a fundamental confidence in the mediocrity of people of shading, it is most firmly communicated by a faith in the prevalence of Whites.

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MODERN OR AVERSIVE RACISM 3. Prejudice turns out to be more successive and extraordinary as people of shading climb the status chain of command. At the end of the day, it more probable communicated against high status people since they abuse the regularizing structures of society and incite outrage and desirously. 4. Bigotry is destined to be emphatically coordinated toward the individuals who challenge the framework and request change.

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MODERN OR AVERSIVE RACISM 5. It is more probable communicated in an inability to help as opposed to in a cognizant yearning to hurt. 6. Segregation is probably going to rise not when a conduct would look biased, but rather when different methods of reasoning can be offered for biased conduct, and when we endeavor or imagine not to notice contrasts.

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WHITE SUPREMACIST OR JUST "PLAIN FOLKS"? What's Wrong With The Following Picture? While White EuroAmerican guys constitute just 33% of the populace

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WHITE SUPREMACISTS OR JUST "PLAIN FOLKS"? They involve 80% of tenured positions in advanced education. 2. 80% of House of Representatives

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WHITE SUPREMACIST OR JUST "PLAIN FOLKS"? 3. More than couple of years between 80%-90% of the U.S. Senate 4. 92% of Forbes 400 Executive CEO level positions

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WHITE SUPREMACISTS OR JUST "PLAIN FOLKS" 5. 90% of Public School Superintendents 6. 99.9% of Athletic Team Owners 7. 100% of U.S. Presidents

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MYTH OF RACISM It is the unmistakable White supremacist which represents the best danger to people of shading. When all is said in done, the contemporary type of bigotry is many times over more dangerous, harming and damaging to people of shading than obvious supremacist acts. In reality, the last demonstrations speak to exceptionally negligible danger to the personal satisfaction of most racial/ethnic minorities.

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CONCLUSION It isn't White supremacists who make and control the devices that outcome in such out of line and harming abberations.

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CONCLUSION It is individuals we choose to office; Teachers who instruct our youngsters; Business pioneers who complete the approaches and practices of their companies; Government pioneers, law implementation officers; Physicians, dental practitioners, development laborers; Our family, companions, and neighbors; IT IS YOU AND I !

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MYTH OF RACISM I don't approve nor rehearse oppressive conduct. I'm not in charge of the activities of others. Try not to reprimand me!

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ALBERT EINSTEIN QUOTE "The world is excessively unsafe, making it impossible to live in - not on account of the general population who do fiendish, but rather in view of the general population who sit and let it happen."

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PASTOR MARTIN NIEMOLLER QUOTE "In Germany they started things out for the Communists, and I didn't talk up in light of the fact that I wasn't a Communist. At that point, they desired the Jews and I didn't talk up in light of the fact that I wasn't a Jew. At that point they wanted the exchange unionists, and I didn't talk up on the grounds that I wasn't an exchange unionist. They desired the Catholics and I didn't talk up in light of the fact that I was a Protestant. At that point they wanted me, and at that point nobody was left to talk up."