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Connections to Literacy CMC3 December 2009 MaryAnne Anthony Lynn Marecek Santa Ana College

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Links to Literacy Project Overview Children's math writing has been incorporated into Santa Ana College's Prealgebra course

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Links to Literacy Project Problems tended to: Students' low perusing level Gaps in understudies' math foundation Lack of perusing at home

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Problem 1 Students' low perusing level Time to Act: An Agenda for Advancing Adolescent Literacy for College and Career Success – Carnegie Corporation In state after express, the testing information … uncovers a checked decrease in the perusing and composing abilities of youthful learners.… .Many youngsters… wind up graduating without the fundamental aptitudes that they have to do school level work

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Problem 1 Students' low perusing level

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Problem 2 Gaps in Students' Math Background Many understudies did not encounter the relentless incremental strides of K-12 math educational programs Some understudies missed key ranges in the improvement of essential math ideas

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Problem 3 Lack of Reading at Home Often no family good example for perusing Students have little time for recreational perusing between school, work, families Many junior college understudies are English dialect learners

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We are charged to address these issues! AMATYC Standards California's Basic Skills Initiative

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AMATYC Standards Beyond Crossroads: 'Measures for Intellectual Development … Communicating' Students will secure the capacity to peruse, compose, listen to, and talk arithmetic. (Ch.1 p.6)

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California's Basic Skills Initiative … standard staff at the auxiliary level must impart the weight of proficiency issues to English and perusing workforce (p.41) Effective practices in science: encouraging intelligent learning through understudy composing, perusing, talking… with the goal that understudies can figure out how to… convey about arithmetic both orally and in composing' (p.44)

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Our Solution Create a kids' writing area in the school library

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Children's Literature in a College Library? Our understudies were at that point conveying their kids to the Library Children ought to be kept occupied so their folks could concentrate on We perceived a chance to give math books to open youngsters to scientific ideas

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Aha! We can show two eras of understudies in the meantime!

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Where did we discover the cash? SAC Foundation SAC Library reserves Basic Skills Initiative Student Success Grant

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How could we have been able to we pick the books? Books we read with our own youngsters Book records from essential review asset materials California branch of instruction NCTM

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Besides the kids, who peruses the books? Understudies in Math for Liberal Arts Project choice Prealgebra understudies Links to Literacy!

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Links to Literacy Linked subject of every book to educational programs of Prealgebra course Created understudy task for every kids' book Wrote an instructor page for every task Included in pertinent areas of our Prealgebra original copy

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Implementation Homework task takes next to no classtime Assign four amid semester two due around mid-term two close end Students pick which books to peruse Extra credit openings

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Group work Read the book on your table Answer the inquiries on the worksheet

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Group Reports Summarize the story What math topic(s) did you perceive in the book? Where does this fit in the Community College math educational modules?

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Assignment Format Progression of inquiries Start by compressing story End with augmentation - read to kid, utilize manipulatives, and so forth

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Insights into understudies' points of view and misguided judgments Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday Make a "checkbook enlist" to show how Alexander spent all his cash.

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The Doorbell Rang What if there were 18 kids – how might they be able to share the 12 treats equitably? Clarify your thinking in words and by drawing a photo.

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The Doorbell Rang Student Response

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The Doorbell Rang (once more)

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The Doorbell Rang (twice)

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The Doorbell Rang (and they're getting it!)

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The Doorbell Rang (for the last time)

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Benefits to Students Our understudies perceive the benefit of perusing books discussing math with their kin, youngsters, neighbors They say it makes learning missing ideas fun when they're introduced in an unexpected way

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Student Comment – Reading with her Daughter

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Student Comments Some understudies preferred them, some didn't: "I saw the benefit of kicking children off at an early stage the math way." "[It's] an opportunity to interface what is being educated essentially" "It's a fun approach to take in more about math notwithstanding for us who are more seasoned" "Cool thing to blend writing with arithmetic" "I don't see the point, they are pointless"

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What did understudies say was the best part of these exercises? "That you take in the ideas of… math in a fun way" "It was useful… straightforward and sufficiently solid to handle" "To discover that you can begin instructing math to kids through perusing" "Teach[ing] another person"

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More "bests" "Perusing the books to my younger sibling, sibling, cousin, kid" "I got the chance to invest energy with my siblings, with my youngsters" "Getting inventive" "Made me read, which was fun" "Simple focuses"

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Book List with Math Topics One Hundred Hungry Ants Factoring composite numbers Spunky Monkeys on Parade Multiples of numbers A Remainder of One Divisibility tests Clean-Sweep Campers Equivalent fractions The Doorbell Rang Simplifying fractions Elevator Magic Subtraction of integers Each Orange Had 8 Slices Associative property of multiplication The 100-pound Problem Subtraction and expansion property of equality Everybody Wins! Division property of fairness

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Books and Topics (cont.) Math Curse Word problems Missing Mittens Odd and even numbers Among the Odds and Evens Properties of odd and even numbers Spaghetti and Meatballs Area and perimeter for All Alexander, Who Used to Coin word issues be Rich Last Sunday One Grain of Rice Exponents The King's Chessboard Exponents Sea Squares Perfect square numbers The Fly on the Ceiling Ordered matches and point-plotting

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