Conjuring Health and Restoration

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Acquire lodging/air bundle bargains. Pay month to month bills former flight! ... Inn safe. Bring little measure of neighborhood money. Keep up cost list for U.S. Traditions ...

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´╗┐Conjuring Wellness and Renewal A Transnational Feminist Approach To Global Travel Presented by Skye Ward

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Workshop Guidelines Honor time distributions for workshop fragments/points. Focus and listen scientifically, deferentially and sympathetically. (Dynamic tuning in) Speak for yourself. Utilize "I" articulations. Address the gathering when talking, not only the facilitator. Be tender and humane with yourself and different members.

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Goals and Objectives Presentation & Discussion: Disseminate worldwide travel assets; Exchange recounted tips; Discuss social and societal hindrances to global go for ladies of shading; Create a preparatory arrangement for venturing out to another goal.

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Travel Research Sources Print On-line Colleagues Affinity Groups Friends and Family

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Preparation Visualization "Dread is an entryway, not a divider." [Stephanie Austin] Logistics Flight, hotel, wellbeing and security, and pressing. Multifaceted issues Gender, ethnicity, class, financial, and religious

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Money Issues Plan ahead of time. Acquire lodging/air bundle bargains. Pay month to month bills earlier takeoff! Utilize ATM. Lodging safe. Bring little measure of nearby coin Maintain cost list for U.S. Traditions affirmation.

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Health & Safety Center for Disease Control (CDC) Immunizations months ahead of time. Audit medicinal protection. Get ready smaller than normal emergency treatment unit incorporate additional medicines. (pills & glasses). Drink fixed filtered water. Work out, Exercise, Exercise!

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Security Issues Duplicate international ID, drivers permit, birth endorsement, schedule & pay stub. Be careful with racial profile. (e.g. sedate donkey, sex specialist, monetarily poor.) Don't report lesbian personality or movement. Be careful expansion of shut circuit cameras. (e.g. open/private, in/outside) Leave secret phone message or paper trail of your whereabouts.

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Inhibitors What thoughts of self-esteem, openness and shortage go about as hindrances to travel? Inculcation? Lack of good examples? Purposeful confinements? Unassuming wage & relaxation time?

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Conjuring Develop devices and assemble data to disassemble inhibitions and obstructions. Early arrangement and research. Be adaptable and quiet. Member in sorted out outings and use elective hotel. Realize that you are commendable and meriting worldwide travel encounters.

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Transnational Feminism As a women's activist approach, one might say that transnational woman's rights is for the most part mindful to crossing points among nationhood, race, sex, sexuality and monetary misuse on a world scale , with regards to rising worldwide free enterprise . Wikipedia

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Feminist Traveler Develop a consciousness of the unequal conveyance of financial and common assets that outcomes from worldwide free enterprise. Ask into social, political and financial states of nearby groups where you plan to visit. Be aware of adding to monetary and social misuse on a world scale.