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Researchers' Background Parish Nursing Gerontological Nursing Education Caregivers for Elderly Family Members

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RESEARCH QUESTIONS What is the effect of confidence on changing wellbeing in the delicate elderly individual? What is the effect of changing wellbeing on confidence in the slight elderly individual?

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Interview Questions: How might you depict your wellbeing as of now? How might you portray your association with God right now? With the Church?

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Methodology: phenomenology Research Teams: inside and out meetings with ten church-subsidiary slight senior citizens after some time. Sound taping and note taking. Determination of subjects

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Assumptions and Dilemmas Ethical concerns Neuro-tactile changes Consent after some time

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Ages: 74-97 Av. 86 Gender: 8 females, 2 guys Living Arrangements 5 ind. Apts 3 claim home 2 religious community, mission Church Affiliation: Roman Catholic and Protestant Medical Diagnoses: 4 had at least 3 Chronic ailments Areas of fragility: perseverance, torment, adjust Demographic Summary

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Activities of Daily Living: Personal cleanliness Eating Reading Conversation Shopping Lifting Walking Cleaning

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Overall wellbeing: self rating 1 – "weakness" 5 – "wellbeing is changing" 4 – "wellbeing is looking after"

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Findings: Faith and uncertainty may exist together Elders have an awesome requirement for significance, reason and giving Narrative is valuable as research and as intercession Speak of constraints as opposed to analyze

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Findings, proceeded Do not look to the congregation for physical Experience detachment from the congregation and its staff Limit the part of the ward attendant to physical care Compare themselves to different seniors

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Summary: The mix of confidence and wellbeing is supported by associations with others Health is depicted by social and near capacity Church subsidiary older folks' associations with God and church reflect development, force, ease and oddity. The congregation impacts in positive and negative ways.